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Stay zen at work!

Written by Olivia

At work, difficulties are inevitable, but how each of us manages conflict is different. Some blow up at the first sign of a spark, while others need time to process their emotions. Some turn away from difficulties, and others have the knack for problem-solving. To clear this matter up, we will go through each sign together and approach this topic while keeping in mind each sign's specific personality.


In times of trouble, you don't wait for things to calm down first or for the problem to go away on its own. Whatever the problem, your will forge right on ahead without really worrying about the consequences. You don't waste time dilly-dallying and get to the heart of the matter to resolve the issue right away. In the heat of the moment, you're not what we could call "diplomatic". You take no precautions when it comes to getting things off your chest. Your rants can shock and surprise some, but you prefer to get everything out in the open to put things in order rather than resorting to subterfuge. At least this way, things are clear and precise, even if it's not nice to hear. Once anger has passed, you'll be ready to talk about it again, but this time calmly and willing to make compromises to solve problems.


When conflict arises, you will stay in the background at first, hoping that things will work out on their own. Resistant against any attack, you are capable of putting up with anything as long as necessary. When you're under pressure, you withdraw and take time to analyze what's going on, to avoid getting involved. That being said, if you took on a different attitude and acted a little more quickly, quite a number of disturbing problems would go away. But, if you take this period of crisis as a real confrontation, you can quickly lose your cool and say something wildly inappropriate and irrational. Whatever attitude you adopt, for things to move forward, you'll have to make an effort to look beyond what's happening.


In times of trouble, you settle for avoiding the problem by telling yourself that there is no problem. You try to see any positive aspects that might be hidden in the situation. In this case, you focus all your energy to do so and wait for the conflict to resolve itself. In short, you are totally incapable of confronting problems head-on and seek in any way possible to turn negative situations to your advantage. And so, you'll beat around the bush when real problems that require real though arise. To resolve difficulties and avoid a stalemate, you would do best to set aside your fantastical side and open yourself up to genuine dialog.


Despite your great emotivity, you feel threatened or pressured, you will move beyond your limits and give the most of yourself in the face of this crisis. Objectively, you don't look at this situation as an obstacle but as the next step, an opportunity to prove yourself or even move ahead. You are ready, then, to listen to anyone and anything and do some self-analysis so that you can improve yourself. If you need to get some things off your chest, you will weigh each word extremely carefully so as not to hurt anyone's feelings. Once you've said what you have to say and the crisis is over, you will quickly move on and refocus on the task at hand back inside your safe little bubble.


When conflict arises, you will come up with a fitting retort, what with your nearly absolute confidence in your abilities. For you, losing face is out of the question. You will make every effort to alleviate the problem and get through it as quickly as possible. Even if you are wrong, you will put all your energy into making yourself understood, even if it means wriggling or joking your way out. As long as your ego isn't bruised, all will be fine and well, and you might even go so far as to compromise. On the other hand, if you feel like you're a prisoner to the situation, then you'll lose all your efficiency and become overwhelmed by your emotions, by your anger and your mouth that moves faster than your mind.


You don't take the easiest way out of a problem. In fact, you always try to understand and work through what's going on which can cause its own troubles before you even start to resolve the first one. Which means, you will lose sight of possible solutions and let things only get worse. Instead of asking yourself the right questions, you be lost in a whole slew of little details. You dilly-dally, nitpick, lack self-confidence, and can get extremely nervous. But, onece you've managed to work everything out and have understood that you may have made a mistake, then you will come up with the right solution that will benefit everyone.


Your first priority is to maintain harmony. For you, offending anyone is out of the question. So, when conflict arises, you'd rather keep your thoughts to yourself instead of retaliating and upsetting anyone. This means that you will choose to take it on the chin or give in so that the problem is resolved as quickly as possible. But, if it has to do with you directly and you stay detached, you run the risk of things getting worse. You are closed off to any discussion that could turn ugly, and so getting you to listen to reason is a real feat. So that you don't end up in gridlock, it would be wise for you to realize that it is indeed important to take responsibility and to not let conflicts that could be quickly resolved with just a little good will go on forever.


Moments of crisis don't scare you. Quite the opposite: you often bring them about to put your collaborators in a rough spot. You reaction to conflict is to conquer at all costs. For you, losing face or admitting that you could have been wrong or made a mistake out of the question. And so, you will expend all of your energy trying to find fault with your adversary and convince them that you are right, no matter the subject. If the problem is a big one, communication can be difficult for you as you tend to stick to your guns or retreat into your shell rather than open yourself up to talk with others. With you, resolving a problem is no easy task.


During a crisis, you are very open-minded. You are not the type to get carried away. Quite the opposite: you stay positive and know how to use your discernment to find a fitting solution. You are capable of recognizing your weaknesses and are profoundly honest with yourself and others. You are always ready to react logically and to adopt the right strategy to calm people down. You are capable of admitting when you are wrong and will make every effort to make sure the conflict is resolved as quickly as possible. By acting this way, you are able to face up to any difficulty.


When problems arise, you are ready to face them. For you, ignoring or dodging a problem is out of the question. You take on and resolve difficulties efficiently and tenaciously. You will make every effort to come up with an efficient strategy, and will keep yourself under control, using your tact to stop any more waves from being made. Everything you say is thought-out, to the point, and puts things quickly back in order. It could be said of you that you have the skill of resolving conflicts and gaining respect. If you take on an attitude that is disciplined, that no one can hold against you, it'll be no surprise that trouble at work will be relatively rare in your life.


In a crisis situation, you tend at first to put some distance between it and yourself. You prefer this option, not because you want to avoid the problem, but because you want to get the distance you need to find a rational solution. By isolating yourself from outside pressures, you can avoid being influenced by those around you and think clearly and peacefully for the best solution. Once you've run through the problem in your head and found a solution, you will share your opinion with a cool head and will even be ready to compromise. You wish to find a totally logical solution to the problem. Once you have, you move on quickly and focus on the future.


In a crisis situation, you tend to run off. In fact, you'll try to find a way out quick to avoid conflict at any cost. Needless to say, you've mastered the art of the dodge! You will patiently wait for the situation to resolve itself without giving your opinion or making any decision. Also, you keep any intense emotion that you have a hard to controlling or expressing within yourself. This means that it's not easy for your coworkers to start up a conversation or really know what you think. By acting this way, you run the risk of sinking a little more into the quicksand. Your own well-being, it's important for you to take account of reality as is and change your behavior appropriately.

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