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Wednesday, September the 18th
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Gemini, your horoscope 2019 month by month!

  Written by Daisy

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1st decan:
Venus invites you to open the dialogue between the 7th and 16th? Follow her recommendations to the letter if you want to adopt the ideas and projects that are important to you in January. Because if you prefer to opt for the strong method (the 8th) then it is not sure that success is at the rendezvous! The full moon on the 21st also brings your exchanges into the spotlight and advises you to pass your messages smoothly!

2nd decan:
Do you want to reach an ideal in January? Whether sentimental or professional, try not to overdo it around the 13th where the best will be the enemy of good. Wait until the end of the month (the 31st) to benefit from the advice of Saturn who will soon (for your own good) put you back on the ground and give you the right formula to build (love, work) on solid ground!

3rd decan:
Productive exchanges and projects are advancing at a fast pace at the beginning of the month (the 4th)? Perhaps take the time to look at your deep motivations (the 11th and 18th) and apprehend them without worrying too much about the inner turmoil that may be agitating you, if you do not want to make the wrong choices or put some oil on the fire during ongoing negotiations (the 19th and 23rd)!

1st decan:
A second fortnight where you would be well advised to act under cover, deploy your sense of strategy, and appeal to your support in the shadows to defend your interests on the social or professional level. Enough to influence your hierarchy so that they accede to your wishes and the events follow their planned course (at least by you)! Especially at the end of the month (the 28th) where your discrete but effective actions could prove to be effective!

2nd decan:
You have the art and the way of expressing your ambitions, which could make your partners (social, private) want to follow you on the 3rd, 8th, 17th, and 19th. Inspired, creative, and magnetic, there will, indeed, be no harm in seducing but also convincing (the 18th and 20th) by advancing arguments based on solid ground.

3rd decan:
Until February 14th, you fight tooth and nail to defend projects that are close to your heart but you will have to deal with obstacles (financial and power related) that will irritate you strongly (the 2nd) and that you would be interested in dealing with smoothly rather than taking a stand! You have enough eloquence to argue your case (on the 8th, 9th, and 18th) but you will certainly face resistance from your colleagues, bosses, and interlocutors if you want to be right about everything (the 22nd)!

1st decan:
Venus invites you to evolve your emotional ties or search for that special someone between the 1st and 10th. Count on the influence of this delicious planet to raise your level of requirement but also to favor quality relationships and dates! From the 20th, the sun illuminates your projects, makes you want to build castles in the sky and the next day, the full moon highlights your loves and your creativity and endows you with an irresistible charm!

2nd decan:
The new moon on the 6th encourages the hatching and realization of projects that are important to you and which should be supported by an entourage who is sensitive to your approach (the 7th) and backed by high places(the 9th)! A climate conducive to achieving your goals. Count on a determination, a foolproof firepower (the 10th and 14th) and on your convincing arguments to hope to resume (28) negotiations that were a little on stand-by since the 5th ... in the right direction, that is to say ... to your advantage!

3rd decan:
Do not show yourself too greedy at the beginning of the month (the 1st) if you want to achieve your ambitions (the 13th) without being upset on the 14th and 15th, where the exchanges seem somewhat stuck in the impasse. Be sure to lower your tone in front of partners who will not let themselves be influenced so easily. You will have a little more freedom of movement from the 28th but will not hope to conclude before April 7th!

April :
1st decan:
Until April 15th, you will not lack either punch nor daring and you will be able to impose on all grounds! Take advantage of this surge of energy to move forward as, from the 20th, the sun invites you to slow down a bit, take a step back on events and your emotions and take the time to learn from the past . Around the 22nd, get ready to receive news (possibly a flashback) that will no doubt enlighten you on the behavior to take and the veils to be lifted so as not to be spoiled by old stories!

2nd decan:
Bet on your intuition and prudent management of your actions and finances on the 2nd and 7th to negotiate to your advantage and win the game. Also bet on your charm (on the 10th) to finish rallying the votes around a cause that matters to you! However, be careful at the end of the month (the 27th) not to exceed your rights and impose your codes that will not be unanimous and could attract the criticism of your methods!

3rd decan:
You will certainly have the opportunity to revive and close long-running debates by April 17th (and 7th) if you avoid pushing things too far and going beyond the means you have to undertake (the 10th, 12th, and 13th)! Try not to frighten those who hold the power and money and who could back down from your demands! On the other hand, if you present your projects politely and spare your social partners (or private) on the 14th, you can only congratulate yourself and close ranks around your vision of the future ... that is inspiring!

1st decan:
Possible awareness can enlighten you but also destabilize you around the 8th, your intuition seems sharpened by the situation but your ability to handle the stress of the turmoil that agitates you ... is not necessarily at the top. Ditto around the 18th where it is your emotions that put you to the test and may force you to confront some elements of the past that are not always digested, assumed, or integrated. Yet it's time to capture the information you receive to understand and repair what is emerging from the past! From the 21st, the sun slips in your decan and invites you to begin a new cycle of evolution!

2nd decan:
It's time to connect to your intuition to nourish the ideal you pursue (the 9th and 16th)! Feel free to take the necessary step back, or even temporarily disengage from your business and the world around you, in order to dream and give free rein to your imagination (the 30th)! Be careful not to overly embellish reality or make proposals that do not hold the road but prefer a reasoned approach of prudent actions to achieve your goals (the 31st), there is no reason to say that you do not reach your purpose!

3rd decan:
Until May 6th, you enthusiastically defend your projects and should succeed in convincing whoever you love but also your professional partners to support your initiatives (the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd). If only you do not impose anything on anyone (the 5th)! Try to structure your approach to current situations and actions to be carried out (on the 11th) to succeed (on the 9th, 11th, 14th, 16th, and 18th)!

1st decan:
A great ability to deploy your talents and explore and express, perhaps, something new but also a skill to negotiate some benefits around the 7th and at the end of the month (the 27th)! It's time to claim what you are owed! Count on some support in the shadows to back your queries or on a sharp flair to casually steer the negotiations in the right direction, yours of course!

2nd decan:
The new moon on the 3rd puts you in the spotlight and allows you to launch a new cycle of evolution in full possession of your means! However, this is not a reason to force anyone's hand (the 9th and 10th) or push things too far (the 14th), at the risk of paying the cost on the 16th, where, if you try to influence your partners and convince them that your goals are legitimate, you would do well to come back down to Earth a little and sharpen your arguments because they will lack a little common sense, even some realism. Wait until the 18th to propose anything to anyone when you will approach situations in a more lucid and wise way!

3rd decan:
You will have the opportunity at the beginning of the month to take a step back on your private life to begin to transform what must be (the 3rd), to feel more in tune with each other and especially with yourself! The full moon on the 17th places your personal or professional relationships in the limelight. It's time to take a step towards your partner and leave your reserves to improve your exchanges with the world around you. Be careful on the 18th, 19th, and 20th not to ask too much of those who hold the power and money and may be tempted to curb your appetites!

1st decan:
You reveal (awaken) decidedly unexpected gifts (on the 8th) and do not hesitate to put yourself forward and argue with force and daring to defend your ideas and interests! However, be careful not to abuse an authoritarian tone that could displease (the 11th) and you get into trouble or even cause the wrath of an ambushed adversity that awaits for you to slip up (the 11th)! From the 23rd, communication is in the spotlight, even if you do not always have the art and the way to make your messages pass smoothly and could even slip up and cause a clash at the end of the month (the 29th)!

2nd decan:
The new moon on the 2nd invites you to fully express your potential and claim your share of the cake? From the moment you do not show too much voracity on the 9th and 17th! Bet on your ability to enthuse the crowds and plead a case that is beyond you and defend an ideal on the 11th and 18th! The best way to reach your wishes, to make an impression, and convince your partners that you are decidedly essential and irreplaceable!

3rd decan:
Beware of a greed that could be misinterpreted and turn against you around the 14th and 21st, you would be well inspired to calm your ardor a little! The full moon on the 16th highlights the sector of your theme dedicated to your return on investment and benefits (premium, annuity) to which you can claim! An area that it would be prudent to approach taking into account your personal interests as much as a more collective climate if you want to make realistic requests!

1st decan:
If the new moon on the 1st invites you to communicate in all directions then the exchanges that started in early summer could resume today. However, be careful what you say on the 2nd! Do not let some unconscious emotions control you and possibly generate some misunderstandings in your discussions. In particular, with your loved ones! Same on the 16th where some discussions could turn sour if you do not take care to filter your words. From the 21st, you will have the heart to calm things down and redouble zeal and attention to make yourself understood and smooth things over (the 26th)!

2nd decan:
The flow goes well between you, your partner, and the others on the 7th and 8th where your exchanges are harmonious and promising, in love and in business. Now is the moment to move forward, commit, and conclude! You will, indeed, have an unsurpassed charm to make whoever you want believe you and ... follow you!

3rd decan:
Focus on communication in August where Mars (until the 18th) will endow you with an offensive eloquence that will convince whoever you want. Also count on the sun and Venus (the 14th) to attract (and retain) the attention of whoever you want and especially ... whoever you like! No doubt the full moon on the 15th makes you want to win your Holy Grail or at least evolve your loves in progress ... or your future loves!

1st decan:
If you manage to pass your messages in a relatively fluid way within the family on the 1st, try not to impose without discussing in advance on the 2nd, where your authority will be respected if you give up any form of aggression! From the 23rd, the sun enhances your power of seduction and your desire to have a good time, to shine in society and express your creativity. A trend that is strengthened on the 28th by the presence of a new moon in the sector of your theme dedicated to your personal radiance.

2nd decan:
You take the time to properly structure your private world, even if you have to restrain your impetus or your generosity a little. Saturn invites you to tighten your purse strings or express your feelings without excess (the 1st)! Be sure to explain to your loved ones your (good) intentions so that they understand your approach and accept it! If the current passes less well between you and your partner do not try at all costs to convince them and use pedagogy rather than giving orders that will be badly received! Whether at home or at work, the school year promises to be complicated and complex to manage. Notably around the 21st where you will not know where you are or what to say or what to do to achieve your goals!

3rd decan:
You manage to evolve your private life in a rather harmonious way on the 7th, 9th, and 13th and move the lines without upsetting your entourage. You will not hesitate to encourage your loved ones and accelerate the movement and rush the changes on the 19th! As for the full moon on the 14th, it puts you center stage on the professional level but we will wait for you to slip up. So use it as an excellent opportunity to prove yourself!

1st decan:
Active and determined to prove your willingness to act and roll up your sleeves, to serve the common cause, beware, however, of a more or less latent nervousness that could catch up with you and threaten your balance on the 7th and 12th. While you have work to do but it is neither the time nor the hour and even less the month to spend limitlessly. Even less at the end of the month when, if you go beyond the limits, the new moon will call you to order (the 28th)!

2nd decan:
Hungry for pleasure, gratitude, and love, you will probably tend to ignore and rebel against any imposed limit! Frustration lurks around the 7th and 27th if you can not manage to curb your appetites and ignore your current possibilities (a little limited)! Listen to Saturn's call to wisdom (on the 14th and 20th) and prefer to work to serve the community rather than strictly your personal interests!

3rd decan:
Your exalted sensuality and your need to love might come up against obstacles that are hard to pin down! Whether complex, unidentifiable fears, or uneasy feelings (jealousy, rancor) that short circuit your impulses, you may feel a little frustrated and dissatisfied with your love and your performance on the 1st and on the 14th, even if you benefit (13th) from sizeable support to seduce whoever you want! Bet on your ability to take care of everyone (the 19th, 25th, and 30th) to make you feel useful and make sense of your exchanges!

Novembre :
1st decan:
Until the 9th, Venus invites you to listen to others and their needs. No way to go it alone but to do everything to participate, adapt, and prove your willingness to answer the call! However, be careful with your health from the 19th when inconsiderate energy expenditure could expose you to a mini burn-out around the 24th! You will be on edge and therefore not in excellent condition to work in the community or comply with the rules! You will certainly be better able to manage your energies and steer your strategies on the 28th where, magnetic and intuitive, you should have no trouble straightening the bar!

2nd decan:
You begin the month well disposed to do everything in your power to achieve your goals. Especially as you aspire to serve a cause that matters to you! Assured of success on the 5th and the 9th: lucid, conscious and respectful of certain limits, you will prove to be extremely effective! Ditto around the 13th where your reflections and some debates will take altitude! However, you must wait until the 20th to resume again and lead positive conclusions at the end of the month (the 28th and 30th) where your remarks will be heard ... and understood!

3rd decan:
Too greedy and demanding on the 5th? You can stomp around and send orders but you will just hit a wall and have to deal with a feeling of frustration that has been dragging you down since last month. Fortunately, you adopt a more conciliatory, creative, and therefore, more constructive tone on the 12th where you manage to influence (convince) your partner and convince them that your ideas are good! Count then, at the end of the month (around the 24th), to concretize promising alliances. Whether emotional, social or professional, there is no doubt that you manage to conclude and finish the month on a small cloud!

1st decan:
Effective and productive, you'll know how to combine strength and strategy smoothly to score points, mark minds and some hearts in passing (the 3rd)! You can expect to be rewarded for your efforts around the 15th: the floodgates open and you may well benefit from hidden resources provided by supporters who work behind the scenes in defense of your interests. An end of the year under the sign of abundance, thanks to work done both internally and externally that allowed you to illuminate certain areas of darkness and put a newfound lucidity in service of an evolution that bears fruit!

2nd decan:
If you have a little trouble getting your messages across and convincing your interlocutors of the merits of your initiatives on the 8th, bet on your sense of strategy and your charm to win the game! Saturn will prevent you from crossing certain limits on the 11th and will channel your energy so that it is effective without going rogue (the 19th)!

3rd decan:
You are mobilizing body and soul this month to move the lines and transform what must be on a daily basis, to feel more in tune with yourself! You will be especially active and effective on the 3rd and 22nd where nothing and nobody can resist your striking force, any more than your unstoppable arguments! An end of the year at full force, but where you should, however, think of taking care not to finish ... it down on your knees!

Gemini, your horoscope 2019 month by month! - 5 comments
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I like it I don't like it
Gemini niniza, sign for Gemini
Posted the 15/04/2019 at 07:48
my angel my be you can sand me 3 or 5 number that l want to play on wendsday as you say is my luck day.lm 'very happy this days' lts means its something gonna happen.niniza
I like it I don't like it
Gemini niniza, sign for Gemini
Posted the 15/04/2019 at 05:12
l m' happy ' happy lts' shows lcan see my engel and l see happiness in my life.l will do what you say my engel
I like it I don't like it
Gemini sandman63, sign for Gemini
Posted the 06/04/2019 at 19:38
Looking for my true love !! I'm 63
I like it I don't like it
Susan from the site
Posted the 17/01/2019 at 04:47
Libra nthabiseng, sign for Libra
Posted the 17/01/2019 at 01:25
i would like you to please send me my horoscopes daily if possible
Thanks for your comment ! Your subsbscription has been registered, we thank you for your confidance. You will shortly receive your horoscope in your mailbox. Please ensure to add to your contact the email address to ensure the reception of your horoscope.
I like it I don't like it
Libra nthabiseng, sign for Libra
Posted the 17/01/2019 at 01:25
i would like you to please send me my horoscopes daily if possible
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