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Introduction: Falsely confident!

Virgo ascendant Aries: You are torn between spontaneity and great caution, which makes you anxious or aggressive whenever you feel overwhelmed. Eternally dissatisfied, you have a constant need to question yourself. But when you channel your energy into action, either in a professional activity or by putting your abilities at the service of others, your worries calm down and you become extremely competent and efficient.

Strengths of the for Virgo ascendant Aries: Careful and bold
Weaknesses of the for Virgo ascendant Aries: Anxious and reckless

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Personality: Contradictory!

Two tendencies contradict each other in your personality, you seek security and comfort while being passionate about adventure, combat, risk-taking. You constantly move from aggressiveness to abandonment, from self-assertion to self-effacement and this generates in you anxiety and an inferiority complex.

Vitality / Temperament: Between risk and safety!

Your faults and qualities clash all the time: you are suspicious, but you often take risks, you think calmly, but you always seem agitated, your company is not at ease. You become very competent when you participate in projects in a well-structured atmosphere. You like nothing better than to be in small groups, in the company of a few people who are very close to you, in a comfortable and reassuring intimacy.

Love and emotional relationships: Too much control!

In private, you hide your lack of confidence behind a sharp critical mind that does not facilitate your relationships. In love, you can be prone to passions, to love at first sight, but you always keep control of your emotions, which does not favor the expression of your feelings. You rarely show how much you are in love and this makes your love life complicated. You must also learn to avoid criticism in certain situations.

In the family: A safe home!

You would much rather invite than go out of your house (except, sometimes, to a restaurant). You try to decorate your home with a lot of intuition and creativity, you are able to install a very romantic and secure atmosphere for the children. You feel responsible for your family and you are constantly looking for ways to improve the well-being of your loved ones, to the point of having difficulty letting your children fly on their own. However, you have to put up with your sudden mood swings and your whims, which are sometimes as good as those of teenagers!

Relationship with money / material goods: Reliable assistant!

Ambitious and responsible, you easily seize all opportunities that can lead you to success. Thoughtful, organized, fast, determined, you have many assets to reach your objectives. You need to make the most of your energy in a busy job, otherwise it turns into restlessness and leads to dissatisfaction.

Socio-professional life: Great financial wisdom!

You are at the same time audacious and cautious, parsimonious, foreseeing by anticipation. You are endowed with a strong power of work, with a great perseverance when you find a goal satisfying your ideals. The material aspects of life are for you a means, by their possession, to ensure your peace of mind, to start again towards new projects. You manage your assets with great care, you have a sense of material reality, and at times you can be found stingy...

Sphere of friendship: A sometimes impulsive leader!

Your critical nature sometimes blocks the positive expression of your feelings, except for those who are patient and motivated enough to seek to understand you. Your personality reflects a deep need for personal progress. Indeed, you act instinctively to complete, refine, achieve, improve things. On the other hand, you tend to carry your entourage along in your projects without taking the time to fully consider their motivation or their expectations. Your life path will push you to wrap your authority to lead smoothly your projects, to be the leader discreetly, but firmly.

You have an Earth sign and your ascendant is in a Fire sign

With strong determination and emotional intensity, you tend to put passion into almost everything in life. You always manage to give your best to transform yourself and emerge enriched and more lucid.

Your sun and ascendant are in quincunx

You have a lot of willpower and intuition. You want to be in constant spiritual growth and you are attracted by philosophy, metaphysics, psychology, anything that can serve you in this sense. You seek a balance between your own interest, which you privilege, and that of the other. You are both demanding and indulgent in the choice of your partners, but you are gifted for associations, sharing and you easily find compromises. You need a diplomatic partner.

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