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Friday, May the 29th
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2017 horoscope for Libra

Libra: Your 2017 love horoscope

Push things forward!
In 2016, you may have felt dependent on a daily life that got you down or seemed to restrict your freedom to act. The ambiance at home suffered for it, too, where your interactions with others were difficult and misunderstandings frequent. In 2017, you look capable of restoring dialog and maybe even with the sense of bonding you've been lacking. You can count, too, on a climate that is much more favorable for you to thrive. You will find a way to make your partner, and others, hear and understand you by linking your fundamental and inalienable principles with a more open, free, and creative understanding of human, and especially romantic, relations. You will seek to throw open the hatches, spice up your life, and put some oomph into your romantic life. You will prove to be more inventive and imaginative and could strengthen your bonds by setting aside your preconceived ideas and prejudices and agreeing to expand your horizons, Ami Libra. Why not transform your relationship, or at least look at it and experience in a different way?

Your destiny back in your hands!
At times, you will still have to fight to break free from your family life, which has been dragging, and weighing, you down (end of March, start of August). You will likely have to make some important decisions to leave behind romances that bind you, to dive in, go for it, and give more attention and energy to those that are going somewhere (start of March, end of September). But, you can expect 2017 to be more fun, more conducive to growth, and, in the end, more constructive. Since the end of summer 2016, Jupiter has been urging you to enter a new stage of growth, Ami Libra, to try something else, somehow else, or somewhere else? You will enjoy the ideal conditions for developing and making the most out of your talents and making an impression on those around you. But, in 2016, your influence may have been curbed by a lack of perspective or enthusiasm in general.

Reach out a hand (or both) to your partner!
Fortunately, since last December, you have been picking up momentum, and boldness, and should, in 2017, get to spread your wings and manage to move things in the right direction: the one you want. Up until June, Venus will offer you several choices, and you will turn to your partner to help you decide which option is the fairest and best for taking flight and coming together around a common vision of how life should be. Whether you are currently alone or in a relationship, you will have several chances for building, or strengthening, your romantic bond, but shouldn't have play the lone wolf (anymore). Don't be afraid to open up and listen to your partner, Ami Libra. It is through dialog and exchange that you can hope to exalt, renew, or start up your relationship, which should, between June 6th and July 15th, inflame your senses and let you enjoy strong moments of emotion and sensuality. Between July 5th and 31st, you will both take flight together, towards the land of love, and/or pushing things forward and take your relationship to the next level.

A promising end to the year!
Make space for new plans between August 26th and September 20th, when you will be able to count on your friends to support you, give you advice, or introduce you to someone if you are still single. Don't hesitate to take a break or distance yourself from the noise of this world between September 20th and October 14th, when it will, without a doubt, be time to look back over the past, to learn from it so you can better prepare for the future. Starting on October 14th, and up until November 7th, Venus will enter your sign sector and endow you with an irresistible aura. The ball will be in your court, so it'll be up to you to make an impression and win a few hearts, especially. You should get to close out this year on a high note. You can count on Venus to favor exchange with your partner in December (between the 1st and 25th)and to bring your family together on Christmas and beyond. Happy New Year!

First decan (September 23 - October 3) A constructive year!
In 2017, you will benefit from relative cosmic immunity, which should let you see through your own emotions, and your partners, a little more clearly and to shed some light on the grey or hazy areas that may have caused a few misunderstandings recently. Starting on January 11th, Neptune will quit annoying you and sowing discord in your everyday interactions with others. Take advantage of this lull to strengthen your exchanges and get ready to take on an end to the year that could cause problems in your family life. You could in fact find yourself confronted with the need to delve into difficult topics that are never or rarely discussed. In this way, you can bring your relationships with your loved ones back into balance.

If you are in a relationship,you will be free, and have the chance, to grow and evolve, protected from the storm in 2017. Take advantage of this clear weather to start up, or strengthen, constructive dialog with those around you and with your partner. During this creative first half of the year, you won't lack any opportunity to improve communication through frequent, animated discussions that will help you figure out what is best for you, your partner, and your relationship. You can count on Venus, between February 3rd and 19th, and between April 28th and May 14th, to bring you closer to your lover and, together, make the right decisions. This planet of love could inflame your sense and make you want to truly, fully, and sensually enjoy your relationship between June 6th and 16th. Between July 5th and 14th, you will do everything in your power to take your relationship to the next level, make your romantic ambitions a reality, or even plan a nice escape (a lovers' cruise?) to breathe new life back into your couple. You will have a few ideas kicking around in your head (and in your heart) between August 26th and September 3rd, when you will dream big, try to make your charming plans come true (whether having a new child or improving your living conditions). You can count, too, on Venus this fall (between October 14th and 24th) to reach a new milestone, state your position, clearly and delightfully, to your partner. You will shine your light everywhere and will have no trouble in December (between the 1st and 9th) opening up constructive dialog with your partner and with those around you, who could cause you some trouble or start asking for a lot starting on December 20th.

If you are single,you probably didn't feel too comfortable in 2016. You had to put up with problems that weren't always so easy to understand and that led to doubt and hesitation, preventing you from outdoing yourself and taking the plunge into romance. Between September 9th and October 26th, Jupiter may have offered you the chance to make an impression on everyone around. If you still, however, haven't seized the chance, or met the right person, you will have the opportunity to make up for lost time in 2017. You can count on Venus, too, during the first half of this year to multiply your chances for meeting new people. Your charm should works its magic on everyone, so you should have no problem grabbing the attention of whoever you want, especially between February 3rd and 19th, as well as between April 28th and May 14th. You will enjoy serious perks for winning over whoever you have your eye on - and holding onto them! Between June 6th and 16th, you will be raring to go and should get to make a few sparks fly. Take advantage of this summer (between July 5th and 14th) to find that special someone if you haven't already. You will be a little more demanding, ready to do anything to make your romantic ideals a reality. You will have no qualms about looking to the future between August 26th and September 3rd, when your friends will offer you precious advice to help you, but you could still cave under the pressure of your doubts and regrets and be tempted to ruminate on your past between September 20th and 28th. Fortunately, you will get to take back control of your destiny between October 14th and 24th, when it'll be all eyes on you. You will end this year rich in strong emotion in touch with your attentive and loving family and friends (in December). You might then finally be ready to tackle this end of the year when relations with your family could be troubled and force you to look at your past, present, and what you want for the future.

Second decan, October 4 - 14: A chance to catch our breath - and love - at last!
Did you have trouble handling your flagging daily life in 2016? Did you feel like you had no control over what was happening to you? Like you hit a brick wall of misunderstanding in your relationships with others? In 2017, Jupiter will put you back on the right track, and, if you still have to handle some problems with your family members, you will be given the freedom to love, to think about the future of your romantic life - and your future in general!

If you are in a relationship,you will get the energy you need from Jupiter to enter a new stage of expansion between March 24th and August 20th. You will for certain have to bring up some touchy subjects to your family around March 30th and August 4th, but you should know just how to come out of them on top and how to step out of the shadows in 2017, a year that looks to, in fact, be a year of light. All throughout this first half of the year, rich in new opportunities, you will have to push things forward, forcing yourself to clear up minor points with your partner, so that you can agree on a future that satisfies you both. Rely on dialog to smooth things out, improve your lackluster daily life, and breathe new life into your couple between February 19th and March 16th. If your discussions tend to drag on and on at the beginning of March, you should be able to come to an agreement on what's really important between May 14th and 26th. Between June 16th and 25th, you can count on some sensual, and playful, back-and-forth. You will also do your utmost to take your relationship to the next level between July 14th and 22nd, when you might decide to get away together and restore the intimacy you've been needing and wanting. Make room for making thrilling new plans together in September (between the 3rd and 11th). The fall will put your love-life and relationships center stage (between October 22nd and 30th), and, between December 9th and 17th, you will be able to count on dialog and tender discussion to end this year on a high note. Happy New Year!

If you are single,you may have had a lot of trouble making your desires a reality in 201-, when a rather stormy climate kept, or pushed, you back. You can, then, count on a much more favorable and buoyant atmosphere for thriving emotionally in 2017, when Jupiter will bend over backwards to make you more prominent. Between March 24th and August 20th, you will enjoy a nice boost in vitality and an absolutely irresistible magnetism that should really help you hit your mark and turn a few heads. You will indeed have to keep fighting (end of March, start of August) to assert your authority at home but should enjoy, all year long, an astounding influence that should bring you success. Venus will guarantee you the listening skills you need to potentially win over hearts (or at least one) between February 19th and March 16th. At the start of March, you will have to make a few adjustments that will slow things down and require that you have patience and open-heartedness, but should also bring you closer to others, starting in mid-May. You will know just how to express your desires in a way that they could actually be totally accepted, 100%, between June 16th and 25th, perhaps even allowing you to take your relationship to the next level, find that special someone (between July 14th and 22nd), and come up with big, bold plans for the future (between September 3rd and 11th). In the fall, you will be ready and willing to shine bright, to seduce left and right between October 22nd and 30th. The end of the year looks to be good for you to thrive in every aspect of your life, especially around December 3rd, when a celestial rainbow could fulfill your deepest wishes.

Third decan (October 15- 23): Feel like pushing the envelope?
Since winter 2016, you've enjoyed an atmosphere that is favorable for dialog, exchange, and bonding with your partner, openly discussing everything. You feel the need to construct new foundations to rebuild your relationship on and won't have any shortage of opportunities, or skills, in 2017 to push things forward. You will manage to find the emotional security you need to thrive, but won't pass up the chance to spice up your relationship a bit by adding a touch of fantasy to your daily life, giving your love-life a boost and (if you're still looking for your soul mate) putting you on the right path to find someone with whom nothing will be fixed, formulaic, or boring!

If you are in a relationship,you've enjoyed numerous perks, since December 2016, that have helped you enhance your relationship and bring each other comfort, all while welcoming newness and novelty. Do you now yearn to throw open the hatches, to let a the winds of renewal blow through your relationship? Then you won't pass up any opportunity, or perk, to help you breathe new life into your couple. You can count on Jupiter, up until March 24th and between August 20th and October 10th, to forge ahead, enter a new stage of growth, and assert your desires, or desire to really live and in agreement with your true self. Venus will take it upon itself to create the right conditions for building bonds with others and improving your daily life throughout this entire year, when you won't hesitate to reach out to other people. You might have important decisions to make, or tension to confront, this year (start of March, end of September), but you can count on Venus, up until June 6th, to create a world, and a bond, for you both that will satisfy your demands, and your partner's. The temperature could rise, and your sensual play will put you over the top between June 25th and July 5th. Between July 22nd and 31st, you will have ever more zeal for, and pay even more attention to, moving your relationship forward and making your romantic ambitions a reality. New plans and ideas will be on the schedule for this fall (between September 9th and 20th), and, after a short period of reflection in October (between the 6th and 14th), you will finally know what you want and will possess an absolutely irresistible aura between October 30th and November 7th. You will close out this year on a high note by choosing dialog and communicate over everything else, which should allow you to drum up support in December (between the 17th and 25th). Happy New Year!

If you are single,, you will approach this relationship by seeking to understand what you really need and believe in (making sure it lasts, too), yet without giving up on novelty and surprise in your relationship, but by throwing open the hatches, and imagining your relationship differently, more openly. You can count on Jupiter to endow you with a magnetism that will draw everyone's attention up until March 24th, and between August 20th and October 10th, when you will have the chance to shine bright and seduce whoever you wish. You will use your numerous assets during this seemingly constructive first half of this year to create the ideal conditions for establishing a bond that will stand the test of time. By favoring dialog and listening to others, you can hope to reach this goal. Starting in the summer, nothing should hold you back any longer from loving and expressing your romantic ambitions (and maybe even making them a reality), especially between July 22nd and 31st, when the ideal you have in mind could be within in reach - of your heart. You can count on this promising autumn to dream big and enter a new stage of expansion, take the plunge into romance, or strengthen a new relationship. You will end this year bound and determined to keep the party going, especially by starting up tender and open dialog with your partner between February 17th and 25th, or (if you still haven't found your soul mate) by getting out there and meeting new people. Happy New Year!

My advice:

This year of openness should enable you to breathe fresh life back into your couple or to start up a new, promising relationship devoted to fantasy and freedom, rather than isolation and drudgery. It'll be up to you to roll the dice in 2017: the ball's in your court!

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