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Your ideal astral partner

Written by Olivia

You hope to find the ideal man, one that you can be in perfect harmony with, enjoy perfect love with. A man that will accept you for your small, and not so small, faults, with whom you can live a pleasant and passionate life and create a family. For each sign, we'll put you on the right track, giving the character traits and qualities you're looking for in the man of your dreams.


For you, the ideal man has to be dynamic, romantic, courageous and stimulate you intellectually. You tend to exaggerate and go to great excess, and so you will appreciate having a partner who knows how to calm you down and on whom you can rely in any circumstance. To reach fulfillment, you will hope that your lover will your sense of adventure and your passions and be able to respond to your demands. It would augur well if your alter ego could appreciate your frankness, be motivated by your fiery temperament, and be constantly stoking your desire. Moreover, you will appreciate that they can make up for your lack of stability and manage daily life for you.


For you, the ideal man has to be loyal, balanced, warm, attentive, sensual, pragmatic, and thrifty. To you, that special someone has to be able to comfort you, be responsible, and bring you calm and well-being. Preferring the comfort and security of a long-term relationship over the glitz and glam of passing flings, you will be likely to find fulfillment with a homebody. It would be good if your partner appreciated your usual pastimes and preferred to live in the country rather than in the city. Epicurean in nature, you seek someone refined, someone that you can share life's simple pleasures with. You dream of a romantic that can smother you in kindness, affection, and attention.


You like warm, sociable, and stimulating men who, like you, are fond of meeting people. Your ideal must be cheerful, relaxed, curious, affectionate, and be able to appreciate what life has to offer. The perfect man has to be your lover as much as your friend. To have a perfect intellectual bond between you two, as well as a pleasant emotional relationship, you will have to appreciate his quick wit and solid sense of humour. To maintain desire and spice up your daily life, your significant other must be imaginative and always ready for new fantasies. The ideal partner must know how to be present and comfort you when you need it while giving you the freedom you cling to so much!


For you both to evolve at the same pace and to be able to enjoy a wonderful romance", your ideal man would do best to be tender, affectionate, mature, attentive, and comforting. To be totally fulfilled by his side, he has to be able to steer your path and offer you the stability you need on a daily basis. To make conversation easier, it would be good for him to be intellectually developed and to know how to handle your hyper-sensitivity. He shouldn't be greedy with his affection - on the contrary, he should smother you with sweet attention. For this fling to become a long-lasting relationship, your significant other must be ready to create a cozy household and become a doting dad.


For you, the ideal man has to be enthusiastic, dynamic, warm, passionate, frank, spontaneous, and a bon vivant. He must be able to admire, support, and encourage you in any initiative you take or decision you make. For you to have a perfecty duo, you will appreciate it if his energy stimulated you and that he shares your same interests, whims, and goals, and that he covers you in love attention. Epicurian by nature, it would be good for you to take him down the path to all of life's pleasures. For you two to be totally on the same wavelength, your significant other must be skilfull at mixing up your daily life and fulfilling all your demands.


Hardly one to take commitment lightly, but particularly demanding, your ideal man must fulfill all of your many criteria. Discretion and good manners are greatly important for you, and so, you can only imagine a relationship with someone who is rational, reasonable, sincere, thoughtful, kind, patient, and protective. He must be able to understand you instinctually, know how to comfort you, and to adapt to your daily life and offer you the balance you need for your well-being. To maintain your harmonious exchanges, you will have to appreciate his strong intellect and analytical mind. This way, you will be able to give yourself over to passionate discussions and share the same interests.


You are seeking balance and harmony in your emotional life most of all. To you, the ideal partner must be refined, kind, sociable, attentive, diplomatic, and cultivated. It would be good for him to cultivate his enjoyment of life, according to your desires and taste for fun. You see yourself creating a household with someone that comforts you and brings you the stability you dream of. You'll love it if your significant other is naturally more the type to take the lead. It is also important to you that he constantly show you his affection and push you to make your goals a reality. In short, you will reach complete fulfillment if you are with a romantic and stimulating man.


Despite your passionate nature, you like it when a relationship is stable. So, for you, the ideal partner must be loyal, frank, devoted, patient, responsible, and balanced. He must be able to be kind, put your worries to rest, and understand you when you're quiet.
To bring you out of your shell, he must nurture your curiosity and have the same ideals. For this fling to transform into a long romance, you will have to give your trust to someone who is intuitive and clear-headed, who can guess and anticipate your reactions and desires. In this way, you will develop a wonderful bond and a boundless and true love.


For you, the ideal man has to be dynamic, optimistic, and self-confident, and have a sense of humor and a taste for adventure. He must be able to adapt to your fiery temperament, be inventive, and surprise you. To keep yourself under control, it would be good if he doesn't encroach on your freedom, but, rather, be ready to follow you the ends of the world. To form the perfect, long-term duo, you will have to appreciate his sense of family and duty. In short, to you, prince charming is a big-hearted adventurer.


For you, the ideal partner lets you express your romantic nautre freely and openly and give free rein to your spontaneity and sense of humor. For you to commit in a relationship, he must be serious, sincere, courageious, flexible, and attentive. To make sure you're on the same wavelength, he has to be able to take responsibility, adapt to your way of doing things, make you laugh, and show his intelligence. To maintain a strong bond over the long term, your significant other must know how to understand you instinctively and cultivate a bit of fantasy in order to break through your shell.


Not wishing to compromise on your freedom, your ideal partner must be just as independent as you, not quick to lose their head, and capable of showing their originality. In fact, you expect him to surprise you, to be unpredictable and improvise, and to stimulate your urges. To maintain a relationship over the long-term, your perfect partner must know how to be tolerant, open-minded, easy-going, and capable of putting up with your unpredictable nature. For the mood to be peaceful, he must be capable of calming your nervousness and know how to give you advice on making good decisions. In short, your significant other must be at once your confidant, lover, and best friend.


You frequently need to get away from the monotony of daily life, and you dream of a romantic prince charming that you can have a magical relationship with. For you, the ideal man knows how to quench your thirst for affection and put up with your emotional side.. You expect him to understand, comfort, console, value, and stimulate you to forge ahead. You will share a wonderful bond with someone who is at once tender and generous and makes you feel safe. To form the perfect, long-term duo, you will have to appreciate that he can guess what you desire, takes care of you, and cherishes you like a princess. To you, the perfect partner must be an idealist with a strong personality who is capable of guiding you along.

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