Virgo's horoscope for April 2024

Written by Daisy

Virgo: Astral Climate for April 2024

You want to change things on a relational level and in your daily life that needs to evolve. You invest yourself to push your limits, transform what needs to be transformed, and overcome certain resistances to continue moving forward.

Virgo: Mood for April 2024

You do not hide your emotions and grievances; you go into battle if the situation demands it to clarify a situation that hinders your progress. Everything falls into place afterward.

Virgo: Love for April 2024

You struggle to communicate with your partner, to express your expectations, to open the dialogue. Rely on a more assertive approach to push the other into their defenses and evolve a tense situation.

In a relationship: Saturn complicates exchanges between you and your partner. You face problems giving meaning to the relationship or moving on, but with full awareness.

Single: You confront without privileging consensus. You feel the need to probe the other, to know if you can count on them or not. The sustainability of your family or romantic ties depends on your courage.

Virgo: Money for April 2024

Sensitive exchanges concern financial negotiations; you will see more clearly later, once certain debts have been settled.

Virgo: Work for April 2024

You do not give up in the face of a situation that blocks your attempts. If some of your interlocutors pose a problem, you confront them and force them to explain. This approach allows you to overcome differences, change things, and restart constructive exchanges.

Virgo: Leisure for April 2024

You hardly feel like having a good time; you have too much to resolve on the relational level to want to socialize. Some activities related to the occult or gambling tempt you.

Virgo: Key dates for April 2024

The 6th: Your daily life evolves, even if you have to settle for a subordinate position. You will put a lot of heart into your work.

The 10th: There is a hitch on the relational level. There is a time for everything, and currently, you feel the need to understand what is driving you away from the other.

The 19th: You relay your ambitions and broaden your horizons by expatriating or taking it to the next level; you spare no effort to achieve it.

The 21st: You finally have the opportunity to unlock a process, to realize what frees you from a past and a behavior that has run its course.

The 25th: If some slowness or misunderstandings prevent you from progressing, negotiating as you wish, the brakes and obstacles gradually dissipate.

Virgo: Advice for April 2024

Do not take lightly what is at play between you and the other in love or in business. Confront what is problematic to restart the discussions on healthier foundations.

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Horoscope April 2024

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