Love Compatibility of Taurus with Cancer sign

Written by Alison

Taurus is jealous and stubborn, Cancer is stubborn and hypersensitive, and everyone's whimsical emotions may be a problem at times. You're both affectionate, sensual and intuitive, it is an ideal climate to raise children in the safety of a solid home. But do not lock yourself into the routine, even there is a lot of passion, let your relationship breathe!

Love compatibility between Taurus and Cancer

This is a good combination, full of warmth and affection, and even more rewarding if you have children for both of you to love. Don't get stuck in routine, even a sensual routine. The moment could come when you will suffocate, so get your duo some fresh air! Taurus is stubborn, Cancer is tenacious, and they are both alike. Both of them are moody, which could cause some problems at times.

Compatibility between a Taurus woman and a Cancer man

There is a perfect understanding between these two. Love with a capital L, like in fairytales. It can be seen and felt: you are in perfect harmony! A wonderful thing to see for those around you, as well as for you two, who live it every day! You will gain strength against the outside world thanks to your relationship, simply through the emotional understanding you have that leaves no room for even the slightest outside influence. You will have an excellent relationship, as long as you are both agree to express your emotions to one another – the key to the great magic between you..

Compatibility between a Taurus man and a Cancer woman

This will be great, instant romance filled with sensuality, sensitivity, and a whole lot of tenderness for this Cancer-Taurus combo. It'll be a real joy to see these two lovebirds grow and change together! Lady Cancer will be charmed by such a protective and reassuring man as this! Taurus, seeking stability, true love, tenderness, and emotional vulnerability from lover will find perfect harmony in this relationship. He will be pampered and comforted by this wildly endearing crab! Having children will fulfill them even more and unite them for eternity.

Compatibility between a Taurus woman and a Cancer woman

Dear Cancer, don't doubt this relationship, even if your partner is so pragmatic at times that you're afraid she might forget to express the femininity that dwells within her. Don't forget that it falls solely to you to keep the fire alive. Your sensitivity is your best guide with a partner such as her. She will melt under your tender ways. Move forward and don't be so fickle. This is a relationship that takes faith, where you can move forward and count on your partner for support,b ut that must be earned.

Compatibility between a Taurus man and a Cancer man

You are both warm, affectionate, sensual, and intuitive - an excellent foundation for a stable and long-lasting relationship, and the ideal climate for having and raising children in the warmth and security of a stable home. You are magnificently prepared for planning a warm and safe relationship. You both share the same important values, such as home, family, comfort, and peace. The only problem is the potential to become cut off from the rest of the world, since neither person is attracted too much to change. Your home, welcoming as it is, can bring in hosts of friends that can help you open up to the outside world.

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