Compatibility of Taurus in love with the Gemini sign

Written by Alison

Taurus puts all their energy into the relationship and, unconsciously takes hold of the other like a delicacy. They are very erotic but they can scare a Gemini who is very attached to their mobility. Taurus has something animal, Gemini, something ethereal. If each of you tries to understand the other, you can enrich yourselves with new sensations.

Love compatibility between Taurus and Gemini

The hardest thing will be understanding and accepting each other. The one's lightness doesn't match well the other's tenacity. You are sociable, but Gemini likes to go out, while Taurus likes to have people over. This is an unusual, yet interesting, couple. Taurus will have to give up any idea of tying Gemini down, who would do well to settle down at times alongside this solid rock!

Compatibility between a Taurus woman and a Gemini man

You are the one, female Taurus, who will have control over the home, the one who knows how to balance a budget and plan ahead for anything you might need. You know how to get what you want from your lover, especially when it comes to work, where you will charm and captivate him! Your iron-will has well and truly captivated your partner, who has fallen under your charm. Still, make an attempt to not overdo it and to allow him his freedom in the relationship! This will be vital for him to remain the brilliant man you love so much, who refreshes and restores you much better than the banalities of everyday existence.

Compatibility between a Taurus man and a Gemini woman

Lady Gemini will be charmed by such a sincere, honest, and rigorous man as this! She, who may seem untouchable and unstable at times, could find the energy she needs to abandon her reveries and become more factually minded. Male Taurus will be thrilled to see his partner plant her feet a little more solidly on the ground - as he likes it! If these two can agree to real compromises, a beautiful, idyllic romance ensue! Taurus sensuality will titillate his partner's seductive powers. She will know just how to perfect his methods to help him advance socially.

Compatibility between a Taurus woman and a Gemini woman

Dear Gemini, here's a partner that isn't easily unsettled. Her composure and logic are just part of her charm that you are so attracted to! Leave your sweet dreaming behind from time to time and be more accessible to your partner and a little more concrete to be able to truly share on an equal footing. Don't neglect her emotional needs. Hidden beneath her stone-faced demeanor, she hides within herself a deep sensitivity that can run up against your dark humor at times. Don't take the goals that she mentions to you lightly - these could be a source of satisfaction for you as well!

Compatibility between a Taurus man and a Gemini man

It's make or break. If you make it, it will be thanks to common values about sociability, what is real, and practicality. For it not to break, Taurus will have to wake up from time to time, pull himself out of his rut, and Gemini will have to stop being so critical, even mocking, which her partner will find hard to forgive. You are both sociable, but Taurus is jealous and Gemini flippant, and that's where some sparks might fly, but passion also grow...

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