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Written by Daisy

This month, Jupiter ends his stay in Aries on the 16th. Now is the time, for the signs of fire and air, to seize the opportunities that will pass within their reach. It is also the ideal period for them, if they wish to change a few things in their existence so that it is enriched by this dynamism which it lacks. With the departure of Jupiter from Aries, these natives may feel helpless. They may think that things are less secure or that opportunities are becoming scarce. They may feel like they are brutally restrained without explanation.

Some will get impatient, and others will try to move on. For their projects to last, some will have to be patient. Others will have to make readjustments. To make up for this lack, they can rely on Mars, which settles in Leo on the 21st. This energy will encourage them to follow up on the opportunities they have obtained in recent months. Alas, some people may feel stuck in the middle, because Mercury remains in Taurus and is in retrograde until the 16th. This energy, which is in affinity with Saturn, considerably slows the course of things. On the worst days, it creates unexpected blockages. The most daring will revolt against this inertia. With Taurus, getting angry is useless, because it amplifies this phenomenon. It is wiser to wait for the situation to settle on its own while making the necessary readjustments.

As for the signs of water and earth, they will see the arrival of Jupiter in Taurus, as a providence. Why? Because they will appreciate his way of doing things, which is less enterprising, yes, but which favors the future and comfort. Beyond the fact that these signs will be enchanted, the natives of Cancer will particularly appreciate the reassuring effects of Jupiter in Taurus. They will feel less stressed and, therefore, they will evolve at their own pace and reveal their potential.

On the other hand, this transfer can upset the natives of Scorpio. They may find it challenging to manage the opportunities and situations that arise. To do this, wisdom encourages them to take their time and not to fight against these ideas, which induce them to make the wrong choices. Also, with Jupiter in Taurus, things will take longer to set up. The pace will be slower while under the reign of Jupiter in Aries, everything was going very fast. We had to decide quickly and think afterwards. In Taurus, it's the opposite. You have to think and then take action.

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