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Provoke Luck

  Written by Mary

A secret lucky charm, a mascot, a horseshoe, a four leaf clover ... the list is long in terms of lucky charms or amulets. However, luck can occur depending on the nature of each individual. So what if we take a little look at the peculiarities of the signs of the zodiac to know how to trigger what is called luck or good fortune? Let's go!

Aries: Luck in the Heat of the Moment
One of the biggest factors in repelling luck is reluctance to act or to say that another opportunity will come later. But you are the opposite of that because your vital need for action makes you seize an opportunity directly: you grab it with both hands as if it were your own life. That's how lucky you are, but to you it's not called luck, it's just who you are!

Gemini: Luck as a state of mind
You understand better than anyone else that luck is a state of mind. Your subtle, clever, resourceful and intuitive way of thinking transforms your aura into a magnet and attracts you to the right circumstances and ideal encounters. Still, you need to know how to make the most of these moments. But luckily you always extract the juice, as opportunistic as you are.

Leo: A Dazzling Chance
Your confidence in your abilities can become so radiant that it sends signals into your existence, giving rise to a bright and sunny opening, a generous amount of luck that sometimes even touches your loved ones who believe in you. An abundant inspiration overflows so loudly into your life that you feel like you've stolen luck from the world.

Virgo: Feeling Good
To attract luck, you will have to feel good about yourself and your inner being. Otherwise, you will think insecure thoughts that will freeze you in bad psychological postures where luck shines through its absence. "The great business and the only one we must have is to live happily," wrote Voltaire. Indeed, if not why exist, just to work and live simply? Once you are centered, luck is manifested in the daily pleasures of life.

Scorpio: Get out of Your Comfort Zone
As the good Scorpio you are, there is little way to luck, there is what you are, a strong, tenacious and courageous spirit that must break the anesthetic automatisms and take risks. Luck is not an outside phenomenon, at least it does not come from the operation of the Holy Spirit. You are the craftsman of your good fortune by force of determination and power. On the strength of this principle, if a happy chance strikes you strong, it will come from the actions you have taken all by yourself.

Capricorn: Effort Generates Luck
You do not attract luck other than by your efforts, even if it may seem contradictory because it is hardly in your nature to settle for magic prayers. But be aware that the more you are a hard worker, the more you will enjoy lucky opportunities and in a much larger proportion than others. Your taste for effort is the key to being in good spirits and making fortunate things happen.

Aquarius: Luck Stems from Your Individuality
You feel like only you are responsible for your initiatives and your business. In other words the more you are an actor of your life, the more you control its state of affairs. You will inspire luck with your dynamic, avant-garde, visionary energy because your temperament is such that it creates new and appropriate encounters and shapes what is called the luck factor. You allow yourself to be free and it works in your favor.
Taurus: Improve Your Luck
As a Chinese proverb states: "Do not be afraid of being slow, just be afraid of being stopped.” As long as you persevere in your productivity, you are in your element. This is how you will make the phenomenon of luck come out in a very concrete way, but in moderate quantities. However, because you know how to fertilize things in your possession, you could even make money unexpectedly and become wealthy.

Cancer: A Positive Imagination
The fertile imagination of Cancer combined with a strong positive emotional charge can bring luck into your life because you believe in it as much as you focus your energy on it. In addition, your ability to visualize your dreams and desires is a prerequisite for accomplishing your goals, hence this provocative chance you can bring into your life. Nevertheless, you must never stop believing that you will not find yourself in the opposite situation.

Libra: Appeal to Your Loyalty
The more you go to your spirit of conciliation and justice, the more you will attract good luck. This will allow you to provoke rewarding meetings, to bring about loyal partners who reflect your sense of fairness. It is by living at this level of harmony that you will feel pampered by fortune. What's more, it will not be without compensating for your hesitant nature and will inspire you with confidence in life and the future.

Sagittarius: Embody Luck
Your openness, good humor and optimism are the essence of the good fortune that goes with you throughout your life. You remain enthusiastic whatever happens, and even in the face of the challenges, you consider these events as blessings that will turn to your advantage because you have a happy hand and nothing can stop you, all animated that you are by your exalted impulses.

Pisces: Have Faith
No one is more fortunate than one who believes in their lucky star. When you have faith in yourself and your projects, you release positive waves that cause an insolent chance. However, if you feed even one percent of doubt, you suffer setbacks that make you falter in your faith in the universe. Have a clear vision of your goals and by getting rid of your psychic fog, you will bring luck back into your life.

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