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Tips for staying zen

Written by Mary

To stay zen all the time, no matter what, the basic idea is to put any disagreeable circumstances that arise in our lives into perspective. But, most often, our habits just manage to keep us stressed. How to stay zen in our day-to-day lives The word comes from Chinese, which means "meditation". We'll give you a meditative tip for each astrological sign that you can put into practice when you feel like you are losing touch with who you are:


Take control of your "zenitude"
Consider self-hypnosis so that you are the one who takes control of your own zen. You will, by your own power, enter a modified state of conscience that will reacquaint you with the essence of your very being. The more you explore the vast region of your mind, the more you will be shocked by the change in your public behavior, as you will have laid your finger on the internal trigger that brings you into total serenity.


Positive thinking
In the morning, take three good, long breaths, then go to the window, open it, and let the wind blow over your face. You will greet life in all its forms and promise yourself to have a magnificent day. This form of auto-suggestion will have an enormous impact on your morale and on your nervous system. At work, when writing emails, don't forget to end them with a nice little "have a good day". In short: open up your thinking and your attitude in order to invite good things into your life.


Neuro-linguistic programming gives you wings
Neuro-linguistic programming just might give you the power to live your own life. It is a technique that allows you to reprogram your own mind - and to deprogram it, too. For the great cerebral person that you are, nothing is more cool than playing with your head. You will learn how to manage your mental tools, bringing up old memories, focusing in on one part you like, and shrinking your complexes to the point of nonexistence. You are sure to feel much better!


Travel smart
Every time you are on public transport, you have a golden opportunity to relax your muscles, let the tension leave. To make the most of these situations, be attentive to those around you, the noises, your fellow passengers, but without judging. If you are seated, for example, pay attention to where the seat meets your body, perform a body scan, from your head to your toes, and relax every part of your body. This is sure to have a positive impact on your physiology.


Focus on the present
Work on your patience and just accept what is. This might be a little tricky to do, due to certain, current, destabilizing situations. You will have to learn to conquer stress while trusting in events as they unfold and understanding that every cloud does indeed have its silver lining. Get some distance and perspective on whatever happens. This way, you will gain a more open and expansive view of the facts and give yourself the chance to be more creative.


Put something concrete in place
At the end of your work day, write down on paper everything that caused you stress. Draw several columns: one for when you started to panic, one for what situation you were in at the time, one to describe your psychological state, and, finally, one for what actions you can take in the from now on. You just might manage to put your finger on exactly what causes anxiety for you and so will be better equipped to defuse it in the future.


Thoroughly dissect your environment
Don't burden yourself with useless baubles. Anything that distracts you also diminishes your concentration and adds to your stress. Rid yourself of all that is superfluous and unnecessary around you so that you can focus more on the present and the task at hand. This simple tip for maintaining your zen calls for keeping a tidy workspace so that your mind isn't sapped. Start by rearranging the furniture in a room at home to experiment with the idea.


Massage, massage, massage
With the tips of your fingers, lightly, but deeply, massage your temples. Very lightly, tap around your eyes (an old modeling trick) to attain the ideal relaxation. Using the palm of your hand, gently massage your jaw, moving onto your shoulders and spine. These little habits won't only pleasantly relax you but could also change your daily life.


Laughter is the best medicine
Have a friend over, take out your make-up kit, and then cover your eyes - the both of you. Then, blindly start drawing all over each others' faces. Really let go and get all your stress out. You will reduce your arterial tension and get, as well, to enjoy a full-body massage while getting oxygen to your brain. Once you take off your blindfolds and discover your colorful work, it will be a catastrophe for art, but a good laugh for you.


Keyword: gratitude
Show gratitude to yourself for all that you have and be grateful, too, for what others have done for you, for how much they have helped you get where you are. Feeling gratitude saves us from depression and disruptive emotions, like anger. This solution could plunge you into serenity and zen for life if you agree to use it.


Join a group
You will be in your element among a group in any way, so choose to take up yoga and let the master guide you with their instructions. Let your lungs expand and fill up all their space, breathe freely, relax your calves, your glutes, and your whole body. By recentering on yourself, you will be at the top of your game, full of happiness, and will bond with your fellow classmates, as you love so much to do.


Balance thought with action
Look at the positive sides of your personality and don't be afraid to fail. Having better self-esteem will give you the desire and energy to take action without questioning yourself in a negative, doubtful way. Over the long term, this could make you more zen, too, as stimulating action tends to do. It is important for you not to get too comfy in your own little bubble, dreaming indefinitely without taking action. Balancing out thought with action might just be the equilibrium you need to finally, and fully, thrive.

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