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Single and happy!

Written by Mary

No more love in your life? Was that a choice or not? Whatever the reason, this dry spell is your best chance for loving yourself, doing the things, and making the choices, that you could never do in a relationship. The single life is a joy. For proof, we've come up with an whole list of reasons that each sign should enjoy being single.


You will have the time to work on your passions. You get the chance to indulge in numerous activities. Whether it's sports or gardening, you throw yourself into whatever you do. It might not be as exciting as a romantic relationship, but it's important, nonetheless. It makes you feel engaged, alive, invested. It is this energy, among other things, that makes you so attractive and powerful. And what could be better than feeling beautiful and powerful?
You will regain autonomy. Taking your partner into account isn't your forte. You don't need a crutch or assistant - you are attracted to independent personalities, and, since you are one yourself, this freedom between relationships that you are now enjoying is perfect for reclaiming your independence and freedom to think as you please. You are a strong woman, and this is your chance to prove it.
You will get to take on new challenges. Did you think you were incapable of putting a shelf together or checking the oil in your car? Face to face with a screwdriver or engine, you will have to overcome your preconceived ideas and come up with solutions while understanding that you are much more capable than you, or others, might think. These might be small victories, but, when you put them together, they are a real personal triumph.
Everyday, it'll be something new. Monotony is such a bore! You love to jump from one thing to another, constantly searching for something new and for strong emotions. Now that you are freed of any and all romantic obligations, imagine all the possibilities that are open to you! Any person you meet holds the promise for the unexpected. Whether you are seduced or not, you are the one who is in control, and you like it.
You will rediscover your conquering spirit. A sure thing isn't very fun after a while, but uncertainty, the quest, the chase - that's much more exciting. This attitude might appear macho, but it's an aspect of your personality that you shouldn't try to repress. You are a dominant woman with all the perks she needs to run her life as she wishes - partner or no.


You will have time to take your time. No one can rush you, nothing gets you flustered. You will have the freedom to organize your days as you wish. Whether your days are jam-packed or idle, you are the one who decides how to spend them. This pause between two men, two romances, between the past and the future will enable you to set things straight, to calmly examine your situation, and make the most out of it, taking the path that suits you the best.
You will get to distinguish being and having. A feeling of missing something stresses you out, but possessing a man, like one possesses a dryer or a designer dress - is that what you really want? It is not enough just to accumulate goods; you need to know what is good for you. Have your past lovers been good for you? What do you expect of the next one? What are your priorities? Your empty heart is your chance to get rid of what you don't want in life and refocus on what is truly essential.
Now is the time to say yes to life! When you commit to a relationship, you commit totally. What if you did the same with your relationship with yourself? Yes - you! Not someone else. You! Throw yourself into whatever gives you pleasure, in whatever does something for you, what makes you grow. These are your strengths, which will enrich your next relationship.
You will have to come up with other solutions. It's true: small changes annoy you, but big changes scare you stiff. But, they will also push you out of your comfort zone. What worked for a while won't necessarily work forever. Ask yourself some questions, challenge yourself, try to see things differently. If you can change your point of view, a vast new panorama will open before you.
You will be free! What if you married you married your last partner only to please your parents? And what if you followed this path in your life only to fit into the mold? But, what if this is your time to live out your deepest aspirations? What if this is your chance to be free?


You will get back in touch with yourself. At first, sure, it was weird not to have a lover; someone to boost your ego in a narcissistic way. But that also forces you to ask: do you really only exist in others' eyes? Since the answer is, of course, no, you will learn to detach from your thoughts about yourself and get back in touch with who you are: someone good!
No more pretending; no more telling jokes when you're down, no more saying yes when you're thinking no, and no more playing a role that doesn't fit you. You have the right to at last be yourself and what could be better than being single to find it out? Take your time: this inner voyage is worth it.
All is new and good. Being without a lover is just one of life's adventures, especially for you who is thrilled by diversity and change. You have the chance to break with this routine you weren't made for. It will be up to you to build other centers of interest, to reach out to others, to taste a little of everything. You are naturally gifted at this and will now have your hands, and heart, free to do as you please.
You can flutter about without feeling guilty about it. Remorse and restrictions rarely prevent you from doing what you want with whoever you want. But, all the same, now that you don't have anyone to answer to, especially not your conscience, you will be able to give free rein to any and all fantasies.
You will, at last, be independent. You, who love nothing more than being free, should enjoy this! But also ask yourself if your need for liberty is really that important to you. What does it say about you? What do you expect? Once you've analyzed your fear of commitment, you will become even more calm and peaceful in your next relationship.


You will learn to move on. You have in the past, but, of course, breaking up with a man that you believed in is surely not a pleasant time. Unpleasant, but not insurmountable. This short period being single that is now imposed upon you, or perhaps you wanted it, is formative. Being attached to something that no longer exists is a waste of time and energy. You will start to realize this over the coming days and will throw your energy into more exciting projects.
You will learn to go with the flow. No more making mountains out of molehills, since there will be no one around to help you get over it or save you. Confronted with difficulties, you will be able to rely on yourself, and yourself alone, for support and solutions. All these things that you felt you were unable to do, you will now make a reality and will be more than proud of yourself for it!
You will shed your timidness. You don't have a choice: you need to reach out to others. Though your reserved nature hardly prepares you for this, having to get by on your own, without the help of others, will give you wings. Yes, you are capable of speaking up in public. Yes, you know how to get others' attention. Yes, you know how to be ready with a response. Yes, you possess an intuition that prevents you from ever missing the mark. Let's just say that you generally have all you need to trust and believe in yourself.
You are not only a mother. You know a thing or two about doting over your lover, but what about you? What do you do for your own good? What if now is the time to pamper and spoil yourself? What if this is the moment you've been dreaming of to break out of this comforting but isolating role that you often find yourself stuck in and become a your own woman or a lover, for example?
You will get time to dream. There is no longer any limit to your imagination: you now can manage your time and activities (or inactivity) as you wish. These are the ideal conditions for letting your thoughts wander leisurely and enriching your inner world. Painting, writing, sculpting - what are you waiting for to express your emotions?


You will break free from others' idea of you. Through your absolute need to please others, you will at last get the chance to find out why you try so much to win everyone over and why you go to such lengths to gain compliance. Living your life for others keeps you dependent, something you will have to change if you want to get in touch with yourself and find out what you really want. Face to face with yourself, you will start to find your own truth.
You will dress as you please. You'll be fine with going out in that pencil skirt and pumps, but once you're home, what's the point in high heels and tight belts? Without totally letting yourself go, you can at least breathe easy when it comes to your fashion. In loose-fitting pants and a big sweater, your body can just enjoy being comfortable. And your mind will follow!
You will become more tolerant. You don't like doing anything if it means doing it imperfectly. Do you realize how high you are placing the bar? Why? Pride pushes us further, but it inhibits us as well. Now that you can count only on yourself, feel your way forward, make mistakes, screw up from time to time. Not only is it not a big deal, but it's informative. Compromise with yourself. Accept that you won't always be firing on all cylinders. Even Madonna can't do it, so that should give you some space to breathe.
You will discover others. So much the better if you were the perfect couple or perfect girlfriend, but now that you are single, you will be more vulnerable, more human; what luck! Indeed, this is a real stroke of luck. You have to leave your inner world and reach out to friends, meet other people, open up to new things. Yourself and your own personal injuries aside, there exists an entire world to be discovered.
You will live life at your own pace. You feel good enough to go out every night, so don't pass up any occasion. If you are feeling lazy and want to just stay home with a TV dinner, don't beat yourself up. You at last have the chance to live life according to your own desires, needs, and physical and emotional health. There is no longer any need to make a spectacle of yourself 24 hours a day. You have the right to take a break!


Your sense of fantasy will come out. You've always done things the way they have to be done, which is good. Except that now, a fault has appeared in your romantic life that you didn't see coming. This doesn't just happen to other people, and it proves that your desire for perfection doesn't protect you against life's little incidents. Once you've realized this, let yourself be kind to ... yourself. Chuck your principles out the window and live by desire. To hell with these constraints! At last, you have the opportunity to be where you're not expected and, even better, to surprise yourself!
No more need for putting everything in order. Life is movement, and movement is disorder. Stop putting people in boxes like you're putting things away in a closet. Accept chaos; even better: create some yourself. Let your work fall behind, let your mind wander. You will find your place in what appears to be anarchy to you. As comforting as it might be to have an organized life, a spotless home, a well-behaved partner, or straight and proper ideas, is this really all that exciting?
Forbid yourself to... forbid yourself. "Do this, don't do that" - you heard this often as a child, and, between educative restraints and personal dictates, you haven't budged an inch since you became an adult. Darn, darn, and darn again! It's time to let go, and being single is perfect for that. Have new experiences - all that you can. Both during the day and at night, astonish yourself, learn, discover, savor, try out new things - or take up some old ones. You will learn valuable lessons to apply to your next relationship.
You won't have to push down your emotions anymore. If you feel like crying, why hold back? If your eyes fill with tears, what's the point in hiding them? So what if you want to laugh your head off? Don't deprive yourself! The biggest gift you can give yourself during this period is to no longer push down your emotions. If no one sees you, no one can judge you. If the emotional girl that you're surprised to see int he mirror doesn't match the image that you made for yourself, know that she exists and that it is good for her to express herself.
You are only responsible for your money. Having to cover your ex's overdraft fees is an exercise you can do without. And yet, you used to do it, out of love and devotion. Remind yourself that this period has past, and that you are enough of an adult to be in the red sometimes but to get through it with your head held high. What have you patiently set your money aside for? For a project that is dear to you? Who else can enjoy? The one and only - you!


You don't need to sugarcoat your personality anymore. Remember all that you have done to please, all those times you said yes when you were thinking no, all the activities that you forced yourself to enjoy so that you could go along with your partner - and then stop. You spent a lot of your energy not offending anyone but can now spend it on whatever is best for you.
You will have to make your own choices. Afraid of going the wrong way, you have trouble following one direction and sticking to it. Except that no one can decide for you. It's complicated, but it's an opportunity! These habits that you've adopted, are they really adapted to your personality? You need to ask yourself that question. Do they come from your personal choices? Ones you wanted and have though about? You need to ask yourself that question, too.
You will be able to have over whoever you want. How many good or old friends have you left behind because your partner couldn't stand the sight of them? Even if it's just one - that's too many. From now on, you will get the chance to get back in touch with these people and invite them over. You, who are generally so hospitable, will once again live up to your reputation.
You will understand that you are capable of doing great things. It is within a relationship that you will find your balance. But, it is especially in your relationship with yourself that you have to find what fulfills you. You will have to perform a whole slew of mental gymnastics. It is sure to wear you out at first, but afterwards, you will feel so good! Start with a short voyage, for example, and then adventure further later on. Redecorate your home, get an estimate, start painting or laying tiles... All you need is a little elbow grease and willpower.
You will learn how to take the first step. You don't easily reach out to others since, even with as sociable as you are, you are discrete. But, you are still ready, nonetheless, to chat it up. And chat you will! To people that you know, at least. And to anyone you meet each morning. You are charming and easy-going, which makes it even easier. Go for it!


You will get the chance to totally rebuild everything. You are very good at putting the past behind you. And so now, this period between men, between relationships, will give you the chance to. It's true that this isn't necessarily easier for you than it is for others, but you have the ability to rise from your ashes. People think you are down to earth, but you are majestic and dignified.
You will be faithful to yourself. Desire, sensuality, sexuality - this is what you're made for and you take it on without a problem, since this offers you a chance to do what you want with whoever you want in whatever manner speaks to you at the time, and it would be depriving yourself to pass it up. Cherry on top: you have no excuse for faking it, no justification to give. Your private life remains private.
You will learn to soften up. Gone are your intransigence, grudges, anger, excess - you will have to ease up a little now. Whatever your ex used to put up with won't fly as well with people whose relationship to you is not romantic. In short, now is the time to learn to look on the bright side of life, to understand that not everyone is twisted, that human relations can indeed be kind and loving. You just have to put in the work...
This is your chance to make your life more simple. There is no point in picking a fight, in trying to make others uncomfortable, in always trying to be top dog. You have nothing left to prove. This just means you can now use this time to do something else, to think of other things - or to not think at all. Stay up until whatever hour you want, stay in bed all weekend, eat what you want. Indulge in all these little pleasures - it will do you some good!
You can ruin your ex's life. It's not the most elegant thing to do, but if it makes you feel better... You are most comfortable when there is tension and conflict, so give free rein to even your most corrosive impulses. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and you've got a temper, so this is far from over.


You will jump back into romance. What seemed to be set in stone has now changed. Your last lover has now joined your group of exes, and, for better or for worse, you are now free to set out on your own, for adventure and romance. Think about the life you are going to live like fresh land to be developed. Anything is possible, everything is open. You, who hates feeling hemmed in, will now get to move past your old boundaries of habit and comfort that you set up.
You have the guts to be honest with yourself. What didn't work out? What mistakes did you make? What will you change in your next relationship? What is remarkable about you is that you never hide how you feel. You openly and plainly state your emotions. You are as frank as they come and don't pull any punches. Most importantly, you run off the thrill that comes with turning a frustrating snag or one of life's hazards into an interesting and informative experience.
You will regain independence. You love the reassuring comfort of life as a solid couple, which is understandable. But behind any wife, girlfriend (or mistress),there is a woman who loves to get off the beaten track. And here you go: now is the time, the time to show what you are made of, to live as you desire, to regain your freedom, and to break free from your upbringing, a man, or social conventions.
You will have challenges to face. Competition and challenges are powerful stimulants for you. Being single if is one of them, among others. But it won't be the most difficult one for someone as self-confident as you. Is going out alone really that difficult? Is hammering a nail really that dangerous? Is having a whole, big bed all to yourself really that uncomfortable? No, no, and no - of course not! You're not the type to panic and will quickly find your place again.
You will be the only one on stage. You neither an accessory or arm-candy. You, who hates to go unnoticed, will get the chance to be the star you truly are. Your energy, your curious and brilliant mind can at last realize their full potential. You know just how to grab others' attention, so don't be afraid - don't ever be afraid.


You will make new friends. You don't really open up easily and aren't the type to bother your friends with your problems. This is good for your pride but not so much for putting your mind at ease. But, though it is indeed necessary to protect yourself, you will quickly come to understand that locking yourself away in your ivory tower is pointless. Even if it isn't in your nature, you will be forced to reach out to others and open up to them, too. With your rich and complex personality, you will attract their attention and gain their interest.
You will have the time to listen yourself, too. Why push down your emotions? And who for? There is no shame in being sad. There is nothing weird about bursting into laughter for no reason. Nobody is looking anyway, and even if they were, they're not going to judge you, so why be so hard on yourself? Close your eyes and get in touch with your inner feeling. It is time to reconnect with what you truly and deeply are.
Your money is your money. You like money, even though you often have trouble recognizing this fact and even more so admitting it to others. But this doesn't mean that you aren't responsible for your own debts (as rare as they are) as well as your (often substantial) gains that you can now invest into solid and lucrative projects.
You will regain your sweet solitude. You are autonomous, and this is your biggest strength. You never needed anyone to tell you what you have to do or how to do it. You are all the more effective when you are left alone. Use this effectiveness to fulfill your own desires and plans. Rediscover your own personal way of living life, not the one that you were taught by your parents or by your life with your ex, but yours and yours alone.
You will learn to be flexible. Life rarely goes as planned, and the fact that you are single right now is only proof. This is how it is, this is how life goes. It's not a big deal - it could even be seen of as a rare chance! Instead of dwelling on problems, work past them. Instead of thinking that there is one, and only one, solution, try to come up with others. Instead of taking things personally, put them in perspective. Your common sense will help you.


You are free. Being single might not have been your choice, but here you are: free as the wind. And you just can't get enough. Go out with whoever you want, come home when you please, cook up a nice dinner or don't make anything at all... These might just be details for some, but to you, they're important. You are the one making the choices, who is in control. Like we said: free as the wind...
To hell with the daily routine! Making food, doing chores, doing the laundry - all these little mundane demands that life has are not very fun. And this is where being single can be super fun. Your day-to-day life is only what you make it. You are held to nothing, have no answers to give to anyone, and will have to find a way of organizing your life that suits you best or do away with organizing altogether if you that's how you feel.
You won't be held to monogamy anymore. Doing the same things in the same way with the same person... Your curiosity and desire for new experiences fades quickly this way. Now, everything is different. You are usually not very comfortable with sensuality and sexuality, but you can now enjoy a few moments of pleasure here and there with making a commitment. Give little and take as much as possible. This is hardly fair, but as long as you're the one doing it, you will have no qualms about it.
Meet up with your friends. You might not be the most faithful in love, but are in friendship, and you put it before all else. And for good reason: friendships are easier to manage and deal with for you, so it will be easier for you to catch up with long-lost friends or make new ones that will be as strong as a family, but without the obligations and constraints that come with it.
You will regain your desire to do things. You are not like everyone else: you have the gift of being open to progress, to change, and even to this period of being single that could turn out to be a great springboard for you. Changing work, changing who you hang out with - you're never afraid to innovate. Now is the time to rebuild your life, and since you already have loads of ideas in mind, it will be perfect timing...


You will follow your own flow. You are always willing to roll with whatever happens, whatever is said or done, and often forget to express your own desires and being. But, now that you are single, it that is over. No more seeing life only through your partner's eyes, no more acting according to their desires - or anyone else's. You are now forced to find your place in life, to find your bearings once again, to regain your autonomy, and to go wherever you wish.
You are lucky: you can adapt to anything. You are incredibly open-minded and flexible and have a knack for feeling comfortable anywhere and adapting to any situation. And being single is one such situation, that is far from difficult to incorporate into your life for a woman like you. Of course you will go through difficult moments, but you will also enjoy some delicious ones, as well. Just remind yourself that it is just a bump in the road along this ever-changing life of yours. You've been through this before and will certainly have others. Just let it pass...
You will be under no constraints. Outside of those you impose on yourself. That means your field of action is huge and exciting. You, who hates to hear about discipline and principles, will get to enjoy new experiences, meet new people, and go with life's hazards and accidents. Nothing is set in stone. Everything remains to be discovered. The world is yours.
You will no longer have to sacrifice yourself. How many times did you follow your ex off on activities that thrilled them but left you cold? Why did you put up with their friends and neglected your own just because he didn't like them? To please him, only ever to please him. It comes from a good place, but all these good intentions added up makes for sacrifice, a lack of respect for yourself, and what for?
You will have new, rewarding experiences. You think you are totally incapable of running the household all on your own, but you will quickly come to understand that not only do you have the ability but, moreover, you have great ideas and will put them in place. You will figure out how to get the water heater running again while helping the kids with their homework and juggling a million other activities. You will also come to discover that you have it within you to be strong and autonomous, even if you didn't know it. "Faster, higher, stronger" - that's the motto of the Olympic games and of the champion you are going to become.


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