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Introduction: All in contrasts!

Pisces ascendant Aries: You are regularly torn between your dreamy nature and your impulsive impulses. Behind your sociable, enthusiastic and spontaneous attitude lies a deeper, dreamy, imaginative nature. Secretly, you yearn for tranquility and the exploration of your inner world. Sensitive, receptive, your moods are changeable, your dynamism and your morale are governed by your emotions, which makes your activity irregular.

Strengths of the for Pisces ascendant Aries: Energetic and resilient
Weaknesses of the for Pisces ascendant Aries: Unthinking and inconsistent

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Personality: Ice and fire!

You are endowed with an idealistic personality, whole in its desires, living intensely your emotions. You do not lack spontaneity, ingenuity and audacity to express yourself, convince and try to rally others to your ideas. You live sometimes at a frenetic pace, sometimes in a complete break from the action. This alternation allows you to recharge your batteries and live on two levels at once.

Vitality / Temperament: A bit of a daredevil!

Your behavior is marked by a certain impulsiveness and a bit of egocentricity, no matter how generous you are. You tend to take risks without having measured the pros and cons, sometimes it pays off and other times you are confronted with consequences that are beyond your control. Fortunately, you have very good intuitions. It is essential for you to release your energy and express it in a positive way by practicing a physical activity in which you can let off steam.

Love and emotional relationships: Too changeable!

You willingly mix idealism and whims and you sometimes maintain convoluted love stories, you muddle the cards, you need an adaptable and tenacious partner. Nervous, you are easily irritable. In love, you often find yourself in complex stories. You must learn to be more objective in your choices if you want to achieve a harmonious relationship. Romantic and unstable, you are often attracted to the unattainable. You are probably more tempted by a common-law relationship.

In the family: Need a stable partner!

Your tendency to idealization makes you flee from monotony in your family relationships, you can hardly bear the constraints of daily life, which stimulates your creativity and arouses passion. Escape through the arts allows you to harmonize your energies and to use them to offer your family moments of frank fantasy. Your family life is varied, and you need someone with character to create a stable home.

Relationship with money / material goods: Capricious but sincere!

Even if you are motivated, you lack rigor and tenacity in your professional life. Idealist, kind, empathetic, devoted, you can channel your impulses into a profession of service, social or paramedical. Generous and even altruistic, you are very human. You will blossom in social activities because you like to devote yourself by acting concretely, by taking care of your fellow human beings with a lot of sincerity.

Socio-professional life: Often reckless!

A go-getter, you put your energy and intuition at the service of your ambitions but, being impulsive and lacking in objectivity, you tend to make ill-advised financial decisions or to launch into undertakings that are beyond your control. You have an irrepressible need to fight in order to feel you exist, but you don't always take the time to assess your opponents and, when it comes to finances, this can create big problems for you.

Sphere of friendship: Various and changing friends!

You are enterprising, lively and joyful. You flee routine, habits, you have constantly new ideas to go forward and color the daily life. In a group, you have difficulty to bend to the rules. You need to move around, to live off the beaten track and to vibrate in friendship. You sometimes go from love at first sight to disappointment, but you never get discouraged for long and always end up forming a nice little band of friends.

You have a water sign and your ascendant is in a fire sign

It is not always easy to combine Fire and Water and it is with time that you manage to balance your contemplative tendency and the more active one that coexist in you. You have excellent potential in your social life as you combine creativity and energy in the pursuit of your goals.

Your sun and ascendant are in semi-sextile

Your courage allows you to get started but your impatience can prevent you from going through with your projects because if they are not completed quickly, you abandon them along the way to move on quickly.

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