2023 horoscope for Aquarius

Written by Daisy

This is the beginning of a great and powerful metamorphosis. Although Pluto only touches the beginning of the 1st decan, its influence extends beyond and concerns all the natives, even the whole world. A wind of change is blowing and forcing humanity to evolve through science and consciousness. You will aspire to broaden your field of knowledge, communicate better with those around you, meet new people and make enriching encounters. From now until mid-May, Jupiter will warm up the ties with your loved ones, and from May 16th onwards, he will favour your family blossoming. But you are tempted to free yourself from certain alienating constraints. It's time now to break with a past saturated with responsibilities and especially to crush guilt and to live a little for yourself.

Aquarius First decan, your 2023 horoscope

(21st January to 31st January)

Pluto influences the beginning of your decan from March 23rd to June 11th. It's the prelude to a powerful movement, a period of great transformations where everything that is no longer useful to you will disappear. At the same time, you will have to deal with Saturn, which (from March 7th) will urge you to restructure your material world. However, you can count on Jupiter to connect you favourably with a wider circle of people. You will meet new people and pass on (or receive) information until February 20th. You will then aspire (from May 16th to July 5th, then from November 6th to February 21st, 2024) to blossom in your family, in your private environment.

Love: The Beginning Of A Turnaround

Pluto enters your decan in 2023 and profoundly influences your beliefs and behaviour. Rethinking your fundamental values affects your personal, social and professional relationships. It prompts you to go for the essential without cheating. Count on Jupiter to compensate for this beginning of a demanding metamorphosis. The giant of the zodiac favours your contacts with the outside world and strengthens your morale. From May 16th to July 5th and then from November 6th to February 21st, 2024, Jupiter will exalt your desire to spend quality time with your family and improve your living conditions. Venus will adorn you with all the graces from January 3rd to 11. You take care of your family from March 16th to 25 and shine from April 11th to 19. From June 4th to 16, you listen to each other and develop your relationships (from November 8th to 17). You close the year with your head and a heart full of tender projects (from December 29th to January 7th, 2024).

Social Life: Hang In There

Until February 20th, you will multiply your contacts, transmit your knowledge, and shine to those around you who are attentive to your messages. Jupiter endows you with an aura that serves your interests and makes you unavoidable. Make the most of this period because Saturn takes over from March 7th onwards and exposes you to less positive influences. You need to analyze what you are doing with your potential and how to make the most of it. This period of introspection may be accompanied by a reduction in your financial income or even, for some, a loss of a job or professional retraining. Count on Mars until January 30th to express your creativity. If you are trying to convince your interlocutors of the legitimacy of your initiatives, don't attack them (from May 20th to June 6th). You defend your ambitions from August 27th to September 12th and do not let anyone encroach on your territory from October 12th to 26. You end the year focused on a project and ready to do anything to win votes (November 24th to December 8th).

Well-being: Positive Radiance

If Pluto only skims your decan in 2023, the "lord of metamorphoses" affects your internal balance. Do not hesitate to reject a bad habit which could harm you to accompany this movement and contribute to the good progress of the metamorphosis. In 2023, Jupiter will keep you smiling and in a warm environment, an effective remedy against any bout of the blues or slump.

Aquarius First decan: Your advice for 2023

To optimize your chances of personal fulfilment, welcome the first signs of a future metamorphosis as a promise of positive evolution. If Saturn forces you to put the brakes on financially, put things into perspective and work on restructuring your material world. And count on Jupiter to keep your spirits up and in good shape, meet new people, improve the atmosphere at home and contribute to the happiness of those you love.

Aquarius Second decan, your 2023 horoscope

(1st February to 10th February)

You are mobilized by a private life that demands your full attention in 2023. You aspire to break away from the family chains that have kept you under pressure for too long. Count on Uranus (until May 28th and from December 10th to March 13th, 2024) to assert your independence and to relieve you of certain excessive responsibilities which weigh you down. Jupiter favours creative exchanges (from February 20th to April 4th) and exalts your desire to improve your living conditions and relations with those around you from July 5th to November 6th. This is the moment to change a way of working that alienates you and adopt one that allows you to blossom freely.

Love: Freedom, Dear Freedom

In 2023, it is time to free yourself from excessive demands that prevent you from living as you wish. Whether it's your parents, children or relatives, set clear limits between them and yourself to re-establish and preserve a bearable climate at home. Some people manage to make people understand, while others distance themselves. They put distance between themselves and their loved ones to escape the constraint. Suppose you don't have any problems of this kind. In that case, you will have to deal with unforeseen events that cause upheaval in the home: an unexpected birth, a sudden move... Count on Jupiter (from February 20th to April 4th) to favour communication and take advantage of this opening to make yourself understood. This giant planet (July 5-November 6) offers you opportunities to blossom in a warm atmosphere. You will want to embellish your home, invest in property, start a home (or expand it),or even move abroad.

Social Life: More Open-Minded

You have a lot to do on the private front in 2023 to redefine and establish the new foundations on which you wish to evolve. This priority does not prevent you from broadening your horizons on the professional level. Whether it's a new interest, training, or retraining, you'll want to educate yourself, deepen your knowledge and enrich your mind. From February 20th to April 4th, Jupiter will galvanize your mind, increase your curiosity tenfold, and place people on your path who are likely to help you realize your aspirations. Encounters nourish you intellectually and contribute to your blossoming. Mars exalts your creativity and desire to shine (from January 30th to March 3rd) and endows you with stamina and a will to succeed from April 14th to May 2nd. You will convince your interlocutors to adhere to your initiatives from June 6th to 23 and assert your ambitions from September 12th to 27. You are not resisted from October 26th to November 10th but remain cautious with your hierarchy. You end the year totally invested in a project you believe (from 8 to December 22nd).

Well-being: Jupiter to the Rescue

If you are undergoing a stressful event and evolving in an atmosphere full of unforeseen events on a personal level, count on Jupiter (from February 20th to April 4th) to regain confidence in yourself and open up to others. You make pleasant and possibly useful encounters, which will restore your morale. But don't overdo it from April 14th to May 2nd. Channel your strength so that it doesn't push you to hurt yourself or reactivate an inflammatory ground.

Aquarius Second decan: Your advice for 2023

Be polite to deal with family unrest, your emotions, and your growing impatience with those who ask too much of you. Take advantage of Jupiter's positive influence on your communication (from February 20th to April 4th) to launch debates on constructive bases to be heard.

Aquarius Third decan, your 2023 horoscope

(11th February to 18th February)

By autumn 2024, you will have completed a long period of inner transformation holding back your impulses. Just the time to get rid of what hinders your personal development. Until the beginning of March, Saturn will restructure you around the essentials, with a feeling of relative isolation. Uranus encourages you (from May 28th to December 10th) to free yourself from family ties blocking you. Count on Jupiter (from April 4th to May 16th) to facilitate communication; this is an ideal time to clarify what is sticking and establish more constructive exchanges with those around you.

Love: The Transformation Is Accelerating

You feel more concerned with looking inward and introspection than an intense social and emotional life. Pluto slows down the pace and urges you to make break with the attitudes of the past. Saturn may have erected walls which distracted you from your surroundings and from getting back to basics. In 2023, Uranus will take over and help you to break away from a sentimental and family life that has kept you dependent. Some of you will break off a relationship, others will clean up their social circle, and still, others will put some distance between themselves and a recurring source of guilt. Count on Jupiter (April 4th to May 16th) to get your messages across without generating too much tension. Clear and warm communication will dispel misunderstandings and make your people understand that it is time to redistribute roles.

Social Life: Other Priorities

2023 does not correspond to a period of great social and professional expansion. Mobilized by a quest for authenticity, inner truth and the need to break with an ancient past and functioning, you do not have enough energy left to shine elsewhere. Uranus makes you want to create your own business. It encourages you to go it alone rather than collaborate. Some people start a personal venture, and others retire. Count on Jupiter (from April 4th to May 16th) to communicate, start a training course, retrain and meet new people, and make useful and pleasant acquaintances. Mars exalts your creativity and your thirst for recognition from March 3rd to 25th and stimulates your fighting spirit from May 2nd to 20. Beware those who get in your way (from June 23rd to July 10th). You assert your ambitions (September 27th to October 12th) and impose them in high places (November 10th to 24th). A project requires your fighting energy at the end of the year (from December 22nd, 2023, to January 4th, 2024).

Well-being: Take It Easy

Pluto continues his work of undermining you by purging the past of all that does not serve your evolution. Until March 7th, Saturn forces you to complete a period of personal restructuring. Cosmic influences will cast a shadow over you but count on Jupiter (April 4th to May 16th) to put a smile on your face. Don't overdo it from May 2nd to 20th, or your balance may be weakened.

Aquarius Third decan: Your advice for 2023

Still absorbed in your inner quest, in 2023, you benefit from the influence of Uranus, which helps you to free yourself from family dependencies and the weight of the past. A desire for autonomy corresponds to the work of liberation you have been doing since 2018. Rely on this support and Jupiter (April 4th to May 16th) to stimulate your mind and communication and make new gratifying contacts.

Aquarius your 2023 horoscope, month after month

January 2023

An emotional evolution is underway (1er ). Your inner world demands your attention (18th). Your reflections allow you to discover and exploit promising new potential (2nd, 13th).

February 2023

You use your intuitions (6th, 10th) to direct your material life to your advantage and explore talents that are profitable to you (6th, 15th, 19th). You will be able to rebuild your being on solid foundations (16th).

March 2023

Your charm allows you to convince, seduce, and make a mark (the 11th). Do not confuse the frequency (15th, 16th, 17th).

April 2023

The current is going well with your family (7th),and your good mood allows you to make precious contacts (11th). The New Moon on the 20th invites you to communicate.

May 2023

Be careful that your desires don't turn into fantasies (4th). You have everything to please (5th),and you use your talents to improve your living conditions (18th) and your work (15th).

June 2023

You reassure those around you by redoubling your goodwill to make everyone happy (2nd, 9th). Don't blow smoke (19th),and don't be too bossy with your family (26th).

July 2023

Stay tuned to your own, even if you want to break away from a way of working that alienates you from your family (2nd). By working together and talking to others, you will get your needs accepted (7th, 9th, 14th, 20th).

August 2023

Try to impose your new prerogatives gently rather than by triggering conflicts (9th, 16th). Also, be careful with your spending, which is probably excessive on the 22nd.

September 2023

You know what strategies to deploy to make the situation evolve constructively with your family (16th, 21st, 30th). But you overestimate your financial possibilities on the 19th.

October 2023

Measure and evaluate (3rd) rather than throw your money away (2nd). Channel your ambitions (9th, 21st) so as not to arouse ambush adversity.

November 2023

You give in to some expensive fantasies on the 3rd. Instead, use your power of seduction and your sense of negotiation to advance your pawns socially (the 6th, 7th, 9th, 17th, 18th, 20th, and 22nd).

December 2023

Even if a project is close to your heart, do not overestimate your means! You risk disillusionment (the 17th, 27th, and 28th). Let your charm work (the 25th and 29th).


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