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How to forgive to move forward

Written by Mary

It is not easy to forgive... When we are hurt, we tend to close in on our grief. And as a consequence, an emerging rancor comes to parasitize our existence and the bonds with others. To forgive, in other words, to start taking care of yourself, we offer a few paths for each astrological sign that resonates with their own sensitivity.


Become an actor in your life
Above all, you must accept your anger so that it does not project itself or others. By recognizing it, you recognize yourself to be of this world and to have human feelings like everyone else. It's the first step on the road to forgiveness. Look for healthy outlets that fit you like sports. It will help you, by the way. By moving your body, you will move things deep within you. With you, the physical goes hand in hand with the mental.


Question your feelings
Sometimes you think you have closed the problem that was bothering you. Except that it is not useless to evaluate it. To know if you have really forgiven, you should not feel any internal damage at the evocation of the lived episodes of your past. The feeling of having truly turned the page must be clear and obvious. It is necessary to be as honest as possible with yourself. If your body reacts with different symptoms, this is its way of expressing the evils of your soul. You have to take them into

account. Have you thought about creative disciplines for this?


Don't intellectualize
In your case, it may be that, thinking of doing the right thing, you are prepared to want to forgive others hastily, or even much too suddenly. A crowd of individuals forgives with amazing speed on the intellectual level, making excuses for each other, without paying attention to what is happening in their inner depths on an emotional level. But the most crucial is listening and being aware of your emotions, such as anger or frustration. In this way, you will heal. Forgiveness requires bravery.


Write to better perceive
Avoid talking to a whole bunch of people and saying bad things about others. Don't explode in the face of the one who hurt you. Externalize your pain but by finer and more effective means to face it consciously. For example, write in a notebook or talk to someone you trust. By putting your pain down on paper, you can unload deep things without your violence having harmful effects. Begin to recognize buried feelings. Forgiveness can be considered.


To forgive is not to coax the ego
Beware not to fall into this error, which consists in congratulating oneself on having known how to forgive, or else believing oneself above someone who would not have been able to do it themselves. Even if forgiveness is noble, limiting it to being an achievement only reflects the lack of detachment so essential to true forgiveness. This is the sure sign of an unresolved injury. To be ready to forgive is to really understand the culprit, to put yourself in their shoes to give meaning to the act that

hurt us.


Practice Ho'oponopono
This Hawaiian healing method is for you. It is very serious in its apparent simplicity and has allowed thousands of people to transmute their blockages and injuries. The idea is to use four simple sentences and repeat them: "I'm sorry," "Please forgive me" "Thank you," "I love you." By focusing on your injury and repeating these magical phrases, you will see things unravelling inside of you, as well as outside of you.


Enrich your relationship
If you are not motivated to learn to forgive to benefit from it yourself, do it so that others will benefit. When you initiate forgiveness, everyone around you benefits. Your way of thinking becomes clearer and becomes more favorable and constructive. You will have more to offer while enjoying sharing who you are. Generosity and kindness are traits that will be more evident. You will pay more attention to others, and they will respond more positively.


Take responsibility
Your tendency to want to protect yourself can make you inaccessible to forgiveness. Maintaining your resentment is harmful to yourself, above all. It is vital to understand that the negative feeling in you can cause tensions that weaken you. The illusion becomes total when you finally convince yourself that everything is someone else's fault. This is why you will become the architect of your appeasement and your happiness when you see things from a new angle.


Avoid false forgiveness
Forgiveness must come from you and not from outside pressure. You don't like obligations, so don't do it without real motivation. This is a very serious step which we can expect to have fair consequences in return. Because false forgiveness is an illusion that can turn into penance, both in terms of your social relationships, your self-esteem, or your moral health. Play the honesty card with yourself.


Make your choice
Think of the deep tranquillity of your being if it was living in the form of appeasement. Think of all the benefits that forgiveness could offer you. It will free you from the past and pain. Not to mention that it will improve things on the relationship level. You have complete power over your thoughts and actions. As the only master on board, you can use this power to transform your inner life. By choosing to move forward and setting noble goals based on your great wisdom, you will gradually free yourself.


Confide in a friendly ear
Of course, you can confide in a friend as long as they are mature enough to collect your grievances. Of course, you will have selected someone who will not judge, despise the one who harmed you, or spread your secrets everywhere. Speaking to the right person is a good first step towards forgiveness. You begin to see more clearly within yourself and locate what has moved you.


Summon anger
Do not bury your wound; otherwise, it will be like an untreated abscess; it will continue to disturb you. To forgive, you must, like in surgery, come into contact with your internal wound. This is not easy because you have defence mechanisms that prevent you from wanting to face reality. You especially fear contacting your anger. You operate all kinds of procedures not to come into contact with your emotions. When you suffer, you really have to face your injury.

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