Pisces's horoscope for August 2024

Written by Daisy

You are installed in a bubble that preserves your achievements and the realization of your ambitions. Although it is very comfortable, you may have the feeling of suffocating. With the dissonances that emanate from Virgo and Gemini, you have the feeling of being surrounded. Do not see this as a fatality or as the obvious sign that you must question everything. These thoughts will result in you making an unfortunate decision. Instead, take a step back and see what you can do to put a little fantasy in your life. Take the good side of these influences. Go out a little more than usual. Take time for yourself. In doing so, you will find your smile, and your bubble will sparkle with joy!

Pisces: Love in General para August 2024

Pisces: Venus, in Virgo, creates dissatisfaction and doubts. Your fans find you distant. And as far as you are concerned, you do not know where you are. Between the 6th and the 29th, Mercury in retrograde confuses you and turns your imagination upside down. Stay zen.

Pisces: In a relationship para August 2024

Pisces: Although you do your best, you can not escape the demands, doubts, and blame of your other half. Your distant attitude can be misinterpreted. Thanks to the return of Mercury in Leo, you will explain yourself.

Single para August 2024

Pisces: Although you are not entirely ready to commit, this does not prevent you from meeting someone or having a holiday idyll. Think about it, take the encounters as they come and enjoy the moment.

Pisces: Career / Finance para August 2024

Pisces: Reinforced by your deeply rooted ideals, you could achieve feats at work this month that amaze your colleagues or your superiors, but especially yourself! Leo's energies give you challenges while Mars and Jupiter in Gemini, increase the exchanges in your relationships but perhaps encourage some confusion. Play things down, your intellectual vitality at its peak will help you do this. Always at home, Saturn and Neptune force you to hoard a little, do not throw money out the window under the pretext that life is short. Seek to see further than this summer.

Pisces: Advice from FREE Horoscope para August 2024

Pisces: Do not be all or nothing! Find the right balance! In doing so, you will preserve your assets while having fun a little more than usual.

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