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Introduction: Aesthete at heart!

Sagittarius ascendant Libra: You are in love with all the beauties of the earth, which makes you adaptable to all cultures, all atmospheres. Your sense of justice and your diplomacy contribute to bring you luck in the success of your life. You can calm all conflicts. You are kind, too kind sometimes, which can lead to disillusionment if you do not learn to protect yourself from profiteers...

Strengths of the for Sagittarius ascendant Libra: Fair and diplomatic
Weaknesses of the for Sagittarius ascendant Libra: Hesitant and dispersed

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Personality: Born to be an ambassador!

The course of your life, from childhood on, makes you seek fairness in your relationships as well as in your relationship with money, work and social and family life. You are a born diplomat who can achieve an excellent mastery of the balance between all the opposites. You like to experiment, to learn, to play with thought and words. Your talent for communication, for spreading information and knowledge, is a real driving force.

Vitality / Temperament: Creator of well-being!

Deeply kind and very emotional, you are in great need of a warm atmosphere to blossom. You want everyone to be happy and you are diplomatic, tactful and have a gift for getting everyone to agree. Charming and affable, you have the art of getting what you want without really having to fight. Curious by nature, you don't stand still, you love to move and see new things.

Love and emotional relationships: Tenderness and freedom!

In your sentimental life, hesitating to get attached, you can opt for a celibacy made of multiple adventures. If you choose a stable union, you need a home full of fantasy where you receive a lot. You are active and daring, you project yourself in your relationship without thinking too much. You need to take initiatives, impulsiveness and a certain egocentricity dominate your decisions. You need freedom in your love life, although you can create a comfortable home where you will organize many receptions.

In the family: Just with everyone!

In your family circle, you play down the situation by providing solutions. You are a vigilante at heart and make sure that things are always fair. You have a certain talent for diplomacy, you listen to others and you are also a good speaker. You like travelling and meeting people, but you hate constraints and setbacks. You are not overly interested in aspects that are more superficial in your eyes, such as decoration, which you leave in the hands of those close to you, with a few instructions however...

Relationship with money / material goods: Sales and communication!

You have a highly developed sense of harmony and any job related to the arts, aesthetics or communication suits you perfectly. You have a great facility for everything that concerns communication. The professions of writer, journalist, teaching suit you perfectly. However, the lack of patience sometimes makes you uncontrollable and leads you to make decisions too hastily.

Socio-professional life: Art gallery or gourmet restaurant!

You attach a lot of importance to social life, even worldly. You like to go out as much as you like to entertain, in a relaxed, pleasant and intellectually stimulating atmosphere. Thanks to your charm, you know how to draw from your entourage the knowledge that interests you. You like to invest in beautiful objects or great causes, you cannot be satisfied with a mediocre purchase or a purely financial approach that lacks humanism or poetry...

Sphere of friendship: Cautious, but sociable!

Spontaneous, communicative, full of joy of living, you naturally attract many sympathies. Not liking solitude, friendship is an important value in your life and you are a precious friend on whom one can count. You like to please and to be of service. You surround yourself with cultured or exotic people and take great pleasure in making everyone feel comfortable.

You have a Fire sign and your ascendant is in an Air sign

You have an inexhaustible thirst for knowledge and contacts and excel as a speaker or intermediary. Eventually, you will be able to use these assets to carry out your professional projects or your personal life. You are attracted to careers related to public relations, writing, and business.

Your sun and ascendant are in sextile

Very sociable and curious, you need to exchange and interact with others. You like to share your ideas, move around a lot and often, but never far from your home base, your neighborhood, your community, your loved ones. You find real pleasure in conversation, you flatter, charm and seduce with your words.

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