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What is your way of flirting?

Written by Mary

How are you flirting? What are the means that you implement to make a touch? Do you like a compliment? Or do you play it more inside? According to your astrological sign, the way you flirt is expressed in a particular way. Let's have a look at the signs of the zodiac to understand each one of them when it begins to flirt.


open flirt
For not going around in circles, do not hesitate to dive into your interlocutor's. This is for you the simplest and most direct drag technique. Looking straight into your eyes, you will go so far as to wait for your potential partner to turn away from his own eyes. So, you will feel your enterprising side while having put something electric between him and you. He will feel laid bare and desired!


sweet and safe flirt
You express yourself in a calm and LIBRAd way. Not without a certain phlegm, you make yourself pleasant while listening to your interlocutor. You do not give any sign of precipitation, on the contrary, your actions are measured, your word is tender and voluptuous and you insinuate that nothing presses (even if it is not necessarily true).


the voluble flirt
With all your spontaneity, you go to your target while giving a good word or phrase well turned. Once your interlocutor is caught by your spell, you know how to bounce on any other subject while being witty and offering fresh, youthful and invigorating language. With you, others fall under your spell because it feels like falling in the bath of youth of your good words.


the affectionate flirt
Although shy, you show warmth, tenderness and humanity. Before you deliver personally, you lend yourself to a delicate exchange with your interlocutor to know more about him. The latter, charmed, feels under your benevolent attention and opens quite easily. You give the impression to value it, which makes you score points. And when you learn that you are dealing with a person who is family and child oriented, you are trying to go even further.


the theatrical flirt
With your confidence, you usually go to a person who stands out, because of his elegant or flamboyant style. You show panache, brilliance to demonstrate that you are ready to do anything to conquer the potential elected of your heart. Generous, you add a little, you put on the stage to make it clear to your interlocutor that you both live an exceptional moment during your exchange. If, however, you do not notice a reaction from the partner's side you turn the heels to make a clean place.


the obligate flirt
At first glance, you lack confidence and spontaneity. In fact, you will prefer to be dredged rather than take the lead. But if a person really likes you, you will venture a hitch to politely establish a contact. If you cannot present yourself in the best possible light, you will be careful to show gentleness, caring attention, and even helpful qualities to your interlocutor. If the latter is touched by your thoughtfulness, you will gain confidence and exceed your deduction to go further.


the sparkling flirt
When you like it, you dread more than anything to find yourself in his friend zone. That's not a question. So you are busy formulating to your interlocutor tender and kind sentences, fun and pleasant, complimented. He must quickly understand by innuendo, by the strong signs that you send him! You assume your desires, and in return, you must win his heart.


the purposeful flirt
Your mode of operation is to interest you 200% in your target; so much so that you do not let anything go. And since you are not one to backtrack, you are demonstrating all your energy to find out who you are dealing with. You go from your power of seduction, but also from your questioning to know in depth the object of your desire. And since you do not like warmth and anything that is a softened relationship, if your audience reacts with character, you are more captivated.


the delightful flirt
By approaching your interlocutor, you are pleasant, playful or even tactile; when you talk to him, you put your hand on his shoulder while slowly going to the level of touch. Of course, you do this subtly to capture his attention; this is even natural for you because you are steeped in life, vitality and enthusiasm for the idea of meeting. If this is more calculated, it will be accidental touch, you will touch his hand with yours, or your shoulders touch each other if you are side by side. All of this, you know very well do it in an environment that lends itself, festive, in this case.


the intellectual flirt
When you flirt, you play the card of the opening, you hide nothing, and you show yourself as you are. You do not like secretiveness. On the other hand, you are receptive to surprises on the part of your interlocutor, provided that they come to inject novelty into your way of seeing things. You need to communicate in terms of ideas. Your cerebral side is very active. If you experience sensitivity to the big questions of life in your potential partner, you are thrilled.


The careful dredge
The dredge of Capricorn is discreet and calm. He will not show any particular emotion. But if he is interested in the object of his desire, he will do his utmost to achieve something concrete. His well constructed and clear sentences present him in a reasonable and mature light and he needs to know if his interlocutor has his head on his shoulders. Since he has to find himself in a common-sense interlocutor, he analyzes and sifts through his rational mind his possible future partner. If it turns out a little too fancy, he could go elsewhere.


lthe sensitive flirt
Your big heart and your timid and ultra-sensitive nature lead you to be compassionate and tactful. You are not the type to prepare the way you will approach others, your intuition leads you to be yourself, to choose words that are like you, that is to say altruistic and enchanting. You are very attentive to your interlocutor and know how to offer him life solutions to alleviate his problems, if he has any.


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