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Introduction: Colorful !

Aquarius ascendant Aries: Your original but loyal character, spontaneous and dynamic, attracts many sympathies. Moreover, you are carried away by high ideals, sometimes exalting objectives. Your exacerbated spirit of independence often pushes you to excesses or to outrageous behaviors, without hope of compromise. If you are lucky enough to find the right partner, also free and eccentric, your volcanic feelings will delight him and boost him.

Strengths of the for Aquarius ascendant Aries: Voluntary and humanist
Weaknesses of the for Aquarius ascendant Aries: Impulsive and self-centered

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Personality: Social animal!

You have a dynamic personality with no shortage of spontaneity, ingenuity, and daring to live at a frenetic pace and embark on original ventures. You formulate your ideas with candor, often with a convincing idealism, which allows you to foster connections with like-minded people. You have excellent social potential, as you combine boldness and energy in pursuit of your goals. Your assertiveness asserts itself towards more singularity and strength of conviction, this is your life path.

Vitality / Temperament: Sometimes haughty!

Wholehearted, passionate, idealistic, non-conformist, you have quite a temperament. Very independent, spontaneous, impulsive, you need movement, adventure, strong emotions and perpetual progress. You want to transform the world, you are overflowing with projects and great ideas, but you are a bit gullible and lacking in practical spirit, you need help to make them come true and you have the art of transmitting your enthusiasm.

Love and emotional relationships: Beware of routine!

In love, you fall in love easily, but you quickly get tired of a monotonous and ordinary relationship. You want to keep your freedom above all else and you find it difficult to commit. You can't stand boredom, you need an entertaining partner who won't give you the impression of living a monotonous married life.

In the family: Solidarity, but independent!

You instinctively flee from monotony, you can't stand the constraints of daily life. You seek sympathy and understanding from others and you appreciate participating in collective projects. You are sincere, you have a great sense of solidarity for the difficulties of each one when you take the time to have a global view. You are sociable and energetic, and you imagine excellent projects to carry out with those who are as autonomous and original as you are.

Relationship with money / material goods: Free electron!

It is in an intellectual creation or a solidarity and fraternal action that you succeed best. You need to be passionate about what you do in order to invest yourself and you show yourself to be determined, fast and efficient. You are attracted by speed, power, extreme sports and in your professional life you are fast, efficient and enterprising.

Socio-professional life: Gifted in finance!

For you, money has a primarily utilitarian function, you do not have many whims, even if you sometimes make impulse purchases. You have an excellent mix of intuition and common sense which allows you to make smart and safe investments. If you have the choice, you will always favor projects tinged with humanism. You are generous, but realistic, and you rarely exceed your means.

Sphere of friendship: Unusual friends!

Full of humor, cheerful, generous, you like to feel surrounded and your friends count a lot in your life. You are very sociable, but sometimes you lack tact, you are very frank and you say things as you think them, but you are so spontaneous that you are most often forgiven. Moreover, you do not hold grudges and, if you get angry quickly, you forget just as quickly!

You have an Air sign and your ascendant is in a Fire sign

Your impulses most often come from your own needs, and collective interests often affect you only as far as you (and your family) feel personally concerned. You are sometimes criticized for your spontaneity and frankness, which are not always accompanied by the necessary tact.

Your sun and ascendant are in sextile

You are energetic, enthusiastic and ambitious, but also reckless, prone to impulsive acts, to anger. You are active, independent and daring, you project yourself into the future without thinking too much. You need to command and take initiatives, impulsiveness dominates in your decisions.

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