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Know how to challenge yourself!

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Destiny, or just current conditions, sometimes push us to change and transform what no longer suits us on the one hand by giving us the means to start again from scratch or, on the other, by forcing us to start again on our own on better foundations. Life's movements push us further forward, so, if we want to avoid a breakdown, it would be good to welcome these cycles of change as chances to thrive! Each sign of the zodiac has its own way of challenging themselves.


Accept your faults
One way to challenge yourself is to come face to face with your failures or blunders. If you can be shown that you are wrong, that you have made a grave error, you will then have something you can work with. But there is no use in criticizing you for your tactlessness - it's in your genes. You'd like to take it on the chin, but changing yourself fundamentally is not an option.


Unleash your doubts
To change by your own will, circumstances will have hit a sensitive area for you: your material security. , If it starts to get rocky in this domain, you will want to change your outlook on your lifestyle. If you change your habits, it will be because life has struck you a hard blow in your way of thinking, which may turn out to have been maladapted to the current situation. By making a little effort, you will move through this phase of transformation skillfully and successfully.


Juggle your many lives
Challenging yourself is what you do every day, in that you are a jack-of-all-trades, a curious person who jumps from one thing to another, from one world to another, and one personality to another. If you start to feel like you're losing control in this mixed-up world of yours, your mind could start playing tricks on you and, after a while, make you lose your cool. You will get to start all over, from the start, and juggle your various masks and personalities more calmly by taking a short, well-earned break to reflect and process.


Put down roots everywhere
Anything that has to do with your family might just be the thing you need to challenge yourself. Any overly complex situation that impacts your bond with your loved ones is not acceptable and will awaken your hypersensitivity. Family is sacred to you as it reflects your roots and feelings of security. You have to accept to live differently at times, especially when it comes to your relationships and being less independent on others. By adopting this point of view, you will get to build your future based on more mature principles.


Get rid of your sensitivity
Your ego is what is most important to you, and the slightest crisis can arise and knock your whole world off balance. If so, what is left? Self-questioning? Sure, but as long as it pushes you to the front of the stage where you can shine a little brighter for all to see and express your childhood self. You need to express your feelings to keep your confidence in the future up while you question yourself.


Examine and reason
Your diagnostic abilities and capability to be right in the middle of a crisis is what will keep you strong and safe. You're not afraid to do a little soul-searching if you can keep your mind clear and head on your shoulders and overhaul everything so that you can come up with concepts to build your life on. Therapy, a manual, or a diagram will have a positive influence on you, in that they will give you a more positive and reasonable idea for how to be daring and undergo this transformation.


Get a measure of your own value
Romance is a source of soul-searching for you, though you might feel a bit lost still. To come to grips with any problem, you will have to be honest and clear with yourself and stop being vague on purpose. Your renowned indecision in weighing the pro's and cons can prevent you from moving forward psychologically and cause you, at the same time, to miss out on your own romantic life. The first idea you have to adopt to expand your horizons is that you are person with great value, even if you don't have a partner.


Change without end
Soul-searching forms the foundation of your very being and sets the tone for your life. Of course, you do still have letting go of your certainty or certain old-fashioned ideas, but, in the end, you leap the hurdle you know you need to. Since life never stops, but is instead a constant evolution that moves you forward, you will always make a little room for these crucial metamorphoses of yours.


Give birth to a dancing star
Let's be clear: you hate to have your ideas or opinions contradicted, since the only thing that counts is your own vision, and you are right, too, up to a certain point. You are, after all, the master of your own destiny, as baroque as it may be at times. But, if you eventually realize that a certain form of personal transformation does indeed make sense, you will go full-bore, since, paradoxically, the great the chaos, the more comfortable you feel.


Admit you are changing
It is hard for you to let go when you feel off balance, but a crisis just might help you grow profoundly. You will question yourself once you've set your limits and accepted constraints. If you do withdraw into yourself, this inner solitude will help you dredge up from deep within an extraordinary strength that will, in turn, help you more easily transform your certainties and eliminate pointless relationships, like dead branches cut off a tree.


Transform and glow
You hold deep convictions and are anchored in your certainty. Questioning yourself could lead to you changing your behavior or how you react. It can even cause you to change up your look, to impose yourself differently with your philosophic outlook or, for example, by accepting a form of wisdom that will make your life more open, more effective. And eve if you have to go through a little chaos, it just might be necessary. As the French philosopher Henri Bergson said, "Disorder is simply an order we did not seek".


Turn to your imagination
You tend to flee instead of trying to update and change the parts of your personality that are causing a problem. You are an enigma to others as well as for yourself, and you feel vulnerable when trial arrive. The best thing is to find a calm, quiet place where you can meditate and listen to a little music. The solution to the crisis might just reveal itself on its own. A melody, a form, a color might lead to you seeing things more broadly and with greater perspective and allow you to find a way to change all on your own.

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