Leo's horoscope for December 2026

Written by Daisy

Luck, love, and financial satisfaction: excellent monthly menu! The Sun in Sagittarius until the 21st and Mercury from the 6th to the 25th will facilitate your sentimental stories or your relationships with your children if you are a parent. Jupiter in Sagittarius predisposes you to happiness, protects you from all worries, and strengthens your ego: don't go too hard, though! Mars activates your financial sector: you will be offensive and ready to do a lot to earn more! Saturn and Neptune favor your ideal of life. Administrative relationships will be beneficial as well as a trip. Keep a close eye on your marital or contractual relationships. Pluto, 1st decan, breathes its extreme intensity into them. Adapt to other people's demands, or else conflict will arise. The end of the month is focused on your daily responsibilities.

Leo: Love in General para December 2026

Leo: Venus, from the 4th, infuses your family life with enough diplomacy to put oil on the wheels. Still, you will have a slight tendency to emotional excesses, to a demand a little too high: extraordinary. On the other hand, your libido will be at its peak. Take advantage of this to satisfy your desires and those of a partner.

Leo: In a relationship para December 2026

Leo: Your good mood will be contagious! Your other half will appreciate both the expression of your feelings and your intimacy from the 4th. Watch out for a bit of possessiveness, and everything will be perfect.

Single para December 2026

Leo: Your dream of commitment and your self-confidence, especially in the last decan, strengthens your attractiveness and could help you cross paths with your vibrant heart's chosen one either in your daily life or at a family gathering. From the 6th to the 25th, your communication will be seductive as can be.

Leo: Career / Finance para December 2026

Leo: All month long, Mars boosts your rage to increase your assets, notably through a salary increase, you will draw your claws with talent and obstinacy! A work contract or a partnership is subject to irreversible changes: read between the lines and dialogue with fairness if necessary.

Leo: Advice from FREE Horoscope para December 2026

Leo: A lot of ease in many areas at the end of this year, but don't sell the bear's skin before you've killed it, especially if contractual events were to occur.

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