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Saturday, July the 11th
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Living together

  Written by Mary

"Living together" is a concept that brings together the rules of good manners in society. For a quality coexistence to emerge, it is essential to get to know each other, meet others, and accept differences. All this promotes the idea of well-being and security in a public space. But what is the idea of "living together" that prevails for each astrological sign? Let's take a zodiac tour to find out a little more about this!

Aries: Play the transparency card
Your concept of living together is based on the transparency of intentions. In your opinion, everyone should bet on frankness and spontaneity. This would avoid the unspoken, the frustrations, and the resentment that ensues. You will feel much better and live more healthily with others. By becoming generous with yourself, you can better turn towards others. Feel good about yourself, you can listen to those who need to be heard.

Gemini: Being spiritual
According to you, living together means the ability to never take yourself too seriously. Humor is an essential character trait to rub shoulders with each other, even to debate ideas deemed unpopular. Your youthfulness and propensity to play with the situations of collective life are precious assets that allow you to put things into perspective and not take the lead. Sometimes laughter can also play down certain situations and get you out of trouble. Mischief and fantasy are your second nature, and everyone should follow suit.

Leo: Have faith in people
We can count on you to apply the rules of good manners, when necessary. You like chivalry, frankness, and honesty. More than anything, you have faith in the loyal side of human beings, even if it is lacking in this world. You are ready to commit yourself to noble causes because your generosity is great. Your deep desire that the world loves you will help you advance in life. Loving, falling in love, declaring your love are things that would simplify living together if they were more common.

Virgo: Respect the space of others
In living well together, there is a rule that deserves to be followed by both: do not invade others. On the bus, you receive a phone call from your banker. Either pick up the phone to let them know that you'll contact them later, or answer them. Respect for others comes from this notion of not occupying everyone's space with their phone or their personality. To your taste, you find that it has not completely become part of everyday life.

Scorpio: Use and abuse good words
Your concept of living together is based on elementary principles. A "thank you", an "excuse me" are straightforward words that can work wonders in everyday relationships. For you, it is easier to gain a favour by being courteous. And everyone would benefit from following this elementary rule, which lays the foundation for human relationships. Of course, when respect goes in both directions, agreement is only improved.

Capricorn: Straddle principles
Living together takes place according to well-defined rules that must be established. Even if they seem harmless, they are no less important. If everyone followed them, the planet would act less foolishly. For example, a traffic light is not for dogs. When it turns red, the pedestrian you are obeys the law. Who knows, maybe there is a child around who is watching you and will eventually follow your exemplary behaviour. Everything is linked for the best!

Aquarius: Be idealistic
Living together is something that deserves constant attention in your eyes. You stimulate yourself intellectually through readings that sift through the state of society. Social progress is your hobby. You like to develop new concepts to evolve humanity, and you are not afraid to offer things against the grain. Of course, you are campaigning. You are deeply committed because you believe in a better future for your human comrades!

Pisces: Being receptive to others
You are a hopeless romantic. Old-fashioned ways hardly shock you, they always find favour in your eyes. For you, it's not shocking that in a restaurant, men wait until women are seated, before doing it themselves, for example. Everything that is a form of benevolence necessarily participates in the living together of society. You yourself always make sure that others feel better in society. Sometimes you might even do too much because caring for others is not a rule but a trait of your character. But it's never enough, you think.
Taurus: Be kind
According to you, living together involves a kind and friendly sensitivity. Just as you gather friends who don't necessarily know each other, you will make everyone feel comfortable by introducing them to each other. In society, you place yourself less in conversation, preferably making yourself forgotten to emphasize how important others are. You like to gradually take your place once everyone feels at home. It is this tender and affectionate side that defines your way of living together.

Cancer: Call upon your childhood
In your opinion, living together begins with early childhood and education, where everything is played out. Living together is also due to the ideals and dreams that everyone must-have. Having kept your share of childhood gives you a simplicity and a sensitivity that makes you listen to everyone. It allows you not to get lost in the madness of a certain world. Based on this principle, you believe that cultivating your own history and perpetuating traditions anchors you on Earth and allows you to interact more realistically in society.

Libra: Favor social relationships
Living together motivates your personal commitment to rebalance everyone's energies. Happy living and well-being are part of a peaceful and pacifist society. In constant search for balance and harmony, you seek to lay your stone in the collective building by being an active mediator and an effective catalyst. Working for a fairer world motivates your struggle. You always pull a fair solution to a thorny relationship problem from your magic hat.

Sagittarius: Be deeply open
Living together is based on the well-being of all. You do not understand that everyone can shut themselves up in their shell to brood over defeatist thoughts. Opening is the key. Having an ethics based on values of justice leads to this notion of a happier life in the community. However, you may be overconfident. Example: being late for meetings. You want to do so well for the community that you can get caught up.

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I like it I don't like it
Susan from the site
Posted the 14/05/2020 at 08:32
Pisces Dickie, sign for Pisces
Posted the 14/05/2020 at 06:10
Will a relationship with a Virgo female work out ?
Dear Deckie, thanks for your comment. Here is the link to discover your love compatibility: Free love compatibility for all signs Have a lovely day !
I like it I don't like it
Pisces Dickie, sign for Pisces
Posted the 14/05/2020 at 06:10
Will a relationship with a Virgo female work out ?
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