Dog: your 2022 Chinese Horoscope

Written by Alison

This year is particularly favorable for action. Therefore, you should like it. Happiness never comes alone. This year of the Water Tiger will also encourage and favor the initiatives that serve your interests and others. Suddenly, you are going to be comfortable, because you are going to do things that you like and that correspond to your personal ethics. Although your plans will remain in line with your intentions, you will skillfully combine your business acumen and your legendary altruism. In doing so, your existence will gain in comfort and ease. As a bonus, others will also enjoy these benefits. It is, therefore, easy to predict that this year will make you happy and that it will bring you what you are looking for.

Dog: your Romantic life

By nature, you need some time to get started or to engage with someone seriously. This year, you are more likely to get started faster. It is easier for you to express your feelings either by words than by gestures. However, you remain true to your serious and stable nature. And you expect the same from your partner. In these circumstances, you will give your best. If, on the other hand, things are different, you will not hesitate to decide on the spot.

Tips from Free Horoscope.com for the Dog: If you need to say what you feel, do it. This will not harm your reputation. Instead, it will have the merit of avoiding these misunderstandings that embarrass you emotionally.

Group of friends for the Dog

You no longer need to prove your loyalty in friendship. This year, this sector looks good, but you may be surprised by the behavior or the ideas of some people. Leaving things as they are will not help you. Saying what you think and putting people in their place will benefit you the most. That done, your friendships will avoid putting you in bad shape or taking advantage of your generosity, which is limitless.

To know: Although you are a model of dedication and helpfulness, dare to defend your ideas and step on some toes. Rest assured, this will not make you a bad person.

Dog: your Spiritual life

Although you have many human qualities, you do tend to criticize things or people. Alas, this sometimes plays tricks on you. This year is the time to end this bad habit. How? Or What? By smoothing out this desire for perfection that lives in you and that governs you. To achieve this little wonder, remember as much as necessary that perfection is an ideal and not a goal to be achieved.

Our advice : Don't focus on what's wrong. Instead, see the progress you are making. By doing so, you will find that everything is going well.

Well-being for the Dog

This year inspires you to take action. Suddenly, it is likely that you are up and down and that you spare no effort to achieve your goals. Although you are particularly enduring, you have your limits. If you exceed them, you will be forced to take the rest you need. So if you want to go the distance, keep your usual lifestyle.

Tip-Off : Living a simple, regular life is best for you. So don't listen to the advice from others and you will be perfectly fine.

Dog: your Family life

Your home is your refuge. It is the only place where you feel good and safe. This year, this sector can be more agitated than usual. Some claim a thousand things and others claim their independence. In the worst days, the spirits heat up in debates of endless ideas. Under these circumstances, you will step up and say what you think, especially if you smell injustice.

To meditate : Say what you think while avoiding being too vindictive because it would create enmities that will be difficult to calm.

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