Capricorn's horoscope for April 2024

Written by Daisy

The tensions that come from Aries intensify with Mercury, who is in retrograde between the 2nd and 26th. You will have the impression that nobody understands what you say. In the worst days, you will lose papers or your laptop will be fickle. It is, therefore, likely that your mood is paying the price and, sometimes, you go on the warpath! However, you can mitigate these effects by not forcing things. Although the temptation is strong, do not rush anything and do not change methods. This month, if you want peace, take your time and do not put pressure on yourself. This will prevent you from throwing your cellphone out the window and bear all the consequences that come.

Capricorn: Love in General para April 2024

Capricorn: Until the 5th, Venus in Pisces goes in your direction, so everything is fine! Then, Venus in Aries stresses you, so it gets complicated! However, you can mitigate these effects by not changing your habits and accepting that when you are in love, you lose your means.

Capricorn: In a relationship para April 2024

Capricorn: This month, you are very good at giving pleasure to your other half. On the other hand, when it comes to talking about love or your feelings, you are very clumsy. This month, before declaring your passion, get some fresh air!

Single para April 2024

Capricorn: Your loves are good, but alas, you put pressure on yourself! This month, before sending a romantic message, find your calm. In doing so, you will avoid those blunders that you will regret and that will torment you.

Capricorn: Career / Finance para April 2024

Capricorn: The financial sphere could worry you. You will want to earn more money and make your savings grow but the monthly energies remain mixed! Mercury in Aries, in a disharmonic aspect to your sign, upsets your behavior and leads you to excess. You could cause clashes in your exchanges and hinder any possible evolution of your professional situation. However, Mars in Pisces will know how to give you dynamism in all situations while the planets in Taurus will ensure your long-term support. So don't expect any miracles this month, but know that time is on your side!

Capricorn: Advice from FREE Horoscope para April 2024

Capricorn: With the planets in Aries, you lose your grip, it annoys you, and everything goes wrong. To avoid this, relax before doing something that you think is important.

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