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Speed dating: How to succeed

Written by Mary

Are you finally decided to play the speed dating game? Solved to meet love, soul mate? 7 to 10 minutes you are granted for a one-on-one with a stranger, but will you make a good impression and put the assets on your side? Beforehand, take a look at our 6 tips by astrological sign to optimize your strengths and erase your weak points. Hoping that every single person can spin the perfect love, keep us informed! Here we go for a little tour of the zodiac:


- Do not sell at all costs, be civilized.
- Be natural but dominate your energy a little overflowing.
- Act loyally; do not come alone to offer an adventure of a night.
- Be attentive to the personality of your appointment.
- Remain courteous, do not ask him for his personal details.
- However, if the person likes you, put a hand on his shoulder at the very end and conclude with a touch of humor: "We may already have crossed in a past life?..."


- Be smiling even if you do not like your interlocutor.
- Highlight your sensitivity, your love of beauty.
- Do not block on a single type of profile, let yourself be surprised.
- Do not eat food before your appointment.
- Modulate your sensual voice like a musical instrument.
- Control your jealous nature and emphasize your willingness to listen to your half of the future.


- Be clear and make your partner laugh if you feel receptive to humor.
- Make your caller talk and really listen to him.
- Be sure to balance the speaking time for you and your interlocutor.
- Do not leave in all directions and do not drown the conversation in unnecessary detail.
- Avoid affixing social or cultural labels.
- Be fun without falling into the narration of hilarious stories.


- Come to many to avoid being intimidated.
- Do not let your deep fears take precedence over your attitude.
- Try to connect your emotions to those of your partner for a subtle fusion.
- Do not hesitate to evoke your "family" side without compromising on definitive principles.
- Try to put forward a form of maturity without denying your romantic qualities.
- Do not talk about your addictions.


- Dress up casual, without being too sexy.
- Emphasize your state of mind towards excellence rather than your material taste.
- Know that it's less what you say that matters than the way you stand.
- Smile, smile, shine, shine!
- Compliment your partner here and there.
- Be sincere, do not mount movie.


- Open to each other in a good mood.
- Never belittle yourself.
- Get rid of your anxiety.
- Forget the unimportant details, play the letter of simplicity.
- Do not recite your resume as a job interview.
- Do not favor a single person at any price, leaving you to grill with others.


- Affirm your personality and do not fall into complacency.
- Put your appearance and elegance in value as you know so well.
- Express your love fiber without falling in a climate corny praline.
- If your interlocutor likes you, plant your eyes in his and vibrate with him.
- However, do not make too much of your partner at the risk of being disappointed.
- Express the nobility of your thoughts and your aesthetic tastes.


- Calm your paranoid thoughts.
- Do not try to probe the other person at all costs.
- Be relatively detached.
- Do not pour too much in black humor.
- Detect the positive points of your interlocutor.
- Emit solar vibrations, relaxed and positive.


- Do not talk about everything that goes through your head at the risk of going in all directions.
- Highlight your achievements rather than your blunders.
- Sprinkle your exchange with a bit of spirituality.
- If your partner does not please you, do not panic and show nothing.
- Spread the message that you are looking for a serious and lasting relationship.
- Express your inner riches through existence, spirituality and philosophy.


- Do not judge immediately on appearances.
- Gather energy from your sociable resources and not from your lonely soul.
- Try to put on one or two splashes of color rather than using shades of color.
- Look more responsible than too serious.
- Cultivate a bit of optimism to leave a good impression.
- Do not dwell on professional life, open fun themes in your exchange.


- Show how open and humanistic you are.
- Try to balance your emotional sensitivity with your cerebral side (depending on your partner.)
- Ignore your political opinions.
- Connect to your partner's soul.
- Emphasize your originality without marginalizing you.
- Manage as much as possible your emotions so as not to confuse your appointment.


- Beforehand, meditate in order to arrive zen and balanced.
- Do not play the card of ambiguity or mystery.
- Try to tidy up pretty much in the norm.
- Subtly adopt the body language of your partner to seduce him unconsciously.
- Talk about your artistic talents.
- Attend your look with style and creativity.

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