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Astro Profile of baby Sagittarius

  Written by Mary

Sagittarius babies are born as autumn is moving into winter, under the auspices of Jupiter - the planet of expansiveness! They are full of life and a gift for happiness, delighting their families with their joie de vivre and natural disposition for smiling at everyone. They love interacting with others. They are energetic, affectionate and are natural « globetrotters » who can adapt to any situation. They need space and prefer the great outdoors, change and novelty. You will not have any problems if they have to change schools and make new friends.

These are very sociable children who forge strong ties wherever they are. Their flexibility makes them easy to deal with and they are capable of bouncing back in all situations. For this reason, small Sagittarius will enjoy playing with characters that they can bring to life at will. What could be more enchanting than to create a castle or Egyptian pyramid, or the magical atmosphere of the princess' ball!

The Sagittarius baby needs to feel safe, surrounded by others, and loved and cherished. They prefer company, the world and family gatherings to solitary activities, such as reading. This is a child, who when older, will particularly enjoy group outings, holiday camps and cultural exchanges. This is all good preparation ultimately for travelling the world and seeing new horizons! Sagittarius children are on the lookout for big challenges and a life of excitement, and particularly dislike routine. As they want to have a go at everything, and so that they can find their path in life, it will be necessary to help them to get a clear picture of things and make their choice. Otherwise they will be in danger of spreading themselves thin and flitting around, rather than making up their mind.

They are very impulsive and will not know where to start, leading them to get into complicated situations and choose a direction that is not really what they want. They therefore need guidance and to be able to follow their enthusiasm. Do not try to push them, without explaining your basic reasons or they will be in danger of losing their sparkle and energy, and their enthusiasm! Learn more about the Sagittarius rising sign.

These are children overflowing with vitality and who need to be taught rather than moulded! With their liveliness and curiosity, these astute children will astonish you as they grow up with their depth of intellect and perspicacity. They have already developed their intuition and are able to weigh up others with great accuracy. Their ability to listen, their attentiveness and respect for others make them sincere and well-liked friends.

Living with the Sagittarius Baby!

Sagittarius babies, Fire sign, find it difficult to concentrate for long periods and take firm lasting decisions. You can help them by getting them to take part in games demanding reflection, such as chess or draughts. In fact, why not set up a life-size chess-board outside… since they feel happy in the open air? One way of combining reflection with pleasure!

Planet : Jupiter
Element : Fire
Motto : I see
Colour : Blue
Strength : Optimism
Weakness : Careless
Sense : Sight
Comforter: A soft toy that can be dressed up!
Favourite pastime: Playing outside
Favourite animal : Birds
Social life : Having a group of friends

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