Aries's horoscope for February 2026

Written by Daisy

Numerous planets in Aquarius will help you carry your projects far. Even if it means turning your life upside down (especially the 1st decan) or widening your circle of friends through beautiful encounters. Keep an eye on the family sphere: Jupiter in square to your sign announces some disagreements (especially for the 2nd decan). On the 14th, Saturn arrives at your home and joins Neptune: your wild nature, under these energies, calms down and lights up with a serious intuition! The Sun enters Pisces on the 18th, Mercury on the 6th, and Venus on the 10th. From this date, you will have less latitude to communicate or express your feelings, so act before. The end of the month is more for introspection and planning. Analyze your ideas before using them.

Aries: Love in General para February 2026

Aries: Until the 10th, the emotional sector is very much centred on friendship. To inspire love, you will have to be cooperative. Venus slips into Pisces. You will find it difficult to express what you feel, especially from the 14th. You will feel a growing desire for stability and the idealization of a partner: a requirement!

Aries: In a relationship para February 2026

Aries: Joyful and light cooperation allows you some pleasant moments together, primarily until the 10th. Mars reinforces your desires throughout the month, and Venus, from the 10th, gives your emotional expression a very touching shyness. Nice!

Single para February 2026

Aries: Clearly bet on your social circle or an activist event to meet someone: fate could strike! Playful and open, you will be hot until the 10th and then a little secretive the rest of the month. Your enigmatic behaviour could please!

Aries: Career / Finance para February 2026

Aries: Uranus in Taurus goes direct again on the 4th and acts in your finance sector from a job: surprises are possible? Or maybe you've been thinking about a raise? Or perhaps you've been looking for an opportunity to change? Everything is possible, the best as well as the worst. Keep your eyes open!

Aries: Advice from FREE Horoscope para February 2026

Aries: Sometimes communicative and sometimes secretive, this month could give you an excellent opportunity to show others two very distinct sides of your rich personality.

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