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Happy with her!

Written by Olivia

Do you like a certain woman but are still unsure? You prevent any match-up mistakes, we've listed 10 good reasons to go out with each sign - and if you two really are compatible...


- She's no pansy; she isn't selfish, never makes a scene, and is willing to get her hands dirty when necessary.
- She has little tolerance for setbacks and frustration. When someone doesn't do what she wants, she'll explode. Plus, when she really wants you, she'll jump right on you.
- She's hyperactive, someone who does everything fast. Done and dusted!
- She is independent. Not the type to be clingy with you.
- Or to backstab. No way will she put her career or studies on hold.
- She's far from faint-hearted; she wants something, she takes it. If she takes, she'll leave nothing behind.
- No matter what she does, she goes all the way. She lives in the present and enjoys it with relish.
- She is straightforward and enthusiastic. When she loves, she really loves. When she falls out of love, she immediately moves onto something else.
- She is an extravert who only asks to spend quality time in good company.
- She's a morning person. She's barely out of bed and already raring to go. Same for once she's under the covers...


- She is consistent in her work as much as in her affection. With her, you know where you're going.
- When she's in love, it's all or nothing. Her feelings are passionate, emotions strong, and her desire white hot.
- She's sensuality incarnate. She touches, breathes, and tastes - everything.
- She gives of her affection unselfishly. Confident and loyal, she expects the same from her lover. With her, it's about give and take.
- It takes time for her to give her trust. Let's just say you'll have to be patient to get her. But, once you've got her, you'll have her for life.
- She's a healthy and sane person who loves the good things in life unabashedly.
- With her, sex and love are linked. If she gives you her body, there's a strong chance that you'll have her heart, too.
- She's possessive, true, but this is the proof that she loves you. With her, you don't something for nothing.
- She's cautious and prudent. If she's chosen you, it's because she feels that you are worthy of her love, which is gratifying.
- She is fundamentally monogamous. For her, a relationship is meant to last. A one-night stand no matter how beautiful they are on the outside, or between the sheets, won't pull her away from her official partner.


- She's very fine, subtle, and funny, with the charm of a teenager.
- Caught up in a whole array of activities throughout the day, she'll be a little less distracted at night when she can concentrate easier on what you're saying.
- Perfectly at ease in relationships, she'll introduce you to many new people. It's tough to get bored by her side.
- Intelligent, curious about everything, she can keep you on your toes on any topic.
- She's playful and takes nothing, especially not herself, too seriously.
- This independent woman tends to take off as soon as a relationship gets serious.
But, if you can manage to keep her amused, to keep one day different from the next, you will have a wonderful chance of keeping her by your side.
- She can be quite the libertine. As soon as you've piqued her curiosity, she can give herself over to all sorts of fantasy.
- No need to draw her a picture, she instantly understands what you expect and knows just as quickly how to give it to you.
- No matter her age, she is, and always will be, young at heart. If you're with her, she'll keep you young, too.
- With her, life will be beautiful, or at the very least, she'll make sure she is. Restrictions, restraints, serious matters - she'll skip right past them; what a bore...


- She was made for intimacy. One-on-one's, time alone for two, these are right up her alley. If she's yours, expect to be spoiled.
- Curves where you want them and snuggles galore, she's femininity incarnated.
- She is hypersensitive to what's going on around her and to the people around her. She instinctually senses what she must do to be in harmony with her environment.
- She's born to be a mother. If you dream of a huge family, you've found the ideal partner then.
- She is wary of whirlwind romances and only gets close to someone if she's sure the finances are in order.
- She loves tender words whispered in her ear and sweet gestures. Before, during, and after love, she'll give of herself with delightful sensuality.
- A fleece when it's cold out, a little pick-me-up when you're down in the dumps, she always knows just how to warm your heart.
- She is faithful, but not necessarily sexually. She knows all too well that the flesh is weak. But, if she has decided to make a life with you, she won't go back on her commitment.
- Quite the intuitive one, she says what you feel like hearing and, most often, she actually means it.
- She can be very childish at moments and knows how to keep a sense of wonder to liven life up a bit.


- Very attached to appearances, she'll make a point to always look her finest.
- Even when surrounded by a flock of kids, she'll never turn into an old granny. She's a woman first and foremost.
- She is a passionate woman who hates lukewarm loves or petty emotion. If she thinks you're up to the task, you'll share wonderful moments together.
- Though she might make a scene or be fickle, she'll remain unflinchingly loyal.
- She may seem very sure of herself, but is much more sensitive than she'd like to admit and much more moving, as well.
- She will be your mentor and guide, capable of giving you a complete head-to-toe make-over, teaching you how to behave in public and to hold your own in a meeting. Once she gets her hands on you, you will no longer be the same man.
- Her greatest pleasure is driving the man she's taken interest in wild with desire. - Fantasy, initiative - she's not afraid of anything.
- Though she may have crushes often, she only rare loves. And, when she loves, she is exclusive and monogamous.
- She is generous, gives her all, and isn't greedy in the least.
- No matter what happens, she trusts in the future and in life. By her side, you will have the wind at your back.


- Neither invasive or naggy, she knows her place and will never bring you shame.
- She doesn't give her trust easily, but, once you've gotten it, she'll never take it back.
- She's not a show-off. If she says that she's the best, you best believe it's true - she can prove it, after all.
- She is a responsible woman who never takes commitment lightly or makes promises that she cannot keep.
- Endowed with strong common sense, she knows perfectly well where she stands.
- She is a great mother, always there for her kids and quite aware of her duties. Once she is pregnant, she'll read everything there is to know on the topic. Once the baby has arrived, she'll throw herself into her duty.
- Under her cold, modest looks hides a sex-bomb that only needs to be set off.
- She is a perfectionist who likes work, and, specifically, work perfectly done. No matter what you confess to her, she won't hold you at fault.
- As stable in her mind as she is in life, she won't throw everything away on impulse or for no reason. She'll always remain at her post.
- With her strong distaste for filth, she'll always look like she's just stepped out of the shower. Hair perfectly done, white, shining teeth, glistening skin - she'll be clean down to her fingernails.


- On her quest for her soul-mate, she will find fulfillment only in marriage and will only feel at ease in a relationship. Understand that you are essential to her equilibrium. Gratifying, isn't it?
- Attentive to others and sensitive to their reactions, she is a very understanding person.
- To keep you happy, she will change according to your tastes and moods, even convincing herself that she likes them.
- Very uncomfortable with conflict, she prefers to give in rather than make a big deal out of anything.
- She has the knack for bringing different personalities and interests together and for getting on anybody's good side.
As seductive and attractive as she is, she's not all that confident in herself, which makes her infinitely more endearing.
- She is pretty and refined, sure, but not your trophy wife. She likes passionate and informative conversation. She's an intellectual who is comfortable with high-flying discussions.
- She likes to seduce and won't hold herself back - it's in her DNA. But, it won't go any farther than that, since, despite what she says, she's a one-man woman.
- She's not possessive in the least bit and will let you live your life without sticking her nose in your business.
- No matter what time of the day, her hair will be impeccable, her clothes pressed and ironed, and a smile will be on her face. Always chic, always classy: the female version of you...


- She is very sexually active and down for anything. Even things you haven't even dreamed of.
- At night, her magnetism, charm, seduction, and mystery are on full blast. She shines during the nighttime...
- A person of integrity, she is ready to do anything: work like a dog, give up on her childhood dreams, work multiple jobs... Nothing will turn her away from her goal.
- She has piercing eyes, a look that could kill, and burning desire. Enough to leave you dumbstruck.
- She is a complex, even complicated, person. If you feel like trying to understand her, you'll be busy for the next ten years.
- She can take care of herself emotionally and financially and doesn't need a crutch. If she's chosen you, it's because she sees in you a partner that is up to her standards.
- She is a passionate one who turns her life into a tumultuous torrent. Exercise. Action.
With her, it's all or nothing. And if it's all, be prepared to for some wild and crazy stuff.
- She loves break-ups so that she can make up in bed. It's a game like any other and she loves to play it.
- She is a dominatrix, so, if that's your thing, things could get heated...


- She's an independent woman that will hardly ever get in your way.
- Marriage, babies - she's programmed for doing things in the proper order and making a deep, true commitment.
- She is firmly convinced that dialog is the way to go. You can tell her anything. She's strong and accommodating enough to hear it.
- She gives her trust freely. It's up to you to earn it, or to betray it, like a scoundrel.
- Vigorous and dynamic, she takes care of things like an adult and doesn't ask for anything from anyone.
- Like everything else, she has a healthy view on sex. For her, there's no wrong in feeling good.
- Whether it's traveling or exercising together or having dinner with parents, her notion of a couple is based on shared activities.
- She is an optimistic who has faith in life, in luck, and in the one she loves.
- She's not into trickery or unclear things. She's on the up and up and sure of herself.
- Swimming, horse-back riding, running track - she needs to exert herself physically. Including in bed. That just goes to show what good shape she's in.


- She is ambitious and goes after what she needs to get what she wants. No showing off or useless chatter. She does what she says. And succeeds at what she does.
- There's no need to help her out at all or to tell her what needs to be done. She doesn't need anyone to take responsibility.
- A little reserved, even cold, keep in mind that she's not easy to get to know. But, if you break down her barriers, she will give you everything.
- Since she is very mentally and materially autonomous, the only reason she stays with you is because she wants to.
- As idealistic she is when it comes to love, she can be very demanding with her partner. If she's chosen you, it's because you've earned it...
- She looks beyond appearances. You won't just win her over with a beautiful smile and a few well-used pick-up lines. To seduce her, you have to have it going on upstairs, too.
- She makes her commitments with sentimentality. She can't take love as a short-term contract.
- She has good manners, is courteous, and knows how to behave in public. When she introduces you, she'll do so elegantly and intelligently.
- She's more the stay-at-home type who likes simple pleasures instead of fancy cooking or flashiness of any sort.
- Sensitive, intuitive, and insightful, she listens better than anyone else.


- She is drawn to anything that is new. Anything that she can try out interests her. It's impossible to wither away by her side.
- She doesn't ask for too much attention, affection, or hugs. If you can't put up with clinginess, then she's perfect for you.
- She is a true friend. Even before being your girlfriend or lover, she'll put friendship, companionship, and your bond before all else.
- It'll be hard to find anyone more tolerant than her. You can tell her anything. She is open-minded enough to understand.
- She isn't jealous in the slightest and will leave you well alone as long as she can do what she wants when she wants...
- Adopting a dog, moving to the country, or taking a year sabbatical; she'll put forth these ideas and more to breathe fresh air back into your relationship.
- She's not one to shy away from hard work and so won't let you slink away when it's your turn to do the dishes. Everything equal.
- Your friends can show up at the house at any hour, and she'll welcome them in joyfully and supplying them with bags of chips.
- She hates drama and complications and so will see to it that any tension that may arise is relieved.
- On the kitchen table, in a haystack, or even at the end of dinner - she's ready at any moment for sex to break up the routine.


- Her humor is multi-faceted. Her moods fluctuate. Just when you think you've figured her out, what she wants, she's moved onto something else. If you like mystery, you'll like her.
- Naturally blasé or aloof, she doesn't seek attention, or trouble, and doesn't try to crush other people.
- Naturally romantic, she loves love as much as the man. She loves to float through this romantic state, doing anything she can to make it last.
- She is often fragile, vulnerable, and impressionable. If you have two strong, comforting arms and a shoulder to cry on, you will be her savior, her hero, her god.
- She is emotionally and intellectually flexible, open to any fantasy, and sticks to what others expect from her. So close.
- She is stunningly intuitive, perceiving and intuiting your every desire.
- As she needs a lot of affection, she will be as tender and cuddly with you as she wants you to be with her.
- She's a magician who knows how to wow. She's the stuff dreams are made of and knows how to put a glint in your eye.
- Devoted and deeply kind, she needs, and likes, to take care of others, with a strong preference for her lover, who she will spoil and pamper without moderation.
- She has a big sexual appetite and a lot of imagination for making her time between the sheets into an exceptional time.

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