Cancer's horoscope for August 2024

Written by Daisy

The departure of Mars from Taurus to settle in Gemini puts a distance between you and the others. So you might have a feeling of emptiness. Or, on the worst days, you may think that these people are not trustworthy. Rest assured, this is not what it is. This month, the planets in Virgo take over. Between the 6th and the 29th, Venus confirms the affinities. Until the 15th, Mercury relaunches the exchanges. From the 23rd, people are in your favor. However, Mercury in retrograde can impact the process by delaying it for inexplicable reasons. In this case, do not panic and check that everything has been dealt with. Take this opportunity to organize and restore order.

Cancer: Love in General para August 2024

Cancer: Venus is in Virgo, and Saturn faces it. Although this beautiful planet supports you, it destabilizes people. Some will have doubts. Others will be very demanding. Do not panic! Uranus creates happy circumstances that erase these hostilities and torments.

Cancer: In a relationship para August 2024

Cancer: Your relationship is based on mutual understanding. Everything is fine. However, it needs to get out of its usual surroundings. Events are suitable this month. Grab them on the fly! In doing so, your relationship will regain that vivacity that it lacks.

Single para August 2024

Cancer: Meetings are waiting for you. Your fans are charming. The exchanges are pleasant. Alas, people do not take the initiative, and this causes you to wait. Wait calmly, because at the end of the month, things begin to settle.

Cancer: Career / Finance para August 2024

Cancer: A little wavering could tarnish your commitment to your work this month. In fact, you hesitate to assert yourself or put yourself in the spotlight. As a result, others don't try to communicate or understand you. A professional status quo may set in. On the monetary level, things follow a slightly different course, Venus in Virgo from the 5th to the 29th favours your assets through your relationships outside of work, a friendly activity could bring in a little money at the end of the month, but the climate remains tepid all the same.

Cancer: Advice from FREE Horoscope para August 2024

Cancer: Do not force fate, as this will only produce misunderstandings. Let things go and enjoy moments of respite to take stock of your progress.

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