Scorpio's horoscope for February 2026

Written by Daisy

A month of challenges ahead! Until the 18th: the planets in Aquarius, square with your sign, force you to review your behaviour. Collaborate and be patient; otherwise, your risk conflicts that could be violent. The home sector is particularly concerned, so stay calm. Jupiter, in good aspect, favours your ideal life. You cherish dreams which, under this influence, take shape. Believe in yourself! Uranus, still in Taurus (3rd decan), imposes you surprising conjugal or contractual exchanges. Expect the unexpected! Saturn and Neptune in Aries from the 14th facilitate your professional combativeness and your desire to assert yourself as a leader. After the 18th, Pisces' various influences will bring a lot of passion, hope, and tenderness to your emotional life.

Scorpio: Love in General para February 2026

Scorpio: Some shocks are likely in your love life, at least until the 10th. You will be impatient, irritable, and reluctant to use soothing words. Then the planets will slide into Pisces, and you will be all sugar and honey, showing your best side and your beautiful qualities at heart. If you are

Scorpio: In a relationship para February 2026

Scorpio: From the 4th, your partner will have clear and unambiguous demands: collaborate! Until the 10th, communication will be delicate as well as the expression of your respective feelings. Wait until the 11th to see the climate calm down.

Single para February 2026

Scorpio: After the 6th, Mercury helps you dialogue with gentleness and sensitivity. After the 10th, Venus favours your sentimental quest in its purest expression. Encounters could result from this, visit cultural venues or gyms.

Scorpio: Career / Finance para February 2026

Scorpio: The financial sector remains stable while the work sector receives Saturn and Neptune in duo from the 14th: you could structure your job or develop it with talent and innovation. As early as the 4th, a contract could be in the works or an amendment you have been waiting for? Read between the lines.

Scorpio: Advice from FREE Horoscope para February 2026

Scorpio: When the wind blows in a storm, the reed bends but does not break, unlike the uprooted oak. Meditate on this metaphor and understand that flexibility is not a weakness but a strength!

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