Test: What kind of vacation-goer are you?

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We all have our fantasies about what the ideal vacation is. From a desert island to a super hip club, our tastes are as varied as our imaginations. Vacation at a hotel: a short overview of how each sign acts. If you own a vacation home or guest house, this could offer you a whole wealth of information! Some prefer camping, but we are all different in how well we handle it. Air signs are most well-off, and earth signs the least.

For each sign, we'll offer you a short, comical sketch of how they typically act when on vacation or camping. Others don't go on vacation, but rather take advantage of this time off by taking care of their hands, head, body, and mind. Here in a nutshell are the environments that each sign yearns for to be able to have a good vacation at home.

And lastly, others still will spend their vacation at their parents' or in-laws' house. This year, it's been decided: you're going to your parents' or grandparents' place. In short, you'll stick with family. What kind of mood do in-laws make for at home? A few considerations will help you handle this sometimes delicate situation...

All these scenarios have been pick apart, all in good fun, and we invite you to find out what a successful vacation looks like for you. Sure, some will be funny, even caricatured, but they will help you plan out your next vacation!


Your dream vacation: Driving off on a motorcycle to hunt crocodiles on safari with just a knife.
But, you don't know the address...
Vacation at a hotel: You toss your bags just anywhere, open up the windows that you can, take a quick shower, and then it's back outside for you - you're getting bored!
Camping vacation: You forgot the tent stakes, but you'll figure it out. Later on, you'll bring in the King of Camping, who couldn't resist your contagious energy.
Vacations at home: You love having free time where you can release your excess physical energy: exercise for fun, speed, strong sensations.
Vacation with your in-laws: With you, it's make or break. Right off the bat, your energy will fill everyone in the house with enthusiasm or stop them in their tracks, depending on how flexible they are.


Your dream vacation: Planning a comfortable trip, ending in a stay at a cozy little shack with chickens, a garden, and all.
But, it was just a reality TV show...
Camping vacation: You've thought of everything: a cooler, camping chairs, and ready-made meals. This stay promises to be comfortable but sedentary.
Vacation at a hotel: You check prices, enjoy room service, and have yourself a nice, little feast.
Vacations at home: First off, you make sure you're comfortable. In your day-to-day life, you cook up nice little meals, and, for the long-term, you tinker or work in the garden.
Vacation with your in-laws: Well-fed and in a good room, you are a helpful, inviting, and charming. But, avoid bringing up touchy topics...


Your dream vacation: Riding along on your bike, meeting people, and riding off with them.
But, along the way, you meet a friend...
Camping vacation: You can set up the tent in 10 seconds, find the best, nearest bar in 10 minutes, and know everyone in 10 hours - and have fun for 10 days.
Vacation at a hotel: You simultaneously try out the remote to the TV, check the bulb in the bedside lamp and the WiFi, all while rummaging through the fridge.
Vacations at home: Even if your job had you travel 500,000 kilometers this year, you still won't be able to hold still: you'll get out, move. If you don't, you'll get bored.
Vacation with your in-laws: You won't get in the way too much. You come and go, not really eating, just a few pecks here and there. No one should expect to see you at dinner time...


Your dream vacation: Finding the biggest apple tree in the orchard to take a nice little nap under...
But the moon was full and you couldn't sleep.
Vacation at a hotel: You try out the armchair, then the bed, before checking out how big the bathroom is, especially the tub.
Camping vacation: You'll take your time settling into your warm and welcoming bivouac. At night, when the sun is going down, you will bring out a mat and offer everyone mint tea.
Vacations at home: You rest, sleeping in in the morning and napping at night beside the fire. When you wake, you'll take care of the cooking and the children.
Vacation with your in-laws: You will do anything not to be a bother and will take care of the cooking and look after the children without making a fuss. But, others will have to put up with your changing moods.


Your dream vacation: Hiring a chauffeur so you can strut your stuff through Cannes like you're Leonardo DiCaprio.
But, your wig could fly right off.
Vacation at a hotel: You'll check yourself out in every mirror you pass just to make sure you match the decor. A flower in a vase will win you over for life.
Camping vacation: You dream big: an 8-person tent and enough food and drink for 3 months. It's not a big deal: you'll invite over the most prestigious of people for a little aperitif.
Vacations at home: You have lots of plans, and so this vacation couldn't have come at a better time: you will flesh your ideas out, come up with a few mock-ups and rough drafts and have a good time.
Vacation with your in-laws: If you're around accommodating people, you can be generous and warm. But, you can be downright insufferable if you feel humiliated or restricted.


Your dream vacation: You plan everything out, even the slightest detail. You've calculated, planned, organized, and checked twice -
but it rained.
Vacation at a hotel: You'll inspect the dresser and check the menu for nutritious foods. Then, you'll check the taps and light switches to see if they work.
Camping vacation: You worry a lot and will check to make sure every knot is tied. The, you'll cook yourself up a vegetarian meal, or at least a nutritious one, before taking a nice walk to digest.
Vacations at home: You'll take advantage of this time off to get your affairs in order and catch up on all sorts of forgotten repairs. You'll be thrilled if someone notices it, too.
Vacation with your in-laws: You are discreet, efficient, and would do anything to make yourself useful. You'll need to be reminded that you're on vacation and have to relax, too.


Your dream vacation: Keeping a friend company, visiting 5 countries, and meeting 6,823 people.
But, you won't know who to call back.
Vacation at a hotel: You'll see if there's any paper for writing a letter and will hurry to call up your best friend to tell them all about your room.
Camping vacation: You will come across loads of wonderful people who will put up your tent for you without you even realizing it and invite you to a restaurant while they're at it. That works out, because you didn't plan for anything.
Vacations at home: You float along, pulled by whatever happens around you, but especially by the people you come across. You really are legitimately free, so you'll take advantage of this chance to bring balance to your social life.
Vacation with your in-laws: You will be the whole house's friend and confidant within 24 hours. The one who knows everyone's secrets, you will take action to keep relations harmonious and solid.


Your dream vacation: Winning your spot in a submarine on the search for lost treasure.
But, it's really a trap laid by the CIA.
Vacation at a hotel: You will carefully set down your bags, turn on the lights, and inspect every nook and cranny before you sit down to think.
Camping vacation: You'll rake the ground to get rid of insects or sticks, light a fire, tell some ghost stories, then make your rounds, like in the movies.
Vacations at home: You be on the lookout: for a treasure buried in the garden, for a definitive method for protecting your assets, for a needle in a haystack.
Vacation with your in-laws: You will be suspicious upon arriving, and the others will be able to tell. If you can win their confidence, you'll be a charming house mate: loving, discreet, and full of good advice.


Your dream vacation: Traveling the whole world in 80 hours, 138 countries, and learning 6 languages.
But, you'll have lost your baggage 12 times.
Vacation at a hotel:
You'll throw down your bags and put on your investigator's cap, taking stock of your trek and looking for your swimsuit.
Camping vacation: You, of course, do extreme camping, without worrying about where, as long as it's nice. If the weather is nice, you'll sleep under the stars.
Vacations at home: You will educate yourself, spending whole hours getting deeper into certain subjects that you care about: mechanics, philosophy, the arts...
Vacation with your in-laws: You will be reproached at times for your negligence or for the anarchy that you bring to the house, but the kids will love it.


Your dream vacation: Climbing Annapurna without a hitch with your 1st rate gear.
But global warming... melted it.
Vacation at a hotel: You'll test out your equipment and make sure you're not bothered by any noise. Then, you'll plan out your stay.
Camping vacation: You'll see to it that you have enough provisions and then construct a nice little, efficient, and impeccable bivouac. Chivalrous as you are, you'll be the one to take care of the grilling. It'll be basic, but nourishing.
Vacations at home: You'll work. You can't help yourself. But, it's also fun for you to put in double-glazing or bringing home some grub from your latest fishing trip.
Vacation with your in-laws: You'll be cold at first, but completely courteous. In your responsibilities, you'll be a precious source of help when it comes to resolving practical problems.


Your dream vacation: Jumping, out of curiosity, into a spaceship, and coming up with your own virtual Club Med.
But, nobody will understand your rules.
Vacation at a hotel: You'll look for an outlet to plug in your cell phone, and, in general, will be saddened by the utter lack of taste in this place.
Camping vacation: You think your tent looks prettier inside-out, and will take advantage of this trip to wear your green pants with red polka dots and thaw out your freeze-dried packets of sushi.
Vacations at home: You think. You'll turn the house upside-down to make it more "feng shui", grow some bonsai trees, and learn Sanskrit...
Vacation with your in-laws: You are eccentric. No one should be offended to see you eating pot roast at 9 in the morning or swimming in the pool on a moonlit night.


Your dream vacation: Becoming aware of your own density during an idyllic, aquatic trip to recharge your batteries.
But, you'll be told that that's called a "hydrotherapeutic cure".
Vacation at a hotel: You'll celebrate your lost baggage being returned by cleaning out the minibar before trying to turn the TV so you can watch it in the bath.
Camping vacation: You thought to bring the cushions and candles, but you'll be forgiven for forgetting the corkscrew with as romantic as your moonlit nights can be.
Vacations at home: You dream. If your creativity is expressed, you'll paint, write poetry, and sing. If you stay quiet, it's because you want to relax in your own little bubble, all alone...
Vacation with your in-laws: You will adapt to any environment with such great willingness that everyone will love you. That is, except for some fanatics who will be exasperated by your lack of order.

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