Leo's horoscope for August 2024

Written by Daisy

Leo: Astral Climate for August 2024

Some express their desires and establish constructive exchanges with those around them. Others seek to overcome resistance to realize a life-changing project but must hold back their punches. Finally, some manage a climate of excitement around a turn that disrupts their bearings and keeps them on edge.

Leo: Mood for August 2024

You start the month with contagious enthusiasm, but beware of the disillusionments that await if you underestimate the means to realize your plans. You risk becoming disillusioned and ending the month disheartened.

Leo: Love for August 2024

You start the month with a project that excites you, but don't try to accomplish it at all costs. Your stubbornness worries those around you who feel you're taking too many risks.
In a relationship: try to slow down rather than accelerate the movement regarding a project that your entourage finds a bit risky. Not everyone shares your point of view.
Single: you envision a future that you perceive as perfect. Your prospects are not unanimous, but your loved ones encourage you to persevere.

Leo: Money for August 2024

Avoid playing with fire; you're investing beyond your means to realize a project that pleases you. Plan for a safety net; don't throw money out the window.

Leo: Work for August 2024

You charge ahead to realize a project that mobilizes all your energy and ignore the financial risks you run by pursuing your dream. It's not certain that the logistics will follow, and you may then face frustrating disappointments.

Leo: Leisure for August 2024

Your sole objective is to realize a project that mobilizes your energies but exceeds your means. You're not ready to invest in what takes you away from your goals. What if you thought a bit about others?

Leo: Key dates for August 2024

The 4th: the new moon in your sign invites you to launch a new cycle of expansion. The month promises to be intense and a bit tiring.
The 7th: projects evolve, your charisma is strengthened by the circumstances, allowing you to shine. Don't overstep the bounds or you'll soon find yourself stuck.
The 16th: brakes halt your momentum abruptly; any attempt to force your way meets resistance and reluctant counterparts¬ódon't insist.
The 19th: a bit of frustration for those who impose their perspectives. Don't resist and let go in the face of adversity.
The 29th: you know how to approach others and manage relational tensions. Your associations need to evolve, and you're willing to open up a creative dialogue.

Leo: Advice for August 2024

A somewhat tense month to manage wisely by calming your obsessive thirst to materialize your projects on the spot. A necessary, even indispensable, step back to avoid hitting a wall.

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