Aquarius's horoscope for December 2026

Written by Daisy

An active, influential, and very social end of the year! The planets in Sagittarius (the Sun until the 21st and Mercury between the 6th and the 25th) impact your social life or a project. Good news and external help are on the way. Pluto in your 1st decan gives your behavior an absolute intensity. You will know what you want and do what it takes to get it. Jupiter (last decan) opposite you legalizes a vital contract or relationship. Saturn and Neptune boost your morale by breathing life into your brain and healthy inspiration. Mars in Virgo facilitates any change while giving your person a sultry charisma! The end of the month is quiet. A hair of wisdom is coming: introspection.

Aquarius: Love in General para December 2026

Aquarius: Venus, from the 4th, announces a meeting of destiny perhaps in your workplace and which looks very important! As Mars activates your sector related to your sensual life, you will have strong desires and feelings to live absolutely. Between intensity and passion, your heart will beat vehemently!

Aquarius: In a relationship para December 2026

Aquarius: Complicity, sensual warmth, active listening, especially between the 6th and the 25th: your relationship will be pleasant, very alluring, and very protected. If your relationship is not official or legalized, Jupiter could help you to take the step!

Single para December 2026

Aquarius: Love, at first sight, is possible, especially in the 1st decan, as well as a fundamental encounter if you work: keep an eye on your work! Your sensual behavior will be unmistakable, your desires will be powerful, and your quest for a soul mate really without a break: love or romance?

Aquarius: Career / Finance para December 2026

Aquarius: From the 4th, Venus softens your professional sphere, support is likely, or a compliment from your boss could put your heart back into your work. A work contract should evolve well, especially the last decan, establish what you want, as you could get it soon. Your assets seem stable.

Aquarius: Advice from FREE Horoscope para December 2026

Aquarius: A lovely end to the year for you should help you move into the New Year with joy and maybe even companionship for the lonely!

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