Leo's horoscope for April 2024

Written by Daisy

Leo: Astral Climate for April 2024

Some aspire to reconsider their behavior on a relational level, others struggle to manage structural changes affecting their existence. Finally, some hope to change their activity and life through unforeseen events that demand energy and courage to overcome a hurdle.

Leo: Mood for April 2024

Mars strengthens your will to overcome what resists you, and you bravely draw a line on the past. You feel lighter.

Leo: Love for April 2024

You are hindered in your desire for personal and emotional fulfillment by trials blocking your path and restraining your enthusiasm. You mobilize to fight them and have a good time in excellent company, engaging in inspiring exchanges.

In a relationship: You redouble your endurance to overcome resistances; Saturn slows you down. Rely on your ability to love, to make your partner dream to solicit their tender support.

Single: If you feel you are exhausting your energy to unlock situations that trap you in your defenses, this unavoidable investment does not prevent you from bringing along whoever pleases you in your dreams.

Leo: Money for April 2024

You are more occupied with breaking down barriers than making sparks. However, you are capable of negotiating and promoting your talents and merits.

Leo: Work for April 2024

Saturn provokes structural changes that upset your existence, your reference points, and confront you with the need to mourn situations linked to the past that hinder your evolution. Do not avoid this work, redouble your zeal to progress.

Leo: Leisure for April 2024

You hardly have the opportunity to distract yourself from responsibilities that devour your energies and occupy you full-time. You want to rise above the melee and take a breath of fresh air.

Leo: Key dates for April 2024

The 3rd: Sensitivity on the surface, ardent sensuality. Rely on your magnetism to captivate those you love.

The 8th: The new moon encourages the realization of your ambitions. Do not hesitate to mobilize to broaden your horizons and take things to the next level.

The 11th: You interact with the hierarchy to gain more recognition. If your arguments are legitimate, you will need to be patient. Don't give up.

The 21st: An unexpected event, an offer of advancement, or a departure to the other side of the world, be ready to start with a bang.

The 29th: Your existence takes a different direction, one that suits you, and you fully invest to change things.

Leo: Advice for April 2024

Despite the pressure Saturn exerts on your daily life, and an evolution to accomplish with pain, you are changing things by creating a pleasant escape.

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