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Introduction: Beating drum!

Sagittarius ascendant Aries: You do not tolerate any injustice, you have broad ideas, your ardor is sincere and spontaneous, which brings you a lot of charm. Adventurer, pioneer, conqueror, you maintain the sense of challenge, but without any aggressiveness, in a mixture of contagious enthusiasms. You are an explosive being! You are very motivated, you do not lack audacity and you often have great projects that you sometimes have difficulty in carrying out.

Strengths of the for Sagittarius ascendant Aries: Dynamic and warm
Weaknesses of the for Sagittarius ascendant Aries: Agitated and excessive

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Personality: Constant evolution!

Your outspoken personality is combined with an equally intense need to control circumstances. You know how to make amends despite the fact that you sometimes provoke heated debate. Your assertiveness must evolve towards more nuance. Your destiny responds to a more conscious improvement and humanism. You need to assert yourself while being in agreement with those around you. You cannot blossom without objectives to reach, you need to feel yourself progressing.

Vitality / Temperament: A rechargeable battery!

The need for action animates you permanently, life inspires you to take initiatives and brings to your expression a lot of frankness. It is without ambiguity that you announce your ideas, your projects, especially if they are not in agreement with certain situations. Your life experience pushes you to develop your broadmindedness and your field of understanding to evolve towards more freedom.

Love and emotional relationships: Loving friendships!

You are not complicated in love: the companionship matches with your love feelings without any problem and you are quite easy to live with. In love, you accumulate many conquests, but always sincere, because you do not conceive the relationship without feelings, without passion. You take time before stabilizing and founding a family with a partner who shares your taste for freedom and adventure. In couple, you are sometimes inconstant, you act most of the time with a great lack of maturity, but it is also what makes your charm.

In the family: Balance!

Your home is the place where you recharge your batteries, ideally with children and the security and warmth of loving company. You seek a balance between your own interests, which you prioritize, and those of others. You are both demanding and indulgent in the choice of your partners, but you are gifted for associations, sharing and you easily find compromises. You need a diplomatic partner. You hesitate when faced with choices, your need for balance sometimes holds you back.

Relationship with money / material goods: Incredible!

A pioneer, an explorer at heart, you have a visceral need to accomplish, to create, to achieve, to build. Hyperactive, enterprising, fast and autonomous, you are an outstanding worker, a true conqueror. You know what you want and you are very convincing to impose your ideas and to rally others to your cause. You always bring your projects to completion and needing movement, change, when you have achieved a goal, you immediately set another one.

Socio-professional life: Spend to shine!

Bold, sociable and courageous, but also impatient, nervous and impulsive, you have an unstable relationship with your finances. You are ambitious, curious and quick-witted. Even if you have to take risks, you often act on impulse and go for it straight away. Faced with obstacles and failure, you always have a solution to bounce back and move on to new investments.

Sphere of friendship: Energizing friend!

Dynamic, optimistic and full of humor, you communicate your enthusiasm and install the good mood around you (although you sometimes lack tact). Wholehearted, frank, direct, you can sometimes hurt certain sensitivities. But you have a deep sense of justice and you are always ready to help others. People appreciate you, even if you can be tiresome. You are a natural friend, specializing in brotherhood and solidarity. You sometimes have a little difficulty in distinguishing friendship from love...

You have a fire sign and your ascendant is in a fire sign

Your innovative spirit and ability to work hard allow you to embark on meaningful ventures. You excel in the role of leader and always find solutions to any situation. Your love life is far from being a long quiet river. Your love affairs are like you, passionate and burning.

Your sun and ascendant are in trine

You seek approval and, in return, you are dedicated. As a partner, you are diplomatic, you seek harmony, you are honest and upright, and your willpower usually enables you to achieve your goals. You fear to hurt and you adapt to people and circumstances without difficulty. You are for compromises, arrangements.

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