2022 horoscope Scorpio

Written by Susan

Between January 1st and May 11th and from October 28th, Jupiter in Pisces brings the missing element to your loves. From the beginning of the year, people change their tone and behavior. The tone becomes more seductive and romantic. In May, Venus in Pisces confirms that you have not dreamed. In summer, Venus in Cancer anchors things unexpectedly and Venus in Leo gives you gifts. At the beginning of the school year, Venus in Virgo makes promises to you, which are held in November. With all this, you have the perfect love until the New Year.

Scorpio, your Social life

With the influx of Pluto in Capricorn, you stay with the essentials. You do not spill over into futilities because you still think it is a waste of time. This year, Saturn in Aquarius hinders your progress and at times this exasperates you. While you're there, beware of Uranus that has a way of putting you on the defensive. With these dissonant influxes, opt for negotiation and get inspired with ideas that are different from yours. Arrange yourself with the deadlines imposed on you and explain your plans, or ideas, with more detail and warmth.

Well-being for the Scorpio

With the dissonance between Uranus and Saturn, variations of vitality and mood are to be expected. Sometimes you feel like you can lift mountains. At other times, your will no longer have any spring in your step. Neptune, invites you to let go, when you go through fragile times. Meditation will also be of great help to you this year, it will help you make the right decisions at the right time.

Scorpio: Your advice for 2022

Instead of taking a stance, or shutting yourself up like an oyster, explain things with a smile. Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces encourage you, so do it!

The 2022 for all zodiac signs:

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