How do you rediscover your inner child?

Written by Alison

Life often pushes us into arming ourselves against the obstacles it throws up and encourages us gradually to quieten and side-line our inner child. However, this cuts off our considerable constructive energy at the same time. Believing in your dreams is a wonderful lever of hope and energy, which will be useful throughout our days. But we too often stifle this force within us, without then knowing how to revive its precious flame. Here are the tools that will enable you to do so, sign by sign - and why not in this month of celebrations and festivity at Christmas!


Your fundamental enthusiasm has led you into blunders that you have then regretted, and as a result, you now have a tendency to be wary of all your impulses, or almost. If you launch personal projects on your own and rely solely on yourself, you will rediscover your true self. You need to find new ways of living and rediscover your inner instinctive need for conquest, reviving this and putting it into practice in an ongoing but regular way.


Most of the time you have lost your inner child in emotional disappointments, engendering a feeling of the futility of your potential and abilities. Your faith in love is at the heart of a new beginning in your life with all the enthusiasm of which you are capable. However, your hunger for love will enable you to regain the upper hand if you go through a true process of forgiveness where your past is concerned.


You will need to face your failings in your relationships, if you want to make favourable progress yourself and completely rediscover your inner child. You will be faced with circumstances that will force you to be completely true to yourself. Beware of subconscious bad faith … Try to consider things as impartially as possible. Don't let frustration gain the upper hand. Express your desires as you feel them, though don't overdo it.


You will find it easy to rediscover your inner child, despite the ordeals you may have gone through. In fact, destiny will give you a helping hand to let go regarding everyday habits, so don't hesitate to follow this momentum! Travel could lead you to a radical change in your life and discovering your most profound inner self, within your very sensitivity.


The emotional foundations of your existence will be the central pivot of your rediscovering your inner child through everything you do. You will be extremely keen to work hard to bring more comfort to those close to you and let go of your personal ambitions, something which isn't easy either! If you are more aware of the importance of those around you, you will manage to rediscover your basic enthusiasm, which will be about basing your radiance on your feelings.


Life has very often pushed you to devote your life to those close to you, sometimes to the point of sacrificing your own desires. This has enabled you to develop your common-sense, it's true, but it will take you further away from your inner child. Putting some distance between you and your obligations would be just the thing for re-forging connections with your “inner core”. You need to accept that you can take things too far and that your ideals of perfection consumes you beyond reason!


Rediscovering your inner child will involve bringing an end to certain aspects of your life, to enable you to be reborn with more independence from those around you. Being too concerned about what people might say, or conversely, systematically rebelling against established norms could distance you from your inner child. If you find middle ground between these tendencies and become aware that these are effectively blind alleys, you will find out how to be yourself without any pointless fears.


You dream of this, but you feel at one with yourself with a need to be armed and remain so in the face of life's trials and tribulations. Your barricades are raised with regard to others in a subtle but firm way. Those who love you are the ones you feel a need to defend yourself against the most! When you accept the idea that these barricades are precisely what is putting the brakes on your fulfilment, you will have taken the most difficult step. And you will no longer attract so much confrontation, thanks to your rediscovered candour, quite the reverse. You will find it easier to draw people who correspond to your real emotional level to your side.


Your unbridled imagination will encourage you to believe in certain illusions. Appearances can be deceptive and you will have learnt this at your own cost. Give yourself time before you jump to conclusions and don't let yourself be hoodwinked by your own disappointments. Your personal magnetism will indiscriminately attract all kinds of people to your side, but if you succeed in sorting through these in a pragmatic way, your inner child will return of its own accord.


People depend enormously on you at work and within your family etc… which takes you further and further away from your true self. Not to mention life's trials and tribulations, which encourage you to internalise your emotions. It will be essential to set some effective limits regarding those around you, to preserve or regain your own personal space. Your inner child is clamouring for optimism and this needs to come from your own free will, before it can be echoed by those around you.


It will be all or nothing! But please, give yourself a break. You are over the top, both in your activities and your ways of relaxing. Solutions to important issues will be found if you keep a certain distance. You have a tendency to be too much of a perfectionist towards those close to you and provocation is never the best solution…


It would be a good idea to put your past and yourself in order, bringing an end to your hesitation where making judgements is concerned. Certain excesses in the past should be highlighted to defuse this energy and put a stop to the risk of repeating negative situations. That will be the most likely way you will rediscover your inner child.


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