Virgo's horoscope for August 2024

Written by Daisy

In turn, Venus, the Sun, and Mercury awaken the bad aspects of Saturn. This phenomenon is amplified by the dissonances that emanate from Mars and Jupiter in Gemini. So, you might have the feeling that nothing is going in the right direction or worse, that this spell is hounding you. Rest assured, this is not what it is! This month, although dissonances surround you, you can stand out and grab your luck like everyone else! Although it is not obvious, keep your free will. Do not let those around you decide for you. Do not trust their judgments, only yours. In doing so, you will see the positive aspects of the opportunities that will arise.

Virgo: Love in General para August 2024

Virgo: If you have the feeling that the past is catching up with you, it's normal! Venus brings back old memories, old grievances, and a relationship from the past. You may find all this unhappy. Instead of lamenting your fate, take the opportunity to close what needs to be.

Virgo: In a relationship para August 2024

Virgo: Although you are as good as gold, doubts are resurfacing. Requirements are coming to the surface. On the worst days, your other half could hold you responsible for everything! Instead of withdrawing in on yourself, react!

Single para August 2024

Virgo: Reconnecting with a past relationship may seem more convenient and more accessible. Before you embark on this adventure, think about it. This will prevent you from breaking off a meeting for the wrong reasons or for fear of failure.

Virgo: Career / Finance para August 2024

Virgo: This month could shake up your legendary perfectionism. Mars and Jupiter in Gemini demand that you stand out energetically and take responsibility for what others expect of you. Mercury, your planet, in Leo from the 15th and in retrograde, is blocking your communication. Don't keep ideas useful for your job or your advancement to yourself. It would be a shame! Saturn and Neptune, always in front of you, press where it hurts. Work seriously, do not try to skip steps; you will have to prove yourself. Venus at home from the 5th to the 30th is your asset. Financial rewards and maybe a return on investment are possible.

Virgo: Advice from FREE Horoscope para August 2024

Virgo: The past has advantages because you know it well. However, novelty has benefits to you. Before you decide, weigh the pros and cons.

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