What are the luckiest signs of the month?

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Luck takes an infinite variety of forms to manifest itself. Of course, many of us associate the notion of luck with money: winning a game of chance, an inheritance, a large sum of money falling from the sky. There is also luck in love: the soul mate met at the corner of a street, the love at first sight that we did not expect, a flickering love that suddenly takes on new colors.

But beside these two great classics, there are other chances: the ability to express yourself clearly to obtain the approval of your interlocutors, the chance to get the job or the position of your dreams, the energy found, the health consolidated, new fulfilling friendships...

Each month, find the luckiest signs of the month and the areas in which they will encounter the most opportunities.

Lucky signs for May 2024

The Taurus season is marked this time by the entry of Venus, which rules over it. The epicurean sign of the zodiac expresses all its splendor, especially with this new moon. The simple fact that the sun and the moon are conjunct with Venus imparts a sense of sweetness to the days surrounding this lunation. Venus represents love, arts, balance, altruism, but also indulgence and everything that nourishes us. Indeed, those with Venus in Taurus may have a tendency to have a good appetite, seeking to nourish themselves with good things. Symbolically, Venus also represents our material life. Thus, to obtain all that we love, there is a tendency to be obsessed with the lure of gain. And yes, Venus is also about money! So, this new moon speaks to us about our relationship with material things and our positioning in relation to it.

In Taurus, very close to the sun and the moon, we also find Uranus and Jupiter. Uranus in Taurus has the effect of an earthquake. Therefore, caution is needed. Uranus shakes us, particularly on material matters. There is a tendency to exaggerate with Jupiter. The two planets together tell us that we are tempted by the lure of gain, but uncontrollable events could occur. Beware of uncontrolled expenses! Are we going to fall into the trap of instability when we are in the most fixed sign of the zodiac?

This lunation is also sextile Saturn in Pisces. This harmonious aspect allows us not to go astray and thus compensates for Uranus's madness. We should be able to restrain ourselves. Moreover, Saturn is also sextile Uranus, and together they offer a period of both control and extravagance. Ultimately, we should not worry about any overflow or trouble.

Mercury, our messenger, is in Aries and has no aspects with other planets. The mind remains sharp and sometimes a bit too much... The risk is to speak or sign before thinking. But its speed takes it to Taurus on May 24, which will calm our exchanges and make them more productive.

In Aries, we also find Mars. Entering its home sign on the first day of May, Mars, our active principle par excellence, finds its full power. It energizes a new moon that was already full of energy with its conjunction to Uranus. However, nothing indicates that this is something negative. Certainly, it's a very competitive period that calls for your benevolence, as the risk with Mars in Aries is to always want to take the upper hand over others. Its sextile to Pluto can indeed give it an irresistible need to win at all costs.

Note that Pluto has resumed direct motion early in the month. It will make an incursion into Capricorn from September to November, but that will be the very last!

So, this new moon is very lively, but as Taurus resists, the effects of Uranus and Jupiter can be even more surprising, particularly regarding our expenses. However, we have the possibility of finding some control. Channel this energy into a sports activity or any other area where competition finds its legitimacy.

Lucky signs for April 2024

Spring started a few days ago and Mercury is accompanying the Sun in Aries. The very fast Mercury will retrograde on April 2 before leaving Aries in order not to go too far from the Sun, otherwise its messages will not reach us. It will resume its direct course on April 26.

On April 6, Venus enters Aries. The beautiful woman has now made a full circle of the zodiac to recharge her batteries in this hot sign. She will then take a rejuvenating cure, ready to fall in love at any moment! Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and by sextile effect, Gemini and Aquarius natives benefit from her charms. Its sextile to Pluto makes it really deep and intense!

Another beautiful planetary emulation will benefit Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Cancer. There is a mix of dynamism and discipline with the Saturn Mars conjunction in Pisces, and in Taurus we find the powerful Jupiter Uranus conjunction. These two conjunctions in sextile create an incredible energy that benefits the above signs.

On April 20, the Sun enters Taurus. This is a beautiful highlight for a sign that already benefits from the extraordinary contributions of Jupiter. And as if that wasn't enough, Venus enters Taurus on April 29 to spread all its love. Now our Taurus friends see their dear planet coming back home. But everything is not so simple and a simple square of Pluto can turn the situation around. It is therefore advisable to be cautious in love and in business. For Taurus loves its comfort... a comfort hard earned through hard work. And yet, Pluto asks to revisit these matters of value. How do we get a grip on this question? Perhaps May will answer it.

Lucky signs for March 2024

The beginning of March is marked on the one hand by the Mars-Venus conjunction in Aquarius, and on the other hand by the triple conjunction of Sun Saturn and Mercury in Pisces. Venus and Mars, even if they get along very well, are still in dissonant aspect with Uranus. One must be wary of this. On the other hand, Saturn, which we tend to fear so often, is in sextile to Jupiter, which does not create a gloomy climate, but a climate of confidence and construction for the future.

Under these conditions, Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer, Taurus and Capricorn are favored by Saturn. There are serious possibilities of elevation here. After having softened the life of Aquarius, Libra, Gemini, Aries and Sagittarius, but on condition that they do not abuse their seductive power, Venus enters Pisces. She then takes on the whole unconditional love nature of the last sign of the zodiac. Her conjunction to Saturn is coming very fast, so you won't get lost in it either. The water signs, but also Taurus and Capricorn, will particularly benefit from this celestial configuration. Jupiter also amplifies love in the above-mentioned signs, but from now on he gives all his luck and enthusiasm to the natives of the second decan Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer and Pisces.

Really, Pisces natives are spoiled this month with all these good energies from Venus, Jupiter and even Saturn, which doesn't happen every day!

On March 21, the Sun enters Aries. A promising conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus is then observed. Mercury benefits the fire signs, but also Gemini and Aquarius. The mental capacities of the Sun's messenger are then lively and ideas are swarming.

Lucky signs for February 2024

This February 2024 marks the entry of Pluto into Aquarius. A huge change for Aquarians of course, but for humanity in general. Even if Pluto will retrograde again and finally end up in Capricorn in September, it's still a new color that the sky is announcing to us and it falls in the middle of winter.

Our lucky ones this month are the natives of the third decanal of Capricorn who finally see Pluto move away (albeit for only 9 months) from their Sun. But that's not all: Capricorns in general see Venus, Mars and Mercury passing by. If Mars can be scary, it is conjoined to Mercury and trine to Uranus. The mind finds itself boosted by the energies of fire and air, and not the least. This will awaken the most resistant of Capricorns, but also Taurus, Virgo, Pisces and Scorpio. These signs, and also Cancer, are also touched by Neptune's gentleness and love beyond appearances. With a downside for the third decans of Pisces, which receives more varied energies from the most confusing planet of all...

On February 17, Venus will enter Aquarius and soothe the natives of the first decan of the famous claimant sign. It is also a genuine love that is felt with this conjunction which, in addition to affecting Aquarians, affects Libra, Gemini, Aries and Sagittarius. With Mars superimposed on Pluto and Venus, this promises to be a hot time! Pluto's desire, love and intensity will ensure powerful energies that will particularly affect air signs, but also fire signs, with a downside for Leo who will feel a bit left out.

So here we are with a new period beginning, full of intensity, and the atypical Aquarians seem to be the spokespersons of it.

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