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Written by Olivia

Between work, the kids, and keeping up the house, we're constantly running and running, and the important things fall by the wayside. In order to make love a priority in your relationship again, we've come up with a checklist of all the small, little things you can do that might seem like nothing, but change everything.

According to your lover's sign, you can find out loads of tricks for keeping the flame alive with only minimal effort. As long as you practice them every day - like exercise!


Ask him questions about what he does, his goals, his ambitions. Watch out: it's not about keeping tabs on him, but simply taking an interest in what he's up to. When it comes to flattering his ego, your curiosity can't hurt.

Need him, make him carry the grocery bags - there's nothing like him and his powerful biceps for completing a difficult task. Too hard to choose between these pumps on sale and these gorgeous boots? Help! He'll rush and fly to your aid and save your life. He does exist.

Make love to him: on the couch, in the bike shed, in the shower - reveal your taste for adventure, strong feelings, and extreme experiences. You're not even scared - and neither is he. Not the type to back down - show it.


Pamper him with good cooking. Become the star of tartare, the diva of moussaka, the vedette of blanquette. It smells good, makes his mouth water, and tastes delicious. He's done for.

Be attentive to his health, his bad moods, and his good moods. You won't necessarily be able to do much, but by caring for him, you will recognize the devotion he has for you.

Light the candles. Soft lighting, comfortable cushions, shaggy rugs, a fireplace - turn your home into a warm, cozy little cocoon. Taurus needs his comfort: a nice little cottage and a warm heart - pure happiness!


Open the door. Make sure that there are always people over, always something going on. Throw in an extra blanket for the friend who shows up unannounced. It is this capacity to adapt that will enchant your Gemini. The freer he feels to come and go as he pleases, the happier he'll be at home.

Let him speak. Never forget that everything (or almost) that this man does goes through his brain first. Stop what you're doing, sit down, and listen to him. Really. It's up to you to decide between his enjoying mental agility or a night of watching TV.

Don't say anything. Blow up at him? Too crude. In response to his childishness, remain condescendingly quiet. When faced with provocation, act indifferent. You'll stop him cold when he tries pushing things. In the meantime, your dignity will stagger him.


Give him kisses on his neck, right away, unprompted. Since you want to - kiss him, cuddle him, like his mother did when he was a baby. Aaah, listen to him coo already.

Massage him, he has a mediocre resistance to stress. Physical effort is not his thing. Your Cancer is not the most aggressive man on earth, but so what? Massages, kindness, relaxation, understanding - skip right to the warrior's relaxation.

Congratulate him. He managed to put up a shelf? Really drive it home, heap superlative compliments on him. Even if you feel like you might be overdoing it, tell yourself that it's never enough for this hypersensitive man.


Dress yourself up! Even if it's just a light meal in the kitchen, slip into your stilletos and strap on your leather jacket. You are the reflection of your Leo. If he finds you beautiful, he'll find himself beautiful, too.

Caress his hand, just like that, a slight brush in passing, without it seeming intentional, just to touch feel him in all his strength and reliability. It comforts him to know he comforts you.

Call out to him for help. Forget that you know how to change a lightbulb or lay down flooring. Remember that he has a chivalrous side that only wants to come out. Act like a helpless, porcelain doll, and he'll be happy to brave the danger for you.


Bleach everything: doorknobs, toilets, tiling, work plans - from the basement to the attic, present your Virgo with a house where you could eat off the floor. In truth, he won't ever try it out, but saying it's possible already makes him feel better...

Cook well and bio at the same time. 322 calories for the appetizer, 538 for the dessert - diet is a very serious matter. Obsessed with his cholesterol, size, and blood pressure, your Virgo pays great attention to what's on his plate. To good health!

Make him laugh, make fun of yourself and of the news of the day. This mocking distance will please this highly observant man. If you push him further down this path, he'll even be able to laugh at himself.


Invite him to dinner. Ham and pasta shells are a go, but serve them in siliver with damask napkins. For this esthete, everything's in the details. You're not just cooking up some grub, your showing off your culinary skills - there's a difference!

Make the decision for him: cheese or dessert? Heads or tails? Morning or night? Things are too complicated for this constantly indecisive man to make a definite decision. To spare him these painful decisions, don't have any scruples about managing his life. If he complains at times, remind him that it's for his own good.

Work on your manners. Be able to change the washer in the tap with grace. Delicately bring your cup of darjeeling to your lips. When a dispute arises, respond calmly to his criticisms and make sure your nose isn't red and that not a lock of hair is out of

place. By behaving like a lady, you will make him feel small.


Meet up with him, invite him to share your lunch break. Reserve a hotel room for an exciting rendez-vous. Tell him in the morning that a surprise awaits him at home. The goal is to create a splash, shake up his habits, keep him under pressure.

Look at him with yearning, desire, interest. Let him see the love that he causes to swell within you, the desire that fires you up, the pleasure that you take by his side... Your Scorpio is at once a powerful man and a little boy in need of comfort. Play both games.

Let him win. Being unable to find a parking spot, losing his keys, or a sudden downpour is all it takes for him to become unbearable. Reasoning with him is seriously risky, so lay off, and watch your step, and you will gain the upper hand in other situations.


Get your hands dirty: spark plugs, distributor cap, a spare tire - if your Sagittarius needs a mechanic, no worries, you're ready to go. Maybe even a bricklayer? You're insurance too, even a nurse. From tourniquets to mouth-to-mouth, you are shocking teammate.

Eat well: hardy, rib-sticking meals are what will thrill your Sagittarius, who loves gourmands - and skinny people. He also wants you to be energetic and sporty. Good luck!

Ask him his opinion. Where will be your next summer vacation: Peru or the south of France? Snuggled up close to the fire on the new rug? In the end, he really doesn't care. But, since a couple is a team, he'll still insist on being asked, on principle.


Ask his advice: how do we set up this piece of furniture? What would he do if he were you? What does he think of you ideas? He loves to be in control (or at least feel like he is),and so he'd prefer you to talk to him first. Always, about anyting - or nothing. Then, you'll be able to do whatever you want, but he'll still feel important, and that's all that counts.

Close the door, but without slamming it. Your Capricorn often needs to be alone, so respect his personal space and tranquility. Do not disturb !

Keep him warm. At the slightest sign of a cold, prepare him some herbal tea. Is he having a coughing fit? Take his temperature. This might be your usual reflex, but for this hardly emotional man, it means a lot.


Don't ask him any questions. He comes home late? So what? Who was he with? Don't sink to the level of asking him. The goal is to show that when it comes to you and jealousy, it's like oil and water. By being above all this pettiness, his esteem of you will go up a notch.

Jump on him without warning, ,without making a fuss, and in unusual places, while you're at it. And, if possible, try out a few unusual positions. Your Aquarius seeks the novel, experience, humor in physical love. Love is indeed very physical...

Always have plans. Talk about what you'll be doing in the next hour, tomorroz, in a month, or in a year. Aquarius hates the past, so skip the present and look to the future. Your energy and fantasy will make him want to go there with you.


Be totally unpredictable and laugh in the face of danger. Throw your arms around his neck when he comes home in the middle of the night. Show no interest in the gifts he gives you. Stun him, surprise him, be interesting - nothing better to awaken his interest.

Manage his schedule down to the time, place , and day. Mark out his days, nights, and his life, like a landing track to bring this dreamer back down to earth, safe and sound.

Care about his things: his feelings, what the downstairs neighbor is up to, wolrd hunger - anything that shows that you think about others, which will make you look good in the eyes of this empathic man.


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