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Boss or employee?

Written by Olivia

There are bosses and then there are employees of all sorts: nice ones, leaders, tyrants, meticulous ones, tenacious ones, model employees; methodical ones, and disorganized ones...
What about you? What type of boss or employee are you? Together, we will see, sign by sign, what your greatest weaknesses and strengths are.


You possess the potential you need to be your own boss and head up a team. As a boss, you are a dynamic leader who expects others to have the same energy and creativity. Far from being conventional, the only thing that matters to you is performance. So, beware those who are incapable of giving 100% of themselves and working overtime. You are an impulsive and authoritarian boss who can't stand it when people can't follow your pace.
As an employee, you are not the type to rest on your laurels. You can be counted on to be vivacious and see through any task you're given. If you are passionate about your work, you will be capable of working day and night to reach your goal and will make every effort to climb the ladder. Your egocentricity and competitive spirit can, however, make your coworkers grit their teeth.


As a boss, you have a gift for organization and are comfortingly consistent. As a boss, you are a dynamic leader who expects others to have the same energy and creativity. When free from stress, you know well how to create a very pleasant atmosphere around you. You like people to work at your pace, can't stand the unforeseen, and love punctuality. You don't tolerate laziness or insubordination. You are not an angry boss, but rather a comforting and reliable support. Still, you can't be expected to submit to new ideas. You are much too attached to your routine to open yourself up to novelty.
As an employee, you don't like to be moved all around. You like to grow at your own pace and willingly accept others dictating to you what to do, as long as the directions are clear and have to do with a precise goal. Any modification or sudden change along the way can really throw you off balance. You are honest, trustworthy, and responsible.


You are a dynamic and fidgety boss who is overflowing with ideas. You have to always be on the move. You can do several things at once and are good at all forms of communication. Working alongside you is far from boring - it goes without saying. You bring your employees into a rich dynamism. You expect ideas to come together, others to share new ideas with you, and to improvise. You are attentive to each person's projects and are overflowing with contagious enthusiasm. The only downside is that you can be deeply intolerant with others who work slower than you.
As an employee, you are hard-working and capable of learning new techniques quickly. On the other hand, you have trouble concentrating on one task at a time and can't stand routine. You are a jack-of-all-trades who can work uncommonly quickly but be totally disorganized.


Undereath your timid and reserved appearance, you are well and truly capable of heading up a team with foresight and tenacity. Responsible and attentive, you know how to create a welcoming ambiance where each person can work in peace. You're not the type to give orders. Instead, you prefer to give directions after you've figured out each of your employees motivations. You are protective and watch over the well-being of each person you work with. Still, if you have to sustain a defeat, you are totally capable of becoming a tyrant.
As an employee, you are a discreet and accommodating coworker. You listen to others and have an active and very analytical mind. Your weak point is your great capacity for emotion. And so, when you grow in a bad ambiance, or if you feel that your superiors don't appreciate your actions as much as you'd like, you will quickly lose control and your productivity will diminish.


You are a natural boss who excels at keeping things organized and who expects their employees to obey without questioning the decisions that have been made. Your sense of responsibility pushes you to put your all into everything you do. You are an efficient and stimulating leader who won't hesitate to help their subordinates see their tasks through. You have a welcoming and dynamic temperament and it is pleasant to work by your side. Still, beware those who are arrogant and seek to move beyond the limits you've laid down or take one of your ideas for themselves. As long as an employee stays an employee, all will be good. But, if they try to impune your dignity, you will react violently.
As an employee, you are energetic and brimming with ideas and creativity, which is likely to assure you a quick promotion. You are gifted at outlining your potential and climbing through the ranks quickly. But, beware your authoritarian and arrogant nature, which isn't compatible with working in a team.


As a boss, you possess an incredible ability for analyzing facts and details. With you, nothing is left up to chance. Everything is carefully studied and planned so that everything goes as it should. Working under your orders, however, is not exactly a walk in the park. You are particularly demanding in lots of ways. You attach great importance to appearances and punctuality. You lay down order and cleanliness prevails in every office. Every task must be turned in by the established due date. Each document must be scrupulously filed.
As an employee, you have every asset to make you the ideal worker. Efficient, thorough, methodical, organized, and tenacious, you don't rush any job and can be relied upon to see even the hardest and longest assignments through. You are a nice coworker who seeks to overshadow anyone. And yet, your desire to always do things just right can annoy those around you!


As a boss, you are a skilled strategizer who is clever and tactful enough to know how to get the most out of your employees without making trouble. It can be quite nice working at your side. You know how to create a pleasant ambiance so that each person can feel good and so that work conditions are optimal. Moreover, because you're so indecisive, you sometimes ask your employees' advice via nice brainstorming sessions where each person can feel involved. In case of external pressures, however, you are likely to go to excess or shirk your duties.
As an employee, you use your tact in any circumstance. You like working in a team as long as the atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant. You are more productive if you can work on a project in a team instead of off on your own. Despite your tendency to procrastinate, when you have goal to reach, you are capable of making every effort to get there.


You are a very efficient and determined boss who brings together authority and power. You need to control everything and, to be sure everything works as you'd like, you know exactly what each employee's job is. You are very demanding and push everyone to do their best so that they can be fit harmoniously within your business. Il n'est pas toujours évident de travailler à vos côtés car vous imposez votre loi et n'êtes pas ouvert aux compromis. What's more, you are capable of creating sudden change and putting it into action without talking about it beforehand.
As an employee, you have devotion, enthusiasm, and loyalty. Once you've been given instructions, you will spare no effort accomplishing your task. Highly competitive, you will pull out all the stops to become a model employee. But, if your efforts aren't recognized by your bosses, you won't be able to hide your disappointment and can become truly enraged.


You are an uncommon and anticonformist boss. With you, there is no problem without a solution. There is no coercion, either. You grant your employees much liberty, while creating a relaxed atmosphere, as enthusiastic and welcoming as you are. You encourage your teams to express their ideas, forge ahead, and take initiative. Your major weakness is your aversion towards routine, and so you tend to ignore any task that that you are incapable of following through on and the consequences this might have for your business. You are a boss who has no sense of responsibility.
As an employee, as long as your tasks are varied and diverse, you will go at them optimistically, energetically, and fervently. If routine sinks in, you will have trouble staying at your desk and your productivity will quickly drop off. What's more, you can't stand anyone being constantly behind you, telling you what you ought to do.


You are a serious and methodical boss. You excel in an organized environment and impose strict discipline. With you, there is no question of keeping a relationship informal. You prefer putting a hierarchy into place and whoever doesn't obey it will quickly be punished. With you, work is a serious thing. There is no room for improvisation and novelty. You give into nothing, never compromise, and are totally inflexible. But, if you could be a little less harsh and consider others more, you would have a better chance of getting better results.
As an employee, you are a disciplined and determined worker who dedicates themselves completely to their job. You are ambitious and spare no effort in reaching your objective and climbing through the ranks. You know how to skillfully establish good relations with your superiors. Thanks to your attitude, some of your colleagues may think that you are ready to do anything to land a high-ranking job.


You are an original boss who is not short on novel ideas that will give your business a boost. You expect your employees to be imaginative, suggest new ideas, and share their opinions. With you, the days go by, one totally unlike the next. Life at work can go from monotony to a flurry of activities. That being said, if you just continually change your pace and your goals for no reason, you can come off as a scatterbrained boss who doesn't listen, or pay attention, to anyone else. Seeing as things never stay the same for too long, it's not shocking that your employees have trouble following you.
As an employee, you can't stand orders or constraints. You need to believe in what you do and are able to come up with original and inventive ideas. Loyal and trustworthy, you have the esteem of your colleagues and bosses.


You are a nice and very protective boss. Attentive and sympathetic, you look after your employees' well-being and create pleasant work conditions. On the flip side, you expect the members of your team to be loyal, available, and autonomous and to take initiative. Your weak point is your disorganization. In fact, you tend to skip over ordering and following up on your files. This generally leads to total confusion for your collaborators and for your business.
As an employee, you dedicate yourself to your work with consistency and energy. You are a faithful collaborator. Always ready to do a favor, you are very popular among your colleagues. Organisation and technique are still not your best qualities and are a problem for you. Moreover, to be as efficient as possible and not lose control, you need to feel supported and uplifted. What you have to be worried about is giving in to your emotionalism and often fantastical imagination.

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