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Descendant in Taurus meanings in your Natal Chart

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The characteristics of the Taurus descendant:

Your Descendant is Taurus

This combination can be full of passionate promises and challenges at the same time. On the one hand, you are looking above all for sweetness and calm with the other. In short, all these qualities which seem to you so far from your own. You are a being of tension (with a Scorpio Ascendant, ruled by Pluto). This tends to eat you up and sometimes make you gloomy, nervous or irascible. You can even shut down because the Scorpio is a pretty introverted sign. While when you go to others, your instinct takes you to people who do not have these problems. Often, their approach in life is more prosaic than yours. But at the same time, the axis in question pushes you to explore the possessive side of relationships. You often alternate between rejection and passion.

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Behavior of the Descendant Taurus

In your case, the relationship takes time to become a reality, whether in love or in business. Often, you fall in love with people who seduce you with their pleasant side, their softness, their sensuality, their physical beauty. It's normal, because your Descendant is under the governance of Venus, a planet symbolizing love and aesthetics. You tend to want to exercise on others your famous magnetism (brought by Ascendant Scorpio). This can work, since opposites attract (Venus in mythology has been married to Vulcan, Plutonian character if any). But at the same time, you can sometimes sin aggressively. You confuse sex appeal and feelings, which can be complicated to manage.

Besides, you do not make anything easy, on the contrary. On the other hand, the partner you are interested in may be Venusian but with Taurus, they need strong guarantees before committing themselves. You will have to persevere, nothing will be done the first time. Luckily, this quality does not fail you at all. Once in the relationship, however, you can not get rid of some anxiety. Since you are always aware that nothing is eternal and you have a terrible fear that the relationship will end. This fear of abandonment can fuel your overflowing jealousy. In any case, you endure a lot before deciding to put an end to it. Resisting in trials, you are also ready to fight to keep your partner.

The Love of the Descendant Taurus

Before you say love, you need time. A lot of time. However, you know how to leave aside the existential doubts of Scorpio, in order to lead with the sensual whirlwind in which you train your loves. No question that these remain platonic, you must share the pleasures of the flesh. Because you are very sensual, of course, and your partner has every interest to be too. Sometimes you will be in tears, caught between the need to possess the other and this famous need for escape that can characterize you. However, the other too can tend to be clingy. In any case, you never have a futile rapport. You are whole, in love!

Business for the Descendant Taurus

This is an interesting area with this Taurus-Scorpio composition: the contracts that will bind you will often be interesting from a financial point of view. However, you never engage in any commitment that would be too miraculous. The paranoia of Scorpio meets Taurus' legendary mistrust to push you to read through the smallest fine print in a contract. You also think long before signing and even ruminate, sometimes. The disadvantage is that the transactions or partnerships that require an immediate response will pass you by. But it is not too serious: at least you have looked out for yourself.

Your Partner

The person who will please you has the characteristics of Taurus, although it may very well be a different sign. But this is someone easygoing, endowed with a pleasant character, who likes good things. You appreciate, as said above, their appearance, which is often that of classical beauty: a regular face, large eyes, an obvious class. We stay with the traditional, you are not so attracted by any effects that are too spectacular: you need a quiet strength, someone who can reassure you, a good friend, with a good job ... because the material security is also something you take into account. You finally need their loyalty and great fidelity.

How to Bond with the Descendant Taurus

You really appreciate having the time to take your marks. Ideally, you will meet someone who is involved in your daily life. As Venus governs this house, there are chances that artistic activities will allow you to find an affinity. The sharing of sensory pleasures is just as essential. It is also impossible for you to conceive of life together without a cozy decor and multiple opportunities to enjoy the pleasures of life. The kitchen and the restaurants are natural places to find you! Otherwise, you enjoy just as much walks in nature and simple joys.


This position predisposes you to having to deal with material aspects in relationships. Whether proof of love or financial income, you are very demanding. The other will probably be as stubborn as you, unable to adapt to the changes that the natural evolution requires. As you have fought an uphill battle to make the break up impossible, you can be trapped, in love as in business.

Celebrities who share the Descendant in Taurus :

Nicole Kidman, Katy Perry, Vanessa Paradis, Natalie Portman, Jim Carrey, Michael Douglas, David Guetta, Chris Pratt, Rafael Nadal.

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