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12 secrets for holding them!

Written by Olivia

You've just met that special someone, the partner you've been waiting for, your soulmate, the one that fulfills all your criteria. You have a lot in common and you've managed to win them over. Don't plan on losing them so quick and you're asking yourself how to hold onto them? All of us love and react diffrently depending on our character. In order to answer this question, we're going to give you some advice for each sign.


Love your partner intensely and smother them in tenderness and loving words. But, don't be too possessive. On the contrary, be independent and allow them enough liberty and room for action to tend to their own hobbies and tasks. Encourage them in everything they try to undertake and do: flatter them and show them that you are proud. Don't let things get monotonous. Distract your partner with humor and energy. Take intiative and use your fantasy to spice up your daily life. Be romantic, attentive, and comforting - go beyond their expectations. This way, you will be able to offer them all they need.


Create your happiness step by step, relying on authenticity, sensuality, and honesty. Make life more comfortable for your Taurus by being attentive and creating a cosy living atmosphere. To avoid conflict, be tactful, don't arouse his jealousy, don't try to change them or control everything. Taurus is deeply attached to their habits, so slip yourself into their routine and get involved in their pastimes. Find some activities that you can share and make sure of Taurus' well-being and comfort. To be certain not to let them down, don't be overly independent, complicated, or too much of a big spender. On the contrary, be pragmatic, know how to comfort your Taurus, and prove that they can totally trust you.


To make sure you stay on the same wavelength, have a love for liberty and a taste for adventure. Don't smother them or try to weedle their deepest secrets out of them. Instead, show them trust. Avoid routine, awaken their curiosity, and show originality in the way you live. Be ready to confront unexpected circumstances, deal with their personality, and develop a highly energetic intellectual relation. Know how to be tolerant, affectionate, and present, all while letting them have their freedom. Don't take it personally if Gemini is distant at times. By staying warm and kind, they will very quickly return to you. Don't bring up your want to make things official too quickly. Instead, have patience.


Learn how to strike the right balance for dealing with their high sensitivity and for reassuring your Cancer. Be protective and constantly repeat to them how much you love them. Smother them in kind, sweet words of affection. Prove that they can count on you in any circumstance. Be 100% honest and open to listen. Take an interest in their passions and open your home up to their family. Don't take it personally if Cancer is distant at times. Be patient and stay attentive. Once they've really become convinced of your deep attachment, they'll come out of their shell and won't be able to get by without you.


Declare you love passionately to Leo, telling them that you love them, and give them every last bit of your attention. Encourage them in their professional life as much as in their leasure time. Be proud of your Leo and pay them compliments. Be independent, sure of yourself, and know how to let them take the lead. If Leo starts roaring out of anger, don't try to confront them. Wait for the storm to pass instead of throwing fuel on the fire. Don't make life more complicated for yourself and put your jealousy aside. Choose laughter instead and be ready to follow them off on any adventure. Don't hesitate to give your opinion and mix up their daily life by trying out new experiences together.


Whatever you do, don't mess with their organization. Adapt to Virgo's rhythm, daily life, and perfectionism, and show them signs that they can feel secure. When it comes to relaxation and fun, let Virgo know well ahead of time and tell them exactly where you're taking them and what you want to do. Be thoughtful, attentive, pragmatic, and organized. Handle your Virgo carefully, teach them to relax and calm their anxiety. Prove to them that they can count on your in any circumstance. Reassure them that you really do want to build a strong relationship together. Whatever you do, show Virgo that you're sincere and worthy of trust. This will help you to move forward and make plans together.


To hold onto your Libra, you will have to constantly reassure them by expressing your feelings, arousing their interest, and double your efforts to continually attract them. Show that you are indeed enamored and be ready to show them that you care. Have finesse and don't hesitate to compliment them. Be sweet and attentive, and don't hesitate to tell them over and over that they're unique and the only person you care about. Be honest, diplomatic, and avoid starting conflict. Show your imaginative and creative sides. Don't push anything too complicated onto them and don't be too pushy. Keep the atmosphere harmonious and joyful.


Be sincere and don't play with their emotions. Keep the flame of passion alive and keep fervently showing your feelings. Highlight your Scorpio's value and cover them in love. Turn them on on a daily basis with a touch of fantasy and anticonformity. Be active, pertinent, and enterprising. Don't hesitate, lead him to feel strong emotions and to share a lot of time together. Make full, and subtle, use of all your intellectual and physical wiles. But, also be ready to reassure them when they need it. Know how to show tact and don't seek to either arouse nor provoke them.


Keep sharing your multiple pastimes, but without being too clingy, either one of you. Avoid routine and keep having fun. Increase your taste for the unexpected and for adventure. Suggest activities and trips often that lead to travel. Hold enriching and stimulating intellectual conversations. Be energetic and original and motivate your Sagittarius to take on new challenges. Follow their constantly hectic pace of life. To keep impressing them, you'll really have to outdo yourself. Don't, however, encroach on his freedom and be independent if you don't want to see them run for their life.


To satisfy their demanding nature, prove that they can count on your attachment and sincerity. Don't neglect to regularly remind them that they are important to you. Adapt to their organization and encourage them in their activities and goals. Flatter your Sagittarius and send a positive image of themselves and their success. Whatever you do, don't go out too much. On the contrary, respect that Sagittarius can be a bit of a homebody, so plan tender one-on-one dates where you can both talk about what they want. Keep being comforting and show your Sagittarius that you are their ideal partner.


Aquarius has a deep need for independence. So, don't pressure them or step on their toes. Let your partner live their life as they wish, show that you too are independent, and that your schedule is full, too. Learn how to trust them and let them know they can count on you. Avoid monotony at all costs and surprise your Aquarius daily with new and different suggestions. Blow them away by showing that you're thinking about them with your little shows of attention. Work on your sense of humor and keeping a good mood. Be patient and follow them on all their adventures. Don't start talking about marriage right away. Be a patient a little while longer!


Pisces, very intuitive, can very often guess what the other is thinking, so don't try to hide your feelings. Flood your Pisces with love and attention. Hold onto your dreamer side and keep the fire of your passion alive. Opt for intimate moments alone. Be able to guess what your partner wants and be open to their expectations. Comfort your partner, offering them the stability they need. Move them to action and make decisions together. Set up goals and show your Pisces that they can count on you in any circumstance. Support them in anything they undertake and continue to discover more and more about them as you go along.


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