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Monday, July the 6th
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10 reasons to go out with your man

  Written by Olivia

It would never even occur to you to by a washing machine or a car without first getting a little information on its specs or on how much it consumes or without comparing it against other products on the market - and the same goes for men. So that you don't take this decision lightly, we've listed for each of the 12 signs 10 good reasons to go out with them.

Aries: 1. He's not the type to bum around on the couch all day.
2. He'll never talk just to talk (unless there's nothing better to do...).
3. Though impulsive in public, in private, he can be tender.
4. He has somewhat of a organizer side, which won't let him get bored easily.
5. and is always ready to stand up for the downtrodden and oppressed (especially if they're good-looking).
6. Between his job, his friends, and playing football, he only rarely gets in anyone's way.
7. Nothing left unsaid and no insinuations with him: he's a straight shooter and will never stab anybody in the back.
8. He doesn't always say what he does, but always does what he says.
9. With him, anything is possible. Just by listening to him, others can feel new possibilities arising.
10. His good mood, too, is infectious.

Gemini: 1. He himself flirts with any girl within reach, and so won't have the poor taste to make a scene if you spend some private time with a friend of yours from time to time.
2. Deep down, he's a romantic who is much more in love with being in love than with the woman. But he's so charming...
3. Culture, politics, the economy - he learns about everything and can talk about anything. No need to turn on the TV,then.
4. He adapts to change with shocking ease and good humor, never one to be caught off-guard.
5. Even at a local social or dance, he won't stand out like a sore thumb. He takes things as they come, in good spirits, talks to everyone, and is always having fun.
6. Anything that can serve his ends, he'll take advantage of: relationships, situations, opportunities - he jumps on every chance he gets. Even on you. That goes to show how much of a business opportunity you are...
7. He's not too hung up on marriage, and so a divorce won't be any skin off his back.
8. He is open to any sort of sexual experience.
9. loves talking, and communication is his wheelhouse. He just needs to talk - nothing ever goes unsaid with him.
10. He's capable of turning around what seems at first to be a glum night into a real laugh.

Leo: 1. He has such confidence in himself, that he'll suck you into his own goals and endeavors. With him, there's life!
2. He loves attention and that is exactly the reason why you first took notice of him.
3. A true gentleman with the good looks to match, he is anything but greedy.
4. He gives off a natural sense of authority that makes you want to feel protected, and his chivalrous side will do just that, making you feel like a queen.
5. He thinks highly of himself and will, too, of the woman that has the honor to share their life with him. That's great for the ego!
6. He is a passionate person who thinks the world of love. His need to vibrate, to resonate puts passion in life.
7. He takes care of his responsibilities, no matter the cost. Even in difficult times, he'll be there.
8. He loves, and gives, everything. All you need to do is to recognize this and to show him the thanks he deserves.
9. He is very sensitive to compliments, and so you can get almost anything from him if you flatter him.
10. A born winner, he won't settle for a mediocre existence. The sweet life is yours!

Virgo: 1. He's not a boaster. When it comes to his accomplishments, his conquests - total silence.
2. He is discreet, subtle, and morally upright. No funny business or shoddy plans for him.
3. Physically, he is in good shape. Two showers per day, at least, he brushes his teeth regularly, keeps his beard neatly trimmed, a and will never make you feel ashamed.
4. He needs time to trust anyone, but if you do earn his trust, you've got it for life.
5. He needs to feel useful. Anything that he can do to help, he will.
6. He works hard, maybe too hard. When he wants something, he does what he needs to get it, then gets it.
7. He'll assure you a happy retirement with his safe investments and all his savings going into a nice little nest egg.
8. You vacations will be planned down to the last detail, and your life marked out like a road map. You'll always know where you are and where you're going.
9. He likes trivial things more than you might think, and once he feels comfortable, he'll dare to try anything, promising you wild nights to come.
10. He's an honest man who won't trick you about his true intentions, nor will he waste your money on outrageously done-up ladies of the night.

Scorpio: 1. If he wants you, he'll have you. The more you resist, the tighter he'll cling onto you. Sure, that can get a little tiring, but you have to admit it's oddly exciting, too.
2. The melancholy, depressives, and hipsters can go look for a shoulder to cry on somewhere else. But, when things truly get tough, there he'll be.
3. He never does anything in half measures, and even takes thigns too far at times. But, you have to realize that it is his need for speed that adds a little spice to his relationships. Or rather: a lot...
4. He's good at earning money and very good at spending it, too. With him, you will want for nothing.
5. He can very quickly disconnect from the present moment, and so quite often he won't have heard a word you've just said. But, if you want to tell him something that you'd rather he forget, this is handy, isn't it?
6. Sex is his drug from morning till night, he's always in the mood and ready to prove it on the spot - enough to make you an addict yourself.
7. Sex is his drug to the point that he could even lead a double, or triple, life. A little rest is nice from time to time, though, isn't it?
8. If he's chosen you, it's because you've earned it. And if you've earned it, it needs to be proven every day. This relationship will never get boring.
9. Hyper jealous and super possessive, he loves that other men find you attractive, but that you make your way back to him in the end. Look, but don't touch: this is always a fun little game.
10. He'll completely forget about the past. His exes? Psh, not on his life!

Capricorn: 1. He is conscious of his duties and responsibilities, and so will skip a night out with friends to stay in with you.
2. Before agreeing to anything, he'll first think about it for a long time, but, once he commits, you can count on him come hell or high water.
3. He sees everything he does through to the end. Whether it's his job, relationship, or even sex, he'll stick to it.
4. He knows his worth. He knows here he's headed. He doesn't need anyone to build his life and will only blame himself if his plans fall through.
5. He's no show-off. He works all by himself, and he works hard. He has the means to assure you a pleasant life and a solid future.
6. Everything about him is calculated, planned out, thought through, which just goes to show that, if he's chosen you, it's not by chance.
7. Small talk isn't exactly his thing. He prefers small groups, private one-on-one sessions, and sincere relations.
8. He never speaks just to speak. He's precise, concise, cuts to the point, doesn't waste his time, and won't waste yours.
9. He prefers security over passion, and has nothing against a marriage of convenience. Your relationship is built on shared goals and values, and such a solid foundation that a potential affair or infidelity can never come along and weaken it.
10. Once he feels secure in your love and that he can trust you, he'll start to reveal his fiery, passionate side, which will do you heart, and your body, some good.

Aquarius: 1. Not one for two-bit psychology, he'll find a solution to every problem and care for your every little boo-boo.
2. If you need him, he'll be there for you without asking for anything, without intruding or sticking his nose in your business.
3. Just want peace and quiet? No worries: he's neither intrusive or clingy, and, what's more, will never ask you questions.
4. Sociable, far from snobbish, he is able to adapt to anyone around him. Better yet, he accepts and understands that other people don't function the way he does. In any situation, he is completely at ease.
5. Don't be afraid to express your ideas - quite the contrary! As soon as things change or start moving along, he is happy.
6. He isn't jealous or suspicious, even when you get home late or your phone rings in the middle of the night. Even then, he'll never encroach upon your freedom.
7. Need to talk to him? No problem, he'll be there to listen - and really listen.
8. Nothing common place and no gossip for him. He prefers spiritual and passionate conversation.
9. The more you lead a life outside of your relationship, the more interesting you'll be to him. So, make your wildest dreams come true - this is all he asks for. Better yet, he'll support you in all that you do.
10. He is curious about everything, open to new, strange, and bizarre experiences, and will introduce you to new pleasures you never dreamed of.
Taurus: 1. He dreams of monogamous marriage, of a huge family, and steady development.
2. He takes the time to do things right, including in bed...
3. He's an esthete, someone who is very sensitive to beauty - so it's not by chance if you're his lover.
4. He's the first one to enter the restaurant, to serve the wine, to have flowers delivered. Attention, manners, in short: a true gentleman.
5. Travel? Eh. Go out? Not really his thing. So much money to save...
6. He always takes three hours to come to a decision. Great! All the more time to do your nails...
7. He sticks to his little habits: dinner at a certain hour, bedtime, too. He's not likely to show up unexpected and catch you in a delicate situation.
8. Since he'll never be the one to initiate a break-up, you can take a few liberties.
9. A nice meal, a cozy ambiance, and he's satisfied.
10. Far-sighted and pragmatic, he's probably already put you in his will.

Cancer: 1. Sensitive and intuitive, he has the knack of saying just what you want to hear.
2. Need an herbal tea, hot water bottle, or a bowl of soup? He'll be there, ready to pamper you.
3. In bed, he has a lot - and I mean a lot - of imagination. In other places, too...
4. Rarely ever indifferent or blasé, he can marvel at even the simplest of things.
5. If you need help, all you have to do is call on him, and he'll come running.
6. A champion of intimacy, he adores one-on-one dates, candle-lit dinners, and fire-side chats.
7. He likes things to run smoothly, and so will be the one to smooth out the rough edges. One less thing you have to do...
8. He's the perfect doting dad and so will take great care of his children, even if it means he goes a little too far... can't complain, though!
9. If he cheats on you, it doesn't have anything to do with his commitment to you. On the contrary, his infidelity can even have a positive effect on his official relationship.
10. If it does come to divorce, as long as you leave him the house, the silver teaspoons, and the souvenirs, he'll be sure to leave you alone.

Libra: 1. He's a delicate creature who abides by the rules, expresses himself with elegance, and takes a backseat, letting you go ahead, and he'll even take out the trash before heading off to work.
2. He's a looker with his fine fabrics, well-cut suit, and cultured polish.
3. His address book is like a brick, and he has friends all across the globe. His charm opens doors, and so you will be welcome anywhere.
4. He never says no. Very open and curious, he's down for any experience you can throw at him.
5. He is kind and will rarely be heard talking bad about others, and is, for the most part, above rumors or gossip.
6. Shrewd, clever, and subtle, he can guess what others expect with ease. The attention he gives is touching, but never intrusive.
7. When it comes to his relationships with others, he prefers quality over quantity, having very few relations, but the ones he does have are high-quality - including you.
8. He's a seducer who likes to please women, just for fun. It makes him feel good to be flattered like that. But, you're the one he'll be going home with, not with his fans, who, in the end, he couldn't care less about.
9. He says things with tact, even if it's difficult to hear, he'll get his message across kindly.
10. Being in a relationship is totally his thing. A partner is essential to his equilibrium, and so, you're saddled with one heck of a responsibility.

Sagittarius: 1. Good food, good friends, and a good night together is all he needs to be happy as a lark.
2. True, he may underestimate obstacles at times, but at least he goes at them. Initiatives, projects, challenges - he jumps at the chance. Don't worry about atrophying with this man.
3. Make a mistake? No problem! He knows that everyone isn't like him or doesn't think like him.
4. He loves to show off his chivalrous side, running to the aid of the weak and standing up for the oppressed. If you get your purse stolen, he'll be the first one to run after the thief - or to hand you a tissue to dry your eyes.
5. No tricks up his sleeve - he's a real stand-up guy. He can even verge on the conformist side. He's not the type to give you the run around.
6. When he's there, he's truly there. He's also not the type to go unnoticed, and, by extension, neither will you.
7. Neither sneaky nor complicated, he won't give you a hard time.
8. He likes women who can express their desires. Be crazy, be fun - jump him behind a dune or in a fitting room, and he'll perk right up.
9. He's autonomous and respects your independence as well.
10. True, he's not the most faithful person around, but to abandon the comfort of his family for the first chick that crosses his path? No way.

Pisces: 1. He always seeks to do good. The results might not always be there, but the intention is.
2. Throw as many tantrums as you'd like. He'll put up with your mood swings with great patience and understanding.
3. Whatever you ask of him, he will agree to it. Even if he drags his feet at times, he'll never do anything to upset you.
4. He'll say yes to anything, not because it's easy, but because he is actually interested in everything. "Let those who love me follow me" and sure enough: since he loves you, he'll follow you wherever you go.
5. Wherever you take him, he'll adapt. Whether sleeping out under the stars or in a luxury hotel, he'll be at ease everywhere - everywhere he's with you, that is.
6. Daily life can be rather gloomy, and so he will add a little poetry to his life as well as yours.
7. He's an emotion detector and knows even before you what you want, what's bothering you, and what he needs to do to put a smile back on your face.
8. When he's in love, he gives his all. When he feels like he's no longer loved, he'll still give so that your flame can be rekindled.
9. He's in love with love. If you know how to seduce, understand, and praise him, he'll be all yours.
10. He is family-focused and devotes himself to those that he loves, even if it means he can be a little overprotective, but his kindness makes everyone forgive him.

10 reasons to go out with your man - 3 comments
(last message on the 05/03/2020 am31 03:54)

I like it I don't like it
Aries miracle, sign for Aries
Posted the 05/03/2020 at 03:54
i love them all i would really like to learn more of this am very inspired by everything i red
I like it I don't like it
Aries miracle, sign for Aries
Posted the 05/03/2020 at 03:51
Am very glad to learn all this things please send them every day to my email i would really apreciate
I like it I don't like it
Libra AforAway, sign for Libra
Posted the 27/10/2016 at 05:15
Thanks so much for this - Really wanted them ALL! It's only when one experiences the flaws that one makes one's choice... For all that's put out about Librans and Taureans being compatible because of their strong Venus influence in common, my experience is that this tends to lack excitement long-term. Regards,
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