Virgo's horoscope for August 2024

Written by Daisy

Virgo: Astral Climate for August 2024

Some benefit from personal charisma to persuade, even if exchanges slow down after the 5th. Others, despite their progress, encounter resistance from their professional environment, which complicates matters for them. Some must not let their emotions interfere with their intentions to end the month in beauty rather than disgrace.

Virgo: Mood for August 2024

You lack neither ambition nor eloquence, but your mannerisms are not appreciated. Avoid using strong-arm tactics to get your way, as you'll encounter tougher resistance. Lower your tone and be patient.

Virgo: Love for August 2024

Venus endows you with a certain charisma, but do not abuse your power of seduction to gain advantages rejected by wary partners. This affects your love life.
In a relationship: This is not the best month of the year for strengthening bonds. Despite your charm, you are met with suspicion, you are ignored. This is not a reason to lash out at everyone.
Single: You can use your finest eloquence, but you risk hitting a wall. The one who interests you is not very receptive to your charms and arguments.

Virgo: Money for August 2024

This is not the time to demand anything. People are hardly inclined to respond positively to your expectations.

Virgo: Work for August 2024

It's at work that the rapport is the weakest. You seek to assert your ambitions, but you struggle to gain approval. Do not force your way through, risking to harden exchanges and end up disappointed.

Virgo: Leisure for August 2024

Go on vacation and spend your energy on activities that allow you to relieve tension. Don't try to break down temporarily insurmountable barriers at work.

Virgo: Key dates for August 2024

The 2nd: Some emotions hinder your ambition to broaden your horizons, to steer your destiny in a direction that goes beyond the beaten path.
The 7th: You work in the shadows and successfully promote your ideas. Count on discreet support to further your interests.
The 16th: Lower your tone to avoid offending interlocutors who are not inclined to let you act freely.
The 19th: The best may become the enemy of the good if you push too hard. Opt for the gentle method rather than the strong-arm approach.
The 29th: Rely on expressing your talents to enrich your daily activities and serve the interests of the community as much as your own.

Virgo: Advice for August 2024

This month exposes you to probable setbacks in social and professional spheres. So, escape and go breathe the fresh air!

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