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The single life is more and more acceptable in our society today but not always the easiest to live with. It is in Plato's "Symposium" that Aristophanes introduces the idea of the "soul-mate" through the myth of the "androgynous", a race of people who existed before men and women. These beings possessed masculine and feminine traits alike, with four arms, four legs, and two faces. Zeus decided to cut them in half, forcing them to seek out their other half in order once again to become whole. We will examine each sign, figuring out what makes it hard for each one to find their own soul-mate.


Act with caution
You're not the type to beat around the bush, and, as soon as you've met someone, you will make your intentions known. You are a passionate person who falls in love quickly but who remains realistic. And yet, cuddling on the first date can lead to confusion in your partner, who might intend for this to just be a one-night stand. If you try to save face after the deed is done, it will be too late - you will thought of as "easy". Use moderation at the start so that you don't sink your relationship before it even begins.


Don't be so rebellious
You should learn to let yourself be surprised. Your ideal model for being in a relationship is probably very (too?) strict and of the traditional type, which will bar many opportunities for you to be satisfied. Don't hesitate to revise your criteria and go out and meet new people that might not seem to match you well at first blush. Working off this principle, you will stack the chances for finding love in your favor.


Become more stable
Your problem is that once you've entered a relationship, you take a couple steps back after taking an initial leap forward. You'll break up over a short text, too, because you lack the guts to tell them the truth face to face. Take a good look in the mirror long enough to recognize just how unstable you are. Your nature likes change too much if anything, so find a partner that likes their independence as much as you, and you will come to understand yourself better.


Be more autonomous
You are a sensitive person who is constantly seeking emotional sustenance, which means that, to a certain degree, you are dependent on others. This can, of course, be difficult to deal with and might impact your relationship inasmuch as your inner child comes through and sends out desperate messages to never be alone. You wonder how you can still be single - the answer lies within... You should learn to be more autonomous so that you can give off a more comforting and mature image of yourself.


Gain perspective
Sometimes, it's the little things that count in a relationship: for example, when taking a nice, hot bath with your partner, the faucet hits you in just the wrong place, right in the spine, or your foot gets stuck under their thigh... In short, whenever your comfort is threatened. You know how self-centered you can be, but as much as being single pleased you at first, it is now strangling your heart. Strike a balance between your need for personal comfort and equilibrium in your relationship.


Be more sentimental
By intellectualizing things to keep some distance between yourself and your partner, you can now no longer really express how you feel and can even come off cold or shy, which is hardly an asset when it comes to forming a solid romantic relationship. You should learn how to be more spontaneous in expressing your feelings. This way, you will spare yourself from an unproductive and unnecessary single life.


Question and challenge yourself
You are demanding when it comes to finding your soul-mate to the point that it can become a real obsession. But, once you have found someone, you will never let your other half go, bombarding them with texts right off the bat. This behavior can be downright frightening to your partner, so don't be shocked when they vanish into thin air. First off, you have to try to find harmony within, and with, yourself so that you can then move onto a more stable relationship.


Dispel your fears
If you notice that your romantic life has been difficult and that you have gone through quite a bit of upheaval, know that it comes from how hard it is for you to express your troubled soul and that your flirting comes up short since no one can ever really be sure of your true intentions, as opaque as they appear. One more thing: as soon as anyone, or anything, new shows up in your neatly organized life, you tend to backpedal or slow down. You have to break out of the traditional way of doing things that you are currently in so that you can change pace and expand your vision of the world.


Avoid any missteps
It's one slip-up after another with you. You always think "Oh, this you'll love this, dear" - except that they won't at all... Or, something more like "You're just like Bruce Willis - you're starting to lose your hair". What's even more shocking is that will make you laugh: you are an explosive mix of fun and good times. So, be a little more serious in your relationship so that you don't end up all alone in the world. Add a little elegance to your manners so that your relationship doesn't go to the dogs.


Change your habits
You are so settled into your habits that everything runs like clockwork to the point that any unknown element can throw it all off. You will have to change your views on relationships and start to plan to change up things that have grown stale. Take it step by step, staring off by changing a few rules here and there, like what time you have dinner. This is totally doable and will only be for the best.


Try a different model
Let's have it out: getting married isn't really your thing. The more others' opinions highlight the fact that you are single, the more you feel like you stand out, like a rebel. Deep down inside, you really would like to share your life with someone else, but god forbid if it becomes stale or boring. Your friends' views on relationships are, to you, stifling, constraining - a sort of peaceful hell. An open relationship might be your ideal kind of romance - even if you don't know it.


Become a little more... "normal"
You live in your own little world, and all it takes for you to feel cut off from the rest is to come home. You are more the quirky type, with your unicorn statues and candles here and there as if you're casting a magical spell. Your partner might really think, upon visiting your home for the first time, that you need nothing else. Don't waste any time explaining to them what your plans are so that they understand your true intentions. Moreover, be honest with yourself: now might not be the right time for you...

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