Gemini's horoscope for August 2024

Written by Daisy

Gemini: Astral Climate for August 2024

Some enjoy ideal conditions within their families and relish in close moments with their loved ones. Others may inadvertently hurt those around them by sending subliminal messages, which are misunderstood by those who interpret them as a desire to break ties. Still, others encounter resistance if they take initiatives without authorization.

Gemini: Mood for August 2024

Avoid overdoing it to avoid arousing suspicion from your superiors. It's better to remain discreet and avoid conflicts.

Gemini: Love for August 2024

You start the month with confidence, but professional obstacles overshadow the family atmosphere and dampen your desires for fulfillment.
In a relationship: If things are going well with your loved ones, expect conflicts at work and personal disappointments.
Single: You start strong, but encounter obstacles mid-month, which can be discouraging.

Gemini: Money for August 2024

You feel restricted, even aggrieved, and certainly frustrated when you realize that your requests are met with resistance.

Gemini: Work for August 2024

The month begins with optimism, but you encounter obstacles that hinder your ambitions. Avoid pushing too hard, as it doesn't work in your favor.

Gemini: Leisure for August 2024

Instead of lamenting in vain about your situation, escape from it; you'll come out ahead.

Gemini: Key dates for August 2024

The 2nd: Beware of clumsiness that causes confusion in your interactions; express clearly and gently what's on your mind.
The 7th: You have a charisma that makes everyone like you and makes everyone want to team up with you!
The 16th: Avoid getting angry, especially when addressing authority figures who do not appreciate your interventions; lower your tone!
The 19th: You may be frustrated in your expectations by a hierarchy that blocks your progress, dampens your enthusiasm, and hinders your desire to broaden your horizons.
The 29th: You have a good atmosphere to assert, even achieve, your ambitions. It's time to push your limits, to push the boundaries of what's possible!

Gemini: Advice for August 2024

This month won't leave you with unforgettable memories, but rather a slight bitter taste. Take valuable lessons from possible disappointments to better navigate obstacles next time.

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