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Tuesday, November the 24th
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Monthly Horoscope
The Sign of Sagittarius
The Sign of Sagittarius
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Aquarius, your horoscope 2021 month by month!

  Written by Daisy

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1st decan
At the beginning of the month, don't impose your views as a family: they will not be willing to obey you. Take some emotional distance to communicate your ideas gently (on the 6th). If you have too much energy to take on a project (on the 11th), your arguments won't be accepted by everyone at home, and you could cause a palpable clash. On the 20th and 26th, diplomacy is necessary to avoid splinters.

2nd decan
Your intuition guides you, and you exploit promising new resources, or you develop those you know. A period of great creativity where your inner voice is your best advisor in business and love.

3rd decan
You take stock of what prevents you from moving forward (on the 5th, 14th, and 28th) in love, in family, or at work. Take advantage of this deep connection with your inner world to sort out the essential from the superfluous and turn the page.

1st decan
At the beginning of the month (the 6th), you aspire to have your personal desires taken into account. Still, we could find your attitude too demanding in the family. You could provoke a conflict around the 17th if you are too intransigent. At the end of the month, you re-establish a less electric dialogue.

2nd decan
The tone rises with your family at the beginning of the month, and things won't get better if you don't make concessions. You want to express your desire to radiate (the 11th and 14th). From the 21st, the debates calm down. Take advantage of the opportunity to show others that you are acting as much for them as for your own personal interest.

3rd decan
Eloquent, you do not lack arguments to express yourself (the 8th). The New Moon on the 11th puts you in the spotlight. It's up to you to seduce, but don't take advantage of your influence to lay down the law. It wouldn't go over well with your family.

1st decan
You use your resources to manage stewardship harmoniously on the 3rd. Around the 21st, family negotiations come to a successful conclusion. Gentle exchanges and undeniable charm ensure that your messages get across with every chance of being listened to and appreciated (the 26th).

2nd decan
On the 5th, life and the future open wide, and you don't miss your chance. You consolidate your positions and secure your assets. But avoid risky financial negotiations or dangerous risk-taking (the 24th).

3rd decan
Your intuitive ability makes you appreciate and love (the 14th). The New Moon on the 13th invites you to express your potential and claim its fair reward. Build on your past experiences to optimize your talents (the 16th and 18th).

1st decan
Venus invites you to take care of your loved ones to improve your living conditions between the 14th and the 22nd. From the 23rd, you will be managing the daily life you want to make the most of. The Full Moon on the 27th illuminates your social situation and advises you not to neglect your family duties.

2nd decan
There is love in the air, a small wind of passion lifts you from the ground (the 6th), and you want to anchor it on solid bases (the 10th). Surprises electrify the family atmosphere on the 23rd, 24th, and 30th. Tackle them to not jeopardize the exchanges or lead the debates to an impasse (the 25th).

3rd decan
On the 2nd, you conduct negotiations to your advantage, but don't create misunderstandings on the 9th: excessive demands disrupt the frequency. Use effective communication to win your case. At the end of the month, the power is passed on to the family; you keep a close eye on everyone's well-being.

1st decan
Venus gives you charm between the 9th and the 17th to radiate and seduce, rekindle the flame, exalt your creativity, and amaze your audience. From the 13th, Jupiter reinforces your talents and reserves good surprises on the financial level for you.

2nd decan
Tensions in the family to avoid on the 3rd, by relaxing your positions. Leverage your energy to change things by being polite (the 12th). By playing on your charm and sparing your loved ones, you close ranks (the 20th).

3rd decan
Your sensitivity, listening skills, and willingness to help are appreciated (on the 2nd, 6th, 13th, 17th, and 31st). But don't be overly direct. Open dialogue at home so as not to generate misunderstandings or pollute the atmosphere.

1st decan
You are a caring person who serves the community (the 3rd) to help, collaborate, express your talents, and receive the reward. On the 23rd, you assume your duties and responsibilities by exploiting talents, and it pays off.

2nd decan
Your radiance and openness reassure your troops and help you anchor an idyll or strengthen an old bond because you favour solidity and authenticity more than romanticism. The New Moon on the 10th invites you to express your feelings. Still, around the 14th, a very rigid attitude does not plead in your favour and causes controversy in the family.

3rd decan
Avoid ambiguity (the 5th and 13th) when trying to convince. Don't impose anything on anyone. Don't authoritatively manage daily life, opt for a benevolent attitude, and serve the common cause to make an impression.

1st decan
Until the 5th, Venus encourages tender exchanges, and Mercury encourages collaboration on the 12th. You'll increase your popularity and showcase your talents. If you renounce excess, you end the month in beauty and softness.

2nd decan
Do not attack anyone. A stubborn attitude does not encourage dialogue (the 4th). Favour dialogue, and don't hesitate to take a step towards the other and give yourself (the 5th and 7th) to defuse the tensions that threaten your family life. If the exchanges remain passionate on the 13th, you will find the right words and do your best on the 20th to calm things down.

3rd decan
Your statements are not convincing, and incomprehension floats on your emotional exchanges on the 6th. The current passes better on the 15th and 24th: you put yourself at the service of those around you and no longer serve only your interests. Clarify your intentions towards others to avoid muscular exchanges at the end of the month because you want to take up all the space.

1st decan
The dialogue is constructive at the beginning of the month. You aspire to make the relationship evolve, and you are not satisfied with tasteless relationships between the 16th and the 24th. Venus exalts your loving ambitions. At the end of the month, you anchor a recent history or deepen an existing bond.

2nd decan
Beware of deaf dialogue if you do not take a step towards the other (the 1st and 2nd). Conflict is likely in the family if you don't listen to anyone. The New Moon on the 8th invites you to consider the other's opinion. Use negotiation (on the 19th) to change things creatively and effectively as a family.

3rd decan
Don't overestimate your means. Your vision of your finances is only approximate. If you want to take off, consult a third party before taking your position and rely on your intuition to make wise decisions (the 11th and 26th).

1st decan
You carry your ambitions and convince your partners to trust you on the 5th. But don't use too much of your charm to plead your case at work. Count on your commitment to reassure your hierarchy and make them want to promote your rise (on the 29th).

2nd decan
The New Moon on the 7th recommends using a family strategy to benefit from more room to maneuver. If your charm is working in society around the 23rd, play fair with your loved ones. Tactfully explain the reasons for going out into the open.

3rd decan
Don't put pressure on those who have the means (the 2nd and 14th). Otherwise, you risk casting doubt on the purity of your intentions. Rely on secret supports or a thoughtful approach rather than your charm alone to make an impression, even if both tendencies lead you to success.

1st decan
You have projects that are close to your heart. You are bragging about them to those around you between October 7th and 16th. You will deploy your charm to make the people whose support you ask for want to believe you and follow you. At the end of the month, the atmosphere at work becomes tense if you play it too personally.

2nd decan
The New Moon on the 6th invites you to express your ambitions and broaden your horizons. You deploy a special striking force to achieve this (the 8th and 9th) but lower your voice, so the pressure doesn't rise. Your projects are gaining support.

3rd decan
Your ambitions collide with your unconscious fears (the 1st, 17th, and 22nd). You navigate between the will to surpass yourself and the barriers erected by your complexes. Control behaviours that are hurting you and constantly pulling you back. Your radiance opens doors (the 2nd, 4th, 15th, and 19th).

1st decan
Sensitive behaviour (on the 6th) reinforces your popularity at work. You are appreciated for your advice and suggestions, but don't think you have the authority to regulate everything (the 10th): you would provoke conflict. At the end of the month, you defend your projects and convince your troops to follow you.

2nd decan
The New Moon on the 4th places your professional activities in the front line. But there's a tension between your desire to push your limits and your desire to take to the open sea (the 6th and 13th). Conflicts to be expected if you don't find a compromise.

3rd decan
You oscillate between self-confidence and a return to past fears and complexes (the 2nd). Do not hesitate to explore potentials that help you transcend your doubts. Don't compensate for lack of confidence by raising your voice at work. Your attitude will not be appreciated (on the 15th and 20th).

1st decan
Your goodwill animates you between December 13th and 27th. You do not skimp on the means to make your projects a reality, and you motivate those who help you. From the 29th, Jupiter is in retrograde and reinforces your potential, opening you to inspiring possibilities. You are ready to embark on an adventure.

2nd decan
The New Moon on the 4th illuminates the projects you need to concretize. Mercury inspires you to deploy the right strategies and make a difference in your family on the 20th. Deal with limitations that frustrate you.

3rd decan
You are effective on the 6th. Your strength is based on better integration of past experiences. But don't be bossy on the 8th to maintain your popularity and withdraw from social or love games to take stock and move forward in 2022.

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