2023 horoscope for Virgo

Written by Daisy

You face events that precipitate change until mid-May 2023, which involve some difficulties, but from May 16 onwards, allow you to transcend previous limitations. If you have been dreaming of distant horizons, of inspiring people, 2023 puts you on the right track and favors a beautiful evolution. It's up to you to seize every opportunity that comes your way, even if it means that your daily life will be a little disorganized. You'll need time to renew your marks by accepting to lose your bearings, to get out of your comfort zone and to calm down your analytical mind, which can sometimes be a bit skittish when it comes to letting go. Call upon your crazy Virgo side which temporarily dissipates your wise Virgo side!

Virgo First decan, your 2023 horoscope

(23rd August to 3rd September)

From March 7, 2023 onwards, Saturn will encourage you to take a close look at your relationships, to analyze the reasons why you maintain them. If your relationship holds up, it will be able to withstand this demanding test without damage. If it is not, beware of turmoil or even breakups. Count on Jupiter to favor positive transformations, rapid changes between December 20, 2022 and February 20, 2023 and to push back the barriers that are holding you back (between May 16 and July 5 and between November 6, 2023 and February 21, 2024).

Love: The test!

You will be tested from March 7: Saturn will force you to analyze your relationships with others. Even if you have been dodging problems, you cannot escape confrontation. If your duo is based on solid foundations, there is no reason to worry, you learn more about each other and you continue your journey together. On the other hand, if you feel that there are gaps, weaknesses or dissensions, you will have to face the truth and find solutions to give meaning to your exchanges. Venus favors closeness between January 27 and February 4 when your listening to the other is appreciated. You will help your love life evolve between March 16 and 25 and you will realize a tender project between May 7 and 16. Take the time to review your attachments between June 5 and 16 to begin a new cycle of sentimental expansion with full knowledge of the facts (between October 9 and 20). Your personal life is the focus of your attention between December 29 and January 7, 2024, as you seek to maintain peace at home.

Social Life: Your reference points will change!

Pluto is sending you signals (between March 23 and June 11) that your daily life must change. You will no longer be able to hold on to your positions, elements that you thought you had taken for granted will disappear and you will have to confront external events that will push you out of your comfort zone. Make sure you maintain healthy relationships with your collaborators, based on respectful exchanges. Jupiter accelerates the movement and favors changes between December 20, 2022 and February 20, 2023, and encourages you to assert your ambitions between May 16 and July 5, then between November 6 and February 21, 2024. Around May 18, play it straight to get on the right track. You will manage your human relations around June 19 when seriousness and commitment will prevail over opportunism. Until January 30, you spend a lot of energy in the implementation of a project and you go on the offensive between July 10 and 26.

Well-being: Strengthen your defences!

Pluto will interfere very temporarily (between March 23 and June 11) and will return to the charge from 2024. The planet of great metamorphoses may destabilize you, immerse you in a climate of insecurity where you must constantly adapt to events. Anticipate that your energies will be put to the test by adopting an irreproachable lifestyle from this year. Get regular check-ups, start exercising, and focus on healthy foods. You are confronted with the need to constantly reposition yourself in a constantly changing environment. Give yourself the means to cope.

Virgo First decan: Your advice for 2023

A demanding year requires you to face up to the situation, to accept to adapt and to play fair. The result will be healthier relationships with your entourage, your partner, your collaborators or your associates. Don't try to escape the pressure, as it will eventually lead to a better management of your human interactions based on sincerity and shared interests rather than on a fragile consensus based on unspoken words that can only harm your fulfillment.

Virgo Second decan, your 2023 horoscope

(4th September to 13th September)

Your values change, evolve and you aspire to broaden your horizons. You have the desire to move to a distant country, to meet different people, to open your mind to a more philosophical or spiritual conception of the world. Count on Uranus (until May 28 then between December 10, 2023 and March 13, 2024) to make your wishes come true, to concretize your thirst for wide open spaces and freedom. Jupiter reinforces this trend between July 5 and November 6, 2023, offering you some opportunities for expansion. Whether it's a job offer, new prospects, a promotion, meeting inspiring people or a quest for meaning that asserts itself, you don't want to miss the boat!

Love: In search of meaning!

Under the rule of Uranus, in 2023 you will have to free yourself from alienating ties, from attachments that keep you grounded. If you have to bend to obligations that prevent you from living, it's time to shake off the old ways and spread your wings. Nothing will hold you back and external events will favor your flight between February 20 and April 4 when Jupiter will accelerate potential changes. The opportunity (between July 5 and November 6) to give meaning to your existence, to strengthen your love life, to develop your emotional ties. Venus encourages you to listen to others between February 4 and 12, to raise discussions between March 25 and April 2 and to make plans between May 16 and 26. Then take the time to mature (between June 16 and 29 and between August 14 and September 25) what will take shape between the 20th and 29th: your personal fulfillment is your priority!

Social Life: Freedom, freedom dear!

Uranus makes you want to try something else, somewhere else or in another way. You want to push back the boundaries of what is possible and in 2023 all the conditions are there for you to succeed. Count on Uranus (until May 28 and then between December 10, 2023 and March 13, 2024) to turn your dreams into reality. Jupiter (until May 16) favors major movements and (between July 5 and November 6) multiplies the opportunities to make your aspirations come true. Whether it is a promotion that widens your room for maneuver, a change of position that opens up new perspectives or an expatriation that allows you to enrich your vision of the world, you are less constrained to act. Mars gives you a great determination to achieve your ambitions between January 30 and March 3. You defend your projects between April 14 and May 2 and no one holds you back between July 26 and August 7. You strengthen your income between September 12 and 27 and you can convince your interlocutors to believe you and follow you between October 26 and November 10!

Well-being: Soaring!

Saturn has stopped weighing on your morale and physique since last December. You feel a lightening of the burdens that were weighing on your shoulders, and you find the desire to act freely. Uranus provides you with fuel and helps you to achieve your goals, followed by Jupiter who helps to keep your spirits high. Between June 6 and 23, take the time to disengage from the world of work and, from July 26 onwards, launch a new cycle of expansion, in full possession of your means.

Virgo Second decan: Your advice for 2023

In order to optimize a favorable conjuncture for your initiatives, wishes and ambitions in 2023, try not to filter your emotions too much, at the risk of not taking the course that the sky indicates to you. Of course, your nature invites you to analyze all the reasons that push you to undertake, but this year, unleash your crazy Virgo side and forget a little about the wise Virgo.

Virgo Third decan, your 2023 horoscope

(14th September to 22nd September)

Saturn, which has been weighing on your daily life, is moving away and no longer affects your decan from March 7! This is your opportunity (from May 28) to take flight, to change the situation, to finally broaden your horizons. Uranus exalts your desire to break with the past and Jupiter (between April 4 and mid-May) precipitates the change and directs your life towards a path that corresponds to your aspirations (emotional or professional).

Love: The moult continues!

You began a slow emotional metamorphosis in 2018 that leads you to change your approach to loving experiences that shake you up, sometimes test you. If this process does not end until November 2024, the lessons learned allow you to evolve your duo or connect with beings likely to suit you. Uranus demands its share of freedom and forbids you to give up your personal projects, it keeps you away from any too fusional, passionate impulse, and makes you prefer a complicit and inspiring relationship. Venus helps you to establish a creative dialogue with the other between February 12 and 20. You bring the other into your world between April 2 and 11 and make plans between May 26 and June 5. Reflection is required between June 29 and August 6 and then between September 25 and October 9. Consider the past in order to draw valuable lessons and prepare a new cycle of sentimental expansion between October 29 and November 8 with full knowledge of the facts!

Social Life: Phew!

From March 7 onwards, Saturn will stop weighing on your daily life. From May 28 onwards, Uranus will give you more freedom of movement and the desire to free yourself from what is holding you back. Whether it's a question of finding a new job to satisfy your thirst for freedom, novelty, fantasy, starting a training course, changing country or life, opportunities are multiplying between April 4 and May 16 as Jupiter accelerates the movement and pushes you to take a step forward. Mars is fighting to assert yourself, to defend your positions between March 3 and 25, and is boosting your desire to launch an ambitious project between May 2 and 20. Take time to refine your strategies between June 23 and July 10. From September 27 to October 12, you canvass those who have the power and the money to reward your merits, and you find good arguments to convince those around you to trust you between November 10 and 24.

Well-being: You are getting back on track!

Since March 2022, Saturn has been weighing on your morale. Too much work, too many responsibilities or, on the contrary, not enough security, you are struggling to get rid of a recurrent fatigue. Courage, you will reach the end of the tunnel. From March 7, 2023 onwards, the austere planet will stop constraining you and you will be able to get back on track under the impulse of Uranus, which (from May 28 onwards) will strengthen your ambitions and give you renewed enthusiasm and audacity, which will do you good and allow you to renew your conquering energy.

Virgo Third decan: Your advice for 2023

A new wind is blowing and will help you to get back on your feet after a difficult year in 2022 when you had to endure a gloomy daily life. In 2023, you will meet new people, you will meet different people, you will broaden your horizons, you will pursue and realize ambitions that will transform your life. You should not deconstruct situations too much but rather take risks, be daring and show yourself in a new light!

Virgo your 2023 horoscope, month after month

January 2023

Your love life is evolving, your creativity too (on the 1ster , on the 18th) and the prospects seem fulfilling (on the 23rd, on the 13th). This is the time to believe in yourself!

February 2023

Always on the right wavelength (6th, 15th, 19th),love smiles on you, your bonds deepen and your relationships reflect your ideal vision of the couple. At work, your seriousness allows you to score points (the 16th).

March 2023

You will use your charm to defend your positions (the 11th),but do not try to impose your views on those who do not appreciate your forcefulness (the 15th, the 16th, the 17th).

April 2023

Rely on time, seriousness and your application to convince and redouble your diplomacy (on the 7th) to raise the debates (in love as in business) and win some deserved successes (on the 11th).

May 2023

Do not abuse your magnetism to entice your interlocutors, at the risk of sowing doubt in people's minds (the 4th) but use it to act on events likely to favor your evolution (the 5th, the 15th).

June 2023

Your projects are seductive and supported (2nd, 9th),your horizons are broadening (4th, 11th). It would be a pity to compromise your progress by taking power against all odds (the 19th, the 25th, the 26th).

July 2023

Do not let your emotions push you to act impulsively and counterproductively (the 2nd). Your projects are moving forward quickly and well (7th, 14th) and you are gaining support (9th, 20th).

August 2023

Restrain your desire to go faster, you will get into trouble (the 9th, the 16th). Use your energy to do the right thing (16th),not to force anyone's hand (22nd).

September 2023

Your horizons broaden, your ambitions are realized and your audacity pays off (16th, 30th). Rely on your ability to transform yourself to convince others to follow you (the 21st).

October 2023

Give priority to dialogue (2nd) and rely on your seriousness (13th) to make your merits known. On the other hand, if you ask for too much, you will not get unanimous support (the 9th, the 21st).

November 2023

Your creativity and inspired communication will help you to leave a mark on people's minds and hearts (6th, 7th, 9th, 17th, 20th, 22nd) if you do not overdo it (11th, 13th).

December 2023

If you are too demanding, beware of disappointments and frustrations (the 3rd). In the family, do not abuse your authority (17th, 27th, 28th) to force your loved ones to follow your directives. You will end the year in beauty if you remain attentive to others (the 25th).


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