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Written by Olivia

Drooling over shop windows is your favorite hobby? Or are you a real serial shopper who can not help but touch the garments, looking for that rare find, or trying to satisfy your shoe obsession? If buying fever is wreaking havoc on your mind and wallet, refer to your zodiac sign below:


Take Back Control
The best thing you have to do is to set limits for yourself from the start. If you go out shopping, claiming that it is for basic necessities, be careful with yourself and take only cash, giving up your credit card. This way you can control your expenses without any surprises and without causing a hole in your wallet.


With your materialistic sense, you will face your wardrobe and you will count: with the equivalent of a dozen jackets or twenty pairs of shoes, you could have given yourself an extended weekend in the mountains; or instead of having invested in multiple beauty creams you could have given yourself a facial at the spa. In short, weigh the pros and cons of your inconsequential actions and you will act differently for your next expense.


Share Your Emotions
You don't pull any punches as a compulsive buyer because of your electric and sometimes irrational emotions. Learn about support groups around you where you can talk about your issues since expressing your experience and verbalizing your addiction will do you the greatest good. By listening to others as well, you might understand the reasons for this addiction.


Renew With Your Heart
You consume everywhere, even in the hollow of your bed via your laptop or tablet. If virtual window shopping has become a way to reconnect with those magical moments of your childhood where you were showered with gifts, understand that you are far off today. Your joy is not so true anymore. Find in you that part of yourself that is surprised by the world where you just live simply. “You can only see with the heart,” said the little Prince.


Divert Your Exuberance
A scientific study has shown that the most extroverted people are exposed to a shopping addiction because they tend to express their individuality, to increase their attractiveness or even to be part of a group of privileged people. If you are of a more open temperament, use this character trait wisely in the theater, for example, to clearly manifest your feelings.


Reason Resonates
Streamlining your problem is the basis of your healing. Admit what is wrong with your unfounded purchases and leave your credit card at home before going out to do your shopping. Beforehand, establish a budget while respecting it and write down your expenses on a notebook exclusively intended to control your cash.


Be Aware of Your Own Value
You fall for everything that is beautiful and if you spot an “it” bag on the arm of a movie star, you immediately want the same. One day you need low-rise jeans, but the next day you need high-waisted jeans. Stop the damage, regain control of yourself by working on your self-esteem. You hardly need to be so primped, simple is beautiful and you do not need useless accessories.


Caught Up in the Works
You should examine your behavior with all the lucidity that you are capable of, to see how any object you acquire will never meet your need for intensity. In addition, it makes you secretly feel guilty. So, think of gaining effects of dopamine on your brain through an activity that suits you, which mobilizes your whole being and arouses strong emotions.


Give Meaning
You do not stop at anything to satisfy your desires when you drool over the store windows. Do not mix the quest for self with the quest for objects. Hold your horses by asking where your soul is located while shopping. What does the pleasure zone of your brain cover in these conditions? Give deeper meaning to your existence before it turns you on its head.


Inquire about the conditions of purchase
Appeal to your sense of limits, which you know exists. Find out if it is possible to find an article free of charge before you buy it. So if you freak out after your purchase, once the emotion has fallen and the uselessness of your purchase has set in, you can return it, no harm no foul on your bank account.


New Techno Therapy
f the technologies have managed to make you even more addicted to shopping, there is nevertheless its opposite invention, the ibag, a bag that locks automatically in "case of danger". Even if it is not super aesthetic, it will please you because the advanced technology uses LED lights as a reminder to not overspend and keep track of your goals. In addition, it has a bluetooth tracker Tile that will alert you through an app if the bag is a far away from you!


Adopt a Good Technique
You will be well advised to get help from a specialist and look at the relaxation techniques that give results if you invest in it over time. Sophrology offers to dive into your emotions through visualization and breathing, which will suit you because of your open-mindedness.


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