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Crisis of Being in Your Forties

Written by Olivia

It is by looking at yourself in the mirror one morning that you start counting your wrinkles and you realize that the first half of your life has just passed. And then monotony makes itself felt and the blows of depression rain down on your morale like so many grey clouds, which makes you feel existence with gloom. Here is an idea of the first symptoms according to your astrological sign, in order to shake things up, to take over and not to be trapped:


Tame Your Angry Impulses
Without fully understanding why, you take yourself away from your loved ones and from yourself, you irritate yourself for nothing. A small voice whispers that you should reconsider, evolve and change course from all the constraints of your daily routine. You will not hesitate to sow your wild oats, as they say, to bring about a change worthy of the name. But do not torture your loved ones, this has nothing to do with them.


Evolve Professionally
It is probably in the professional sector that you will question yourself because you will have the feeling of stagnating. You are getting older and there is no question of allowing yourself frustration in a job that takes up most of your time. You initiate new challenges knowing that this is the perfect time to refocus and be more productive. But avoid focusing on retirement because it will block your creativity.


Mimick Youth
You seem to never age and that is how you will annoy those who are growing old. Nevertheless, assume your responsibilities by committing yourself for the long term, in order to recognize the little things left abandoned that have accumulated and that are now resurfacing in your adult life. Make it yours, like Oscar Wilde said,: "Wisdom is to have dreams big enough not to lose sight of when pursued.


Favor Your Private Life
Do not be fooled by middle-aged lust, an extra-marital encounter that will make you experience passion that you could have revived in your own home. Sometimes it can be more of a fling than love. Perhaps the best would be to stop the adulterous relationship and save your marriage if your partner is ready to see you come back. You will go for each other at first, but your sincerity, if it comes from the heart, will be persuasive.


Romantic and Sentimental
It is your confidence and your ability to express your feelings that you will question. As soon as it touches your love life, you lose your means and you feel like a little boat on an indifferent river. Fortunately your strength of conviction will stimulate new encounters or even another way of creating your life, which is your most beautiful work of art.


Don't Over Reason
You will probably want to try therapy, in order to decode your life. Why do you feel so bad and miss the point? In fact, if you look closely, you don't really have to worry, it's just your mind that plays a few tricks on you, questions everything, labels, orders and calculates. Connect to your body, your vital energy and feel who you are in the present moment. You will have erased this pseudo-problem by reclaiming your youth, always present, if you put in the effort.


Question Your Feelings
Even if you have never had complete confidence in yourself, it is at midlife that some fears resurface such as finding yourself isolated in a celibacy that makes no sense to you. As you fear losing your power of seduction, you may consider going on paths that you have never used to build a new life as a couple and give a dimension of freshness to your love journey.


To Have a Zest for Life
While this is a time when you should feel relatively fulfilled for all that you have already accomplished, you are plunging into your midlife crisis which is only the repetition of all those that have already preceded you. For you, this is part of a way of being that spices up your existence to make it more rewarding, even more exciting. But be careful not to become unbearable for those around you who do not have the same energy.


Give Back a Sense of Meaning to Your Life
A feeling of deep discomfort settles in you when you think about joining the seniors club and you are in a bit of denial so you organize frantic journeys that will consist of forgetting your venerable age, in other words respectable, even too respectable in your eyes. At best you could discover a new philosophy that will make you land on the shores of optimistic thought and this will allow you to mark your future while developing more serene future projects.


Evolve Gradually
There is nothing more detestable than feeling the wind turn like a squall to undermine the foundations of everything you have built as an accomplished adult. There is in you an unconscious desire to make a fresh start but it inspires panic attacks for what it comes to question. Go slowly, because it is better to progress gradually rather than launch with a fear in the pit of your stomach that would stop your evolution.


Take the Right Path
You are par excellence the symbol of this mid-life crisis. A change of behavior, new ideas, new friendships, in short, things will restart at top speed for you, and even if you tend to slow down the process at the beginning, you will end up throwing yourself all over the world to embrace a maximum of experiences. But be on the lookout for the right path so you do not get lost on uninviting roads and act inconsistently.


Be Intuitive and Lucid
It is quite possible that you would enjoy worlds unknown to you until now, whether you break up with a loved one or simply change your style. You don't really know where to go but you go! If the ground is moving, it is not necessarily to scare you because the unknown is your thing, a way of telling you that you broke the thousand annoying ties of life. However, be intuitive and inspired not to be deceived by smoke and mirrors.


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